Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 8

The clock read six in the morning. Still curled in a ball I sobbed silently but couldn’t close my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes the dreadful memories of that man trying to rape me came flooding back into my mind and that scared me even more. Why is everything so wrong with me?

What sin have I done to undergo such pain and humiliation?

My shoulder had scratch marks, bruises and my dress was torn. That man ruined my self confidence and tried to harm my dignity. Everything is ruined now. I couldn’t even muster up courage to stand back on my feet and walk out of the room. My heart was still pounding against my chest and even though I knew that he was not around…I couldn’t control my emotions and sobbed furiously hugging my body as I felt darkness overpowering me.


If you stop, I’ll catch you.

He smiled…an evil smile that betrayed all innocence.

A knock on my room’s door made me jolt up from the floor as I looked at the closed door alarmed and defensive.

Oh no! he is here. He is here…What should I do?

My mind screamed at me and begged me to run and hide somewhere safe but as I looked around the room my hopes broke as I found nowhere to hid nor run.

“We have to attend a party this evening… so be ready by seven,” the person spoke from behind the closed door and as soon as my brain registered the person’s voice relief washed over me and I pulled myself up and held the table for support as my knees wobbled a little. Even though it was the person who gave nothing but pain to me yet my body relaxed when it knew about him being present in the suite.

He delivered his message and left while I just stood there for some minutes. While I still struggled to control my emotions, I made up mind that I wouldn’t let that evil man succeed in ruining me. I knew I was strong and I could easily get over it if I made up my mind and held the determination. Hence, composing myself I took several breaths in and out and relaxed a little. Determined to get over it, I walked to the wardrobe where I took my clothes and changed into a comfortable one and threw the torn dress into the dustbin.

It took me some minutes to compose myself as I washed my face and looked at myself into the mirror. There she was, pale and looking exhausted. Eyes were red and puffed, make up was smudged. I had to splash water several times as I held my head that was now throbbing.

“Its okay Angela. You can do it,” like a mantra I chanted it as a slogan wanting to stay strong and like a miracle it seemed to work as I sat on a chair in the balcony and gazed at the buildings of Paris.

Time seemed to pass by quickly because when I checked the time it was already ten past in the morning.

At first, I thought that this trip to Paris will be the most memorable one that I would always remember in my life but now when I think of it…surely I’ll remember this trip till my very end. This trip has given me such scars that even if I want…I can never erase it from my memories.

There was a knock at the door. I got up from my seat to get the door. I looked through the peephole to see it’s the bell boy standing with a trolley full of foods.

I opened the door and looked at him confused.

He cleared his throat and said “Sir has ordered the breakfast for two people.”

I let him in and he went away bowing his head.

I was really hungry. I haven’t eaten anything from yesterday. The aroma of the coffee filled my nose and there were ginger breads with scrambled egg and bacon.

I took whatever I wanted to eat and went back to the balcony. We were at the twelfth floor.

I enjoyed the view of the city and my breakfast in bliss. Last night’s incident long gone from my mind.

When I was done, I went back to the living room and switched on the TV in hopes of watching something that would distract my thoughts.

As I picked up my purse, I checked my look for the third time in the mirror. I was wearing a brown colored evening gown which had long sleeves which completely succeeded in hiding the bruises. My make up was simple and I held the gold locket which was actually a gift from my brothers. It reminded me of them and their protectiveness.

Its strange how I always wanted to get out of their protective wings but now when I have my freedom, I want to go back and hide under their wings. I’m sure that if they were here I would’ve never been into all this kind of situation.

I heaved a sigh and looked at myself in the mirror as I kept the purse on the table and brushed my hair down.

I was ready.

Mr. Knights has already left half an hour ago and I was informed that he will be waiting for me directly in the restaurant.

I closed the front door and took the elevator and towards the exit of the building. I hopped in the car and as usually the driver began to drive knowing where to take me.

The car came to a halt before a five star French restaurant and I got out of the car making my way towards the restaurant. I was greeted by the manager of the restaurant and he escorted me towards the table.

I saw Mr. Knights already present there and a group of people. I made my way towards them and everybody except Mr. Knights looked up at me. There were two girls who had caked their face with excess make up and were wearing extremely short dresses. The blonde woman wore a black short dress which ended at her thigh while the other girl had raven colored hair and was wearing a pink cocktail dress. They both looked at me and then gave me a disgusted look.

What did I do?

The others were guys. There were four guys including Mr. Knights.

The guys gave me lustful look while only one guy genuinely smiled at me to whom I smiled back.

“Angela… right?” He asked.

I smiled and nodded.

“Hi, I’m Dominic Clearwater” he said extending his hand to which I shook grateful.

The other guys were Joshua with brown hair and a crooked nose and Michael who had black hair.

That blonde girl’s name was Stephanie and other one was Kim.

Stephanie was sitting close to Mr. Knights and I could see her one hand reach to Mr. Knights thigh and she started rubbing her hand on his thigh during the whole conversation. Mr. Knights also didn’t seem to mind it at all.

The waiter came and gave us the menus. Everything flew out of my head because it was all written in French. Even though I could speak and understand French I was not really good with French letters.

I heard a giggle and looked up to see both the girls talking with Mr. Knights.

I asked Dominic for help and he smiled nodding that he got it.

When the waiter took away the orders, I found the two girls looking at me whispering and suddenly they laughed.

Then they said something in French which I quite didn’t understand properly because they spoke too fast but everyone except Dominic and Mr. Knights started to laugh.

Then Stephanie said, “Regarder, sa robe n’estmême pascher.”And made a disgusted look.

I understood what she said but kept quiet.

“Stop it, Stephanie” Dominic hissed.

“Oh, Dominic,l’aimez -vous?” Kim said, mocking him.

“Then why don’t you take her to some hotel and screw her like the whore she is,” sneered Stephanie, making my eyes to water up. She spoke it in French but I understood everything. How could she humiliate a person she doesn’t even know? Why does everyone hate me so much?

My palm formed into a fist as I bit down the inside of my mouth and continued to hear there humiliation. They were clearly oblivious to the fact that I could understand what they were speaking and to whom they were regarding it.

“Stephanie and Kim it’s enough, okay? She is Xavier’s wife,” Dominic hissed.

“Oh, please Dominic, we all know she is a whore who trapped our poor Xavier in this marriage, “Stephanie said looking my way.

I looked at Mr. Knights for help. But he was holding his wine glass and was looking at it staying unaffected by the insults I was getting.

They kept on insulting and humiliating me while laughing noisily.

The guys were not saying anything but were just eating their food.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I stood up making everyone’s eyes on me and in a calm tone said: “Thank you for dinner, it was lovely meeting you all”

“Likewise” Stephanie huffed.

But before I could go I said: “ilétaitagréable de vousrencontrer” (it was nice meeting you all) in French making their eyes widened and the guys lowered their heads in shame.

I went out of the restaurant and avoided the driver who was looking at my teary face with a confused look.

Aimlessly I wandered on the street when it poured and I slumped on a bench on the side of the road.

It poured heavily all of a sudden and I looked down at the ground where the rain water dropped on the ground and trickled down towards the pavement and into the gutter.

Just like my luck.

My luck is just like this gutter.

My dress was completely soaked, but I didn’t care any longer. After going through so much I hardly had any more strength left in me to cry or to yell. It was getting hard for me to understand anything that was going on in my surrounding. The rain camouflaged my tears and I wiped silently feeling every drop of rain water on me.

I loved rain. It always made me happy. My mom used to say that “Rain would wash away your pain with its every single drop. Let it lessen your pain, your sore memories for the rain will shower only for a few minutes until the pain strikes back on you with the rhythm of the rain, showering heavily. Take the moment and let it lessen it be that only for some minutes,” and at this moment, I wished her words were true and the rain seriously washes away my wounds that were not visible.

It is surprising me that I’m stopped crying so fast.

Perhaps the clouds are crying on behalf of me. Maybe it’s a message from my mom to stay strong.

Leaning against the bench I watched as the vehicles drove away. I was completely drenched.

Suddenly the rain stopped pouring on me and I looked up to see my driver holding an umbrella over me. He gave me a sympathetic look and politely said: “Ma’am please get into the car.”

I didn’t want to go but still I nodded and did as he told me to do. I abruptly took my steps towards the car and got in. I began to shiver due to cold. Perhaps sensing this, the driver turned on the heater of the car.

We reached back to the hotel and I got out of the car and went inside the hotel. Everyone present in the lobby was looking at me.

I was still completely soaked and droplets of water were falling from my dress and hair. I reached my suite using the elevator and went inside the suite.

Mr. Knights had already reached the suite before me and he was watching TV in the living room. I went inside my room and dried myself. I took a bath not wanting to catch a cold and plopped on the bed.

I woke up to my phone vibrating continuously. I checked the caller’s ID to see its Em.

A smile appeared on my face and I quickly accepted the call. Before I could speak she spoke “Angie? Angie are you alright?”

Her sudden outburst made me confused.
“Calm down, Em, yes I’m fine, what’s the matter?”

I could hear that she took a long breath and exhaled loudly, then she spoke, “Oh, thank God, it’s nothing.”

“What is it Em, what are you hiding?”

“Actually Angie, I had a nightmare about you and saw that you were in pain so I wanted to know if you were alright?,” she whispered .

I bit my lips and said, “Yes, I’m absolutely fine.”

It was three in the morning so we said our goodbyes and hung up after talking a little bit.

In the morning, when I was eating my breakfast, the doorbell of our suite ring making to get the door and to find out Mr. Brad.

He was grinning like a joker. It was time for his honeymoon surprise. I held my breath when he told that we were going to Bora Bora Islands for our honeymoon. He had planned everything and he just wanted us to go and enjoy.

So this is how we ended up in being again in the private plane waiting for our destination. I wore a white sleeved shirt and blue ripped jeans and a brown cardigan. I wore my beige colored stilettos to complete my look and kept my makeup to minimal since I had no mood for getting ready.

It’s been four hours since we have left Paris. As usually Mr. Knights has locked himself in his cabin and I’m seating near the window seat. I was glad that Valerie was there to accompany me in this twenty hours journey.

“I really like you,” suddenly Valerie blurted out making me raise an eyebrow.

“I can assure you that I’m straight,” I joked and she crossed her hands in a X form as she shook her head no.

“NO..No that’s not what I meant. Uhh...actually the women who accompanied Mr. Knights always treated me like I were some diner’s waiter and were always bossy, but you were the first to approach and be kind towards me” she spoke smiling at me.

I just smiled at her and sipped my wine as I looked out of the window.

I went back to my seat after an hour of chatting and once looked out of the window to see that we were flying above the sea.

The scenery was very beautiful, but suddenly my eyes noticed the flames on the wing of the jet.

Then suddenly there was a loud sound of the siren and the jet began to shake making me stumble on my feet and trip down to the floor. At first, I thought it might be the turbulence but when my eyes saw the flames of fire coming out from the wings, I began to shiver in fear. My eyes were wide opened in fear and slowly my mind began to register everything and I knew that we were in big trouble.

With great difficulty, I stood up from the floor and saw Valerie running towards me. She held me and I could hear the door behind me clicked open.

“What’s going on?” boomed Mr. Knights voice and before we could do anything the jet began to rotate in an odd way throwing us here and there and soon we heard a loud blast then water everywhere.

My vision blurred and I began to lose my consciousness thinking If it was our end?

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