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Erotic Stories 18+ These are a series of erotic one shot stories, with a twist. Rated 18+ for sexual content and related erotic themes. Hope you enjoy! The first one, titled “Elevator,” introduces you to Bree and her boss, Brett, and the mysterious sexy man who she really thirsts after, Nate De Luca. It follows Bree’s lust for two men, and the consequences that ensue. Love and sex, or the illusion thereof, are never an easy combination, no matter how hard you try. Bedding both your boss and his son when neither is the wiser, has consequences

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 ~ ELEVATOR ~~ INTRO

These are a series of erotic one shot stories, with a twist. Rated 18+ for sexual content and related erotic themes. Hope you enjoy!

The first one, titled “Elevator,” introduces you to Bree and her boss, Brett, and the mysterious sexy man who she really thirsts after, Nate De Luca. It follows Bree’s lust for two men, and the consequences that ensue. Love and sex, or the illusion thereof, are never an easy combination, no matter how hard you try.

Bedding both your boss and his son when neither is the wiser, has consequences.


Bree Daniels looked out her window, watching the wind blow through the pile of leaves she had raked just yesterday, making a mental note to bag them up next time. She felt an ache in her core, one that wouldn’t subside. Her thoughts went back to a mysterious man she’d met two nights ago at a party thrown by her best friend. Bree only know his first name; they’d spoken briefly after their eyes had met from across the room.

Nate DeLuca oozed all kinds of sex appeal; his smile was as friendly as his body language. He dressed in a casual open buttoned gauze shirt, his trousers were black and draped around his fine ass, as if to showcase it. His broad shoulders were the kind a woman could find shelter in; his long, strong arms were the kind that would pull you into his body for safe keeping. The rest of him was always too hot to handle.

Bree had purposely dressed very sensuously for her friend’s party. Sexy braless dress, low cut in front with a V that dipped into her ass crack, an erotic thong to cover her always moist pussy, wearing a perfume that would guarantee success in the bedroom. She admittedly was looking for some company after hours. She’d recently broken things off with her long time lover, and, well, once you’ve had that kind of closeness in every way possible, whenever you wanted it, you really start to feel the drought quickly.

When their eyes had met for the first time each of them felt that special connection. When you know, you know. Her best friend Jessie had introduced them at Bree’s request. She and Nate started a conversation; they had common interests it seemed.

“Hi. I’m Nate.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was everything a man in heat could ask for.

“Hi Nate, I’m Sabrina, but my friends call me Bree.”

“Maybe we could find a quiet corner and talk, Bree?” He wanted to get to know her better.

Clearly the feeling was mutual, and she happily agreed. Before they could go off to their own private corner for their “talk,” Nate suddenly became sidetracked by three beautiful women who required all of his attention. Bree found herself unceremoniously being pushed aside. That was the last she saw of him at the crowded party. If only they had found their dark corner of the room before those women appeared, seemingly out of of nowhere.

“So did you and Nate hit it off?” Jessie wanted to know any and all details.

“Sorry, nothing to tell, Jess, we were about to go off together until he got sidetracked.”

“Oh...hmmm, well I’m sorry about that Bree, Really.”

Still, the thoughts of the man and the woman who had met briefly at the party continued to dwell on each other. Nate couldn’t get Bree out of his mind. Her perfume had gotten to him first; then he saw the rest of her, leaving no question in his mind that he wanted to get to know her better.

Bree had liked everything she saw in Nate. Very gregarious, so attractive; great body, thick curly blond hair with green eyes and a fabulous smile. He was likely the total package that she was searching for. But he was gone. And here she was, in front of her window, watching all the work she’d done yesterday going to hell in a hand basket. She sighed as she got everything ready for work the next day. It had been a while since she’d had the closeness of a man in her bed, and she was feeling the emptiness.

Her boss had come on to her so many times, but she was deep into that so-called committed relationship until she wasn’t anymore. Bree had never been interested in him sexually, up until this very minute. Still horny from the thoughts of, and attention from, such a sexy man the other night, she now eyed her boss with a fresh outlook. Her boss was quite handsome, tall, and very fit and agile for a man of fifty. As she watched him walk away, she noticed what great ass cheeks he had. She began wondering about what other great things he had hidden. She knew that work relationships were never really a good idea, but he was her boss, and if he desired her, who was she to turn him down?

Brett had become increasingly playful with her when they were alone, letting her know he was interested. This time she decided to play back. They became closer as the days passed, until one day they kissed one innocent kiss that immediately became much more. Brett walked over to his office door and double locked it. Before she knew it, their tongues became tangled and they couldn’t stop there.

Brett led her to a room within his private office with a locked door, to which only he had the key. When he opened it Bree was speechless. It was a whole apartment of its own, with a huge walk in shower with seductive jets, and a lush bedroom. The sumptuous king sized bed had royal blue satin sheets and begged for a sexually lewd mindset to accommodate it.

The walls were tastefully displayed with sexual works of art. Some were drawings of couples, others were of actual people in various positions of copulation. There was one particular closeup of a very well endowed cock with a beautifully manicured female hand caressing it.

“This is where I come to unwind, whether it’s during the long work day or after hours. This room is off limits to everyone, unless I take them in here.” It looked like it might be time for the sex she had been craving for so long.

He stood so close to her; his fingers caressing her cheeks as he leaned in for a tender kiss. The tender kiss soon became urgent, torrid in nature. Bree felt so consumed with sexual desire as Brett slowly began undressing his soon to be new lover. He marveled at every inch of her. Her breasts were large, unlike the rest of her tiny frame; they were firm with pink pointy nipples. His two hands cupped her lovely breast as his open mouth sucked around it.

“I love big tits!” Her boss declared, showing her how much he enjoyed them.

He laid her in his bed, then undressed himself in front of her. His body was so masculine, so sculpted. His nipples protruded as his removed his trousers and silk boxers, His hard cock was huge and already twitching. She recognized it as the same cock that she had seen in one of the portraits. She wondered who the woman was whose hand was caressing the cock she was about to have. His ass was firm with tight cheeks. Bree couldn’t wait to have all of him and relieve her drought. He finally laid his naked body down on the bed next to hers.

The foreplay lasted until Bree could take no more. There was profuse touching, licking, biting of nipples, sucking of tits, and endless kissing before his juicy mouth plunged through her aching pussy. Bree grabbed on to his strong shoulders for the ride she had been waiting for.

“Your body is exquisite. I knew it would be. I can’t get enough of it.” Her rising hips met his every thrust as he guided his huge manhood through her depths; she gasped at his size.

“Your body is incredible.” Bree would know; she’d been with a few, and she knew talent when she experienced it.

And so began the sexual affair of Bree Daniels and her boss. She stayed overnight with him often; she’d brought changes of clothes and put them next to his in the large walk-in closet. He was an amazing lover; it was true that older men with more experience care the most about pleasing a woman.

Brett soon promoted his lover to his executive personal assistant, with a large salary increase. She was very adept at her job, so none of their colleagues even questioned it. The couple was very discreet with their liaison, so the 24/7 sex whenever he wanted it was just a bonus. First and foremost she was his employee, but being his exclusive lover didn’t trail far behind in the job description.

“We’ll be going to Las Vegas next week for the conference I told you about; on the last day there will be a formal Gala. I’ve reserved the Penthouse Suite with adjoining rooms so we can sleep together.” Brett reminded her of their impending trip, adding on the fact that they would be enjoying each other in the same bed.

“Sounds wonderful.” The big tits he loved so much purposely brushed across his chest, as she leaned in to tangle tongues in gratitude.

Pressing her hand into the trousers of his already hardened manhood gave him a pleasant jolt. He sat her in his lap at his oversized executive desk chair to caress her aching body. Her hands slipped his tie undone and unbuttoned his shirt. Her tongue slicked across his tight nipples as her mouth sucked and pulled them. She pulled the shirt out of his trousers; her lips never leaving his. Her hands massaged his rugged shoulders as her hips began undulating in desperate need of something else. He sensed her desire as he removed her crisp white blouse and see through bra, burying his face between the heaving tits.

The couple was naked on top, their bodies pressing into each other, but they both knew they wanted more. Much more. She began unbuckling his belt in a teasing motion, sliding it out of its loops and on to the floor. Her long manicured fingers undid the trousers and unzipped them; his cock was already pulsing for her. The trousers joined the shirt and belt on the floor.

“That’s not fair. I’m naked. And you’re not.” He kissed her voraciously then lifted her to her feet; her tight leather skirt slipped off of her slim but sensually placed curves, effortlessly. His fingers slicked through the straps of the sexy see through thong that caressed her firm ass, taking it off in one gesture.

“There. You’re just the way I love to see you! Completely naked, and breathless, just for me.” The sexy lady’s clothes were now piled on top of her lover’s. Time to get down to the business at hand.

They kissed each other in the heat of passion, as if for the first time. He bent his lover over the huge desk and entered her from behind as her hands gripped the edge of the desk. She felt so filled, pushing her ass against his hips to take him all in. He played with her tits, he kissed and licked her neck. He cum shot through her pussy as his body stiffened against hers. Bree had never been claimed on an executive desk until now.

Monday morning came way too early. Up at 5 am, her boss had one of his cars pick her up and drive her to the private company jet. Leaving precisely on time, a sumptuous breakfast awaited her and her lover as they finalized plans for their conference. Then it was time to relax. They put phones away for some undisturbed alone time. Brett had instructed his staff that the lovers would be off limits unless they were needed for something. The lovers settled into a large leather sofa and kissed sensuously in their private corner, as Brett slid his thick fingers up and into her pussy, bringing her jolts of orgasmic bliss.

“That was one for the road.” He joked, kissing her profusely. The couple lay together in a snug embrace, feeling not a care in the world. This exciting trip ended up becoming Bree’s first time experiencing full on sex at 20,000 feet; she looked forward to many more such adventurous escapades.

Once their plane landed, Bree took note of how friendly the hotel personnel were, and how familiar they were with her boss. The men all gave her the once over with a nod of approval. The hotel personnel were discreetly used to Brett bringing various women to the hotel for meetings, and Bree was just as lovely as the rest.

Once in their room, they found a well stocked refrigerator, and champagne chilling in a bucket next to the fresh flowers on the table. She noted the large terrace off the sliding glass doors that overlooked the city.

“Wait until you see the view from up here at night.” He slid his arm around her and drew her close for a kiss. She couldn’t help but reciprocate. He pulled away suddenly, telling her it was time to go over some business before tomorrow; then they would have the rest of the evening to themselves. He suggested an intimate dinner with drinks in their suite for the first night. That would give them time to unwind from their trip. Bree wholeheartedly agreed; she welcomed anything that would give her time to spend more private time with her sexy boss.



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