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Dangerous Enemies

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Olivia has united with Matt, Xavier and Thomas. It seems to be a match made in heaven. She has three dangerously handsome men to love, cherish and hold. But her men have dark secrets, dark jobs and dark enemies, and they are coming to cast a cloud over them all. But Olivia has her own past that comes back to haunt her. But what can she do when her past is friends with her men? Worst still, the enemies are also hiding within the ones they trust the most. THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO A DANGEROUS UNION IT IS VITAL YOU READ THAT ONE FIRST.

Romance / Erotica
Belle Dowson
4.8 12 reviews
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Chapter 1- Olivia

Olivia’s POV

“I don’t want to leave.” I pouted as I let the warm water bubble around me. The stars in the clear night sky twinkled above us. The garden of the honeymoon cottage illuminated around us, but the stars held my attention. As we were in the middle of nowhere, or at least that was what it felt like, the stars shone so brightly.

“Me neither,” Tom muttered, his arm draped casually over my shoulder.

Hiding away had been the best choice for us. No distractions. I had learnt so much about each one of my men. I had learnt Tom was the most in tune with emotions and caring and loving. He kissed me the most for no reason. He stroked my hair and always held me close. I had learnt he could sleep through a hurricane, even when Matt was going down on me, while he slept peacefully beside us after one of our four-way sessions.

Matt, I had learnt, was definitely the most sensible and cautious about actions and consequences. He makes sure I am happy and safe. I also learnt he was one hell of a cook, and from what I can see, he loves cooking. While we were here, the meals were amazing, thanks to Matt.

Xavier was, by definition, guarded in every way. His emotions, his feelings and even in bed, which surprised me. His restraint was amazing. I could tell he wanted his; no, he craved his lifestyle and his sex life to be rough. Yet, he hadn’t shown that as much as expected. I also learned that he loved nature and the outdoors, so he took us all on hikes in the countryside around us.

The best part of our hideaway was the fact that no one was around us. Matt didn’t have to go to work, Tom hadn’t been fighting, and Xavier hadn’t even checked on Eden. It was just us four and this little cottage for this brief moment.

But tomorrow, that would all change. Tomorrow we were returning to our home, their crazy, dangerous and violent world. I was going to become a senior union woman, and everything would be different. I knew that.

“For now,” Matt’s face gave a devilish smile as his blue eyes reflected the glow of the fire from the log burner nearby. “I think we should enjoy our final night here.”

I felt Tom pull me closer, forcing my head to loom up at him. His strong arms were in complete control. I could never fight him, and I didn’t want to. Moving me so I straddled him, I kissed him back as I felt a body behind me. The water moved in little tidal waves as we all shifted.

I felt hands all over my body, removing the skimpy swimwear. I was lost to them every time. I felt Matt’s hand rub over my clit as Tom shifted under me and freed his member. Xavier’s mouth was on my neck, gently rubbing my ass. He had been exploring that area every time we got intertwined. It was like a secret only he was privileged to.

Relax, Love.” He purred in my ear as Tom’s cock entered me, stretching me and making me moan at the intrusion. Matt never let up his fingers strumming my sensitive bud. Tom picked up his pace to match Tom’s.

My body was in euphoria as the water bubbled around us. Xavier gently stretched my ass, it felt wrong, but I didn’t care. I was too turned on by what was happening to care what people would think of me. I moaned as we got a rhythm and felt myself getting to my high. My body shook as I felt Tom’s member reaching as far back as he could, quickening his pace.

I cried out as I looked up at the stars above me. They kept me at that moment as I shook and allowed my body to control me. Letting my men take me to my high.

I was safe, and I was happy.

The stars twinkled as I felt the last trembles ripple over my body.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Matt suggested, and the other two nodded in agreement. I looked at the beautiful garden, the beautiful stars and the last beautiful night alone.

“All the bags are packed,” Matt told us all as we sat one final time at the dining table, having the breakfast he had made.

I couldn’t hide my upset as I thought of leaving. Last night we had our final four-way here, and I took each of my men, I let them come, I helped get them to their highs, and they took me to mine over and over.

“I am going to drive us back to the house, but then I have to go straight into the city,” Matt explained as he finished off his cup of black coffee. “I have a meeting with the bank, business stuff.”

I nodded, but I wasn’t sure if I should question it or ask what he was doing. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Well, I need to go to Eden. The accountant will need last week’s reports, so I have to catch up on all of that.”

And, just like that, life was going back to normal. I was the wife, but I had no idea what I had to do. I played with the stunning ruby on my finger, the signal of the union.

“I fight tonight so I will be getting prepped for that. But I will do that in our home now, so I will help you settle in today.” I felt Tom’s hand on my leg.

“Ooh,” I smiled, looking at him. “We going to a fight?” I beamed, thinking how I enjoyed the last one.

“I wish.” Tom sighed, looking at Matt.

“We have a party to attend. Me, you and Xavier are invited to a charity ball hosted by a friend of the Village. Lyra and Noel should be going, but today is the anniversary of their car crash, and when they lost their union, so Lyra tends to hide away for the day, and so does Noel.” Matt explained as he stood up to take his dishes to the sink.

“Oh, poor Lyra.” I couldn’t imagine the beauty who had helped me settle in the woman who brought me here upset. She seemed to be strong, confident and never fazed. She must have loved those she had lost.

“Yes,” Matt brushed off my comment as if it made very little difference to him. Surely he cared. Was he raised in a union? Like Tom? “She has sent a dress to our house; she hung up in a dress bag in the porch for tonight.”

“Your first official engagement as a united woman.” Tom beamed proudly.

My heart raced. Was this what it would be like? Balls? Charity fights and gatherings? I knew deep down it wouldn’t be that easy.

“We best get everything together,” Xavier announced as he stood up from the table, picking up his dishes and mine.

We all grabbed our things. I ensured the cottage was as tidy as when we found it, although Matt assured me Lyra had a team to clean and change everything in the cottage so it would be ready for the next union if they chose to stay here. I would make sure the new bride chose to come here, it was a beautiful place, and the time away did us all good.

I was sad as we pulled away from the quiet countryside cottage. I sat beside Tom in the back, his hand in mine as we passed Lyra and Noel’s big house. Before heading through the main part of the Village. People were getting on with their lives, and we were returning to ours.

We were silent for the whole journey and even as we pulled up on the drive to our home. I smiled as I felt the warmth of the familiarity, the place where I would be alone with my men.

I stood outside and looked up at my home. It was still amazing that I had a home.

Out of nowhere, I felt my body being scooped up, I screamed in shock, but it just caused the guys to laugh as I was in Matt’s arms.

“It’s tradition, right?” Matt mused as Xavier went to get the door. “To carry the new wife over the threshold.”

I laughed before kissing his lips. He carefully put me down at the entrance of our home. It smelled clean, like someone had been in to make it homely and ready for us.

“Well, Baby,” Matt whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist, top bringing in our bags and Xavier carrying in the dress bag and hanging it on the office door frame. “Make yourself at home but be ready for seven.”

“We have to go.” Xavier’s words were severe as he answered his ringing phone and walked out of the house.

“See you later.” Matt kissed my cheek before he left the house following Xavier, and I heard Tom carrying the bags to everyone’s rooms. I unhooked the dress bag from the door frame and followed him up the stairs.

I was settling back into the familiarity of the home. Tom had a routine of food, relaxation and calmness for a match.

“No sex?” I asked as we lounged on the sofa in the living room. We watched some interesting Netflix series, but we were too busy talking, cuddling and kissing to pay attention.

“Nope,” he chuckled, causing little dimples on his cheeks. “I need to be as chilled out as possible. However,” he smirked as he kissed me. My heart raced as his kisses traced down my body, stopping at the shorts’ waistband. “I have no rules against making my wife come.”


“Shh.” I felt his fingers slip between my cool skin and the elastic waistband as he effortlessly whipped my shorts down. I lifted my butt up to allow them to come down. I was exposed to him. I bit my lip, and he put my feet flat on the edge of the sofa, firmly pushing my knees apart.

“My gorgeous wife.” He spoke softly before his mouth kissed up my thighs, teasing me and causing me to squirm. His lips moving closer to my sex, I moaned as his tongue ever so lightly flicked my clit. I was already needy, desperate for him.

I rolled my head against the back of the sofa as Tom devoured me, letting his tongue conquer the darkest, private, most delicate part of me. I put my hand on the back of his head as my other gripped the cushion on the sofa. I felt my body melt with every flick and lick.

His hands travelled up my body as he played with my erect nipples through the light fabric of my vest top. I felt my legs quiver, and his hands moved back to support them, quicking up his tongue, letting a finger or two slip in my entrance, tipping me over my edge.

“Tom!” I cried out as I came. He never stopped causing a second wave. Before slowly bringing his tongue to a stop. I quickly latch onto his lips, pulling him closer to me. I could taste my desire on his tongue.

Fuck me, Tom,” I breathed through my frantic kisses. “Break the rules,” I begged. He laughed at my words, causing me to pout.

“I wish I have traditions, superstitions. Now, I’m going for a very cold shower, and you should get washed up for tonight.” He kissed me again before leaving me semi-naked with a grin on my face.

I have to admit Lyra’s taste in dresses was exquisite, and this was no exception. The gown was classy and elegant. It was a red satin, floor-length it had thin spaghetti straps, a low V- neck and a low V-shaped back. However, the back had three hanging chains with diamantes on, the chains hung from the straps giving each a U-shape, but the one at the top was shorter than the bottom.

I curled my hair and pinned it to the side, allowing my hair to fall over one shoulder, so my back was on show. I used a beautiful silver and diamante clip to keep it secure.

I felt glamorous.

I heard my men at the bottom of the staircase. Tom was dressed in all leather, ready to head to his fight. Matt looked sharp and handsome in a grey suit, white shirt and a grey tie. Xavier was in a black suit, black shirt and no tie. Why did he always look mysterious?

“Wow,” Tom spoke as I descended the staircase. “You look amazing, Liv.” He beamed as he greeted me first with a kiss. I pulled him closer to whisper in his ear.

“Good luck, Tom, win for me, and you will be my first tonight,” I promised. I pulled away from him, and his grin was unmistakable.

“I think Olivia is dirty-talking Thomas into winning.” Xavier chuckled as Tom kissed me again and then grabbed his bag.

“Don’t worry, Liv. I will be back with the win.” Tom winked before saying goodbye and left the house.

“Tom is right. You look beautiful.” Matt nodded.

“Thank you, will I do?” I was nervous the first time around people who I wasn’t used to, people outside the foursome I had become used to.

“More than that, Love,” Xavier stepped beside Matt. “You are perfect.”

Xavier, even when being kind, could be dominating. He couldn’t help himself.

“Here is a gift I got while in town today that I think will go without your dress.” Matt held out a bow-tied gift box.


“Don’t argue, Olivia,” Xavier stepped in. “Just say thank you and open it.” He raised his eyebrow.

“Thank you.” I blushed as I pulled the silver satin bow and opened the box to find a stunning white gold chain and pendant. Four square diamonds were on top of each other in a vertical line. I was shocked as Matt took the necklace, and Xavier turned me so my back was to them. Matt put on the necklace, which hung just above my cleavage.

“Right,” Matt nodded, turning me around to face them. “We are ready. Let’s go.”

I sat in the back with Xavier as Matt drove his Range Rover out of the Village and across the city. Matt began with the rules.

“Stay with one of us at all times. I can’t predict who we are seeing, they may be worse than Ryder,” I stiffened at Matt’s words, and Xavier took my hand. “We won’t leave you; one of us will be by your side. Even going to the bathroom, one of us will escort you. We will hand you drinks, and don’t trust anyone but us.”

“Do you trust us?” Xavier spoke lowly causing my eyes to find his eyes.

“Yes,” I said without hesitation. He nodded as we pulled up outside a big country manor. It was stunning, probably bigger than Noel’s home. Expensive cars were parked up. Valets took Matt’s keys as Xavier pulled me to his hip, and Matt was quickly at my side holding my hand.

As we entered the grandest of ballrooms, eyes were on us and were surely worth a talk, a weird throuple if only they knew there was a fourth member of our group. I looked at the banners symbolising a charity, women in stunning evening gowns, and well-dressed men.

My eyes scoured the room as someone greeted Matt with a handshake, but Matt never let go of mine. I kept looking through the crowds, and my stomach dropped. I felt my world spin as the eyes of evil looked at me, and I felt the room was caving in.

My past was looking straight at me, and I suddenly felt like I was the broken street wore and I was all his all over again.

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