Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 6

Everything was going perfectly fine. My one-night stands, fame, freedom, flings—everything—and soon I was going to be the owner of Dad’s company. But no, Dad has to ruin it all…

When Dad called me from that private island I knew what he was going to discuss with me, so I thought I would handle it again as I did in the last time. But no, this time he was so desperate and determined for me to settle down that he kept a deal before me.

The deal was that I had to get married in a month or else he was going to pass down the company’s responsibilities to none other than my stupid cousin brother

He is not worth it and Dad too knew that.

But I couldn’t let that happen, so I agreed to his conditions. He beamed happily and hugged me, patting my back, and said, “Son, I have already found a perfect girl for you and you should meet her. She is just like your mother beautiful, pure and kind. ”

I just stared at him. Anger began to surface within me but I controlled it.

Nobody can be like my mother.

Dad just doesn’t understand that girls try to impress him by being fake to him and he falls for it.

But I’m not going to fall for it so easily. I did agree to this marriage, but I will show her, her place. I already started hating her, that’s why I refused to meet her until the wedding.

On the wedding day, I thought of a plan to escape this all.

What if she refuses to marry me?

Then I could be free.

I remember when earlier I had asked dad to let me meet the woman that he chose but he simply refused and sent me out of the country for business. I tried to contact the woman straight up but then I found out about my dad watching my moves and I gave up but secretly planned an idea. The only day he allowed me to meet her was the wedding day itself. Even my phone was taken away from me in that stupid wedding day.

I didn’t have anything to contact her so I went with the old style. I wrote her a letter.

I’m in love with someone else and you… please refuse to this marriage. I know that Dad has chosen you to be my wife, but I’m not worth it.

I wrote it and gave to a kid present there to give that letter to her. That kid did as he was told and soon he came back saying that he gave it to her.

I thought I have succeeded. I was standing at the altar smiling to myself that she won’t show up but when the door opened and people started to cheer and all I knew that she was a gold digging bitch who came to marry me even after she got my letter.

Is there no dignity or pride left in this world?

My hatred grew so much for her that I started to see red. Not wanting to cause a scene, I simply glared to the front. She wants to marry me—fine! I’m going to make her life a living hell.

I hated her so much that if I would see her face I wouldn’t be able to control myself and be violent on her. So I decided to never see her face. After the marriage I avoided her like a plague; when we were asked to dance I just took her hand and twirled her a few times and left her alone on the dance floor.

Being with her in the same car suffocated me. My friends told me that I was a lucky bastard who got a very beautiful wife. But I knew this very beautiful wife’s ugly truth.

When we reached home I scrambled out of the car and went inside the house. I knew she was following me and the clicking of her heels annoyed me so I stopped and decided to end this all.

Still not facing, her I stopped in my tracks and snapped everything out of my heart to her. I knew she was staying few rooms away from me, which suffocated and disturbed me in a very bad way. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t so I did what I wanted to do. I called Megan, a red-haired girl whom I met in a bar and called her to my house. She is beautiful, but definitely not my type.

As soon as she came to my room, I pulled her inside my room, kissing her while literally tearing off her dress and throwing her in my bed. I gave her pleasure the whole night.

I don’t know when Lucy entered the room. When she saw us I couldn’t control it so I snapped angrily at her to get out of my room. To which she apologized and ran away closing the door behind her.

I didn’t like it when I snapped at her because she was a mother like figure to me. I mentally made a note to apologize her later, when Megan started kissing me and we began to give each other pleasure again and again.

Two days later, finally I was given down the company’s ownership and remained very busy and my so-called wife eroded away from my mind.

Today I had a very important meeting which will bring a very big profit to my company and I had to show people that I was worth it.

But my stupid car broke down in the middle of the road. I was literally running late. I don’t know why I chose this car today.

I opened the hood of the car to check where the problem was. I had some ideas about it because when I was in college I worked in a mechanic shop to pass time.

I took out the car’s toolbox from the trunk and kept it near the tire and also the carb fuel because I was going to take the car to servicing after the meeting.

I was just going to start my complicated work when my phone rang.

I cursed loudly and took it out of my pocket to see the caller ID. It was Ron who was previously my Dad’s PA who is now my PA.

I picked up the call and he began to shower me with his babblings and some important things. I wasn’t able to hear him clearly because of the bad network so I decided to walk a little farther away from my car to get the network.

My car was still not repaired, and when I came back to the spot where I left my car, I saw a girl.

She was tall from an average girl and had golden hair. I couldn’t see her face because her back was facing me.

Then it hit me—was she stealing something? I was already late and now I had to deal with this.

I ran towards the car shouting.

She just carried her books and ran away.

When I reached the car, I investigated the engine to check what she did and to my surprise, she didn’t steal anything but she repaired it.

Seriously, I mean how can a girl do that?

Not possible.

I started the engine to find it coming to live and roaring loudly.

I closed the hood and kept the tool box inside the trunk and rode faster.

Damn, I couldn’t thank that girl.

There is still some human in this world who help other without hoping to get anything back in return.

And that girl was one of them.

She was an Angel for me.

I reached the meeting on time and I showed them what I have got. Everyone present there were impressed and finally we got the deal.

On my way back home I went to my bar which I owned to celebrate so I announced everyone present there that today’s drink is from the house for everyone. They all cheered and I raised the glass saying, “To an angel.”

At least I could do this much for that girl.

Then they all started having fun when I found this hot chick and decided to celebrate a little more.

I took her to my place and enjoyed the night.

It’s been three months to my marriage and my so called wife didn’t intervene in my life. Guess she is enjoying the money which she gets in her account by me.

But my thoughts changed when one day I was enjoying this girl named Priscilla when I got a call from Dad. He rarely calls me after my marriage. I picked it up when Priscilla started kissing me on my neck.

“What do you want dad?,” I said as soon as I picked up the call.

“Hello to you too, son, always so straight forward…” he chuckled, but I could get a hint of anger in his voice, which he was trying to suppress under his sarcastic comments.

“I’ll be giving you a visit within two hours and I want to talk about something very serious especially with you,” he said in a pissed tone.

“Oh, okay. I’ll be waiting,” I said nervously.

“I want to meet you two, which means you husband and wife both,” he said in a monotone.

“Yeah, I got you. I—we—will be waiting,,” I said and he hung up on me.

I thought for a moment. He rarely visits me, so now what’s up with him?

Then it hit me.

My so called wife has told him everything.

Damn it.

I was fuming so badly that I threw Priscilla out of my bed. She was still naked.

“Wha-What happened, baby?,” she screeched so loudly that I had to put my fingers in my ear.

“Take your stuff and get out.”

“Baby, why are you sending me out of your house so early its only eight a.m,” she whined.

I threw her clothes on her and wore my track pants and a vest. I threw some money at her so she could reach her home.

“Enough, Priscilla, get out before I kick you out of my house,” I shouted angrily. She ran away wearing her half dress and a heel in her one hand.

Nobody wants to deal with me when I’m angry.

Now it’s your turn, wifey.

I angrily matched towards her room and saw her running towards her room.
I think she have got it that I was angry at her and was coming to her.

But before she could enter her room, I took hold of her both arms from her back side and shoved her face plant to the door.

I can’t help it when I’m angry.

She squealed loudly and gasped.

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