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Smut short stories. Bxb, gxg, gxb, threesome. Request me thing if you'd like and I'll add ur user at the bottom so ppl can see who's idea it was. It might be a fan fix but I don't know who to add to it. Lmk who I should do pls.

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The threesome gxgxg

sry if u dont like this, comment or msg me your requests for smut


I wake up from my nap that I took while I was off work. I'm supposed to meet my two friends at 6:15 . I still gotta shower, crap.

I quickly strip naked and hop into the shower. I shave cuz I haven't shaved in awhile.

I get out and dry off, I wrap my towel around my body and walked into my closet to choose an outfit. I went with some tight ripped jeans and a pastel colored pink crop top. I put on my Jordans, grab my mini backpack and keys and rush out the door.

I get into my car and check the time on my phone, 'shoot Im gonna be late'


I pulled up to where we were meeting and hopped out of my car, frantically looking for them. I spotted them after looking for a couple minutes, I went into the resturant and sat in their booth

" Sorry I was late. I took a bit longer than I expected to shower."

" It's alright, we just ordered our drinks." Said Amber

" Yeah, I was getting hungry waiting for you." Jenny said, giggling a bit.

-Time Skip-

We decided to drive over to Jenny's house and stay the night. I got to her house, got out of my car and knocked on the door.

Jenny opened the door wearing some shorts and a crop top that exposed a little bit of her breasts, I glanced up and down her body, she looked stunning. Jenny cleared her throat and I snapped back into reality blushing bc I was embarrassed and a bit turned on.

" U done staring and gonna come in, its cold out here?"

" y-yeah sry."

"Its alright." Jenny moved her body aside so I could come in.

-Time Skip-

We were watching a movie when Amber had a 'good idea' as she called it.

"Guys! We should play truth or dare! It would be so much fun!" I liked the thought of it but I knew that she was gonna make it dirty.

Jenny and I agreed and we all headed upstairs to Jenny's room.

" Ok! I'll go first! Lynn truth or dare?!" Amber started the game all excited, I was too busy in my thoughts to hear her talk until Jenny nudged me.

" s-sorry what??"

" truth or dare??" Amber replied

" oh, truth."

" Would you go naked or have your thoughts appear in a thought bubble?"

" I'd go naked. Thoughts are too personal for me." I replied instantly. Who would want their thoughts to appear in a thought bubble?? 'Tonight would be real awkward if they saw my thoughts.'

Amber and Jenny looked at each other with an evil grin. ' this isn't gonna end well for me'

" Then do it. Go naked." Jenny replied. ' This can't seriously be happening to me can it?'

" I-I was just kidding." I said not wanting to go naked in front of my best friends.

" You have to. Jenny and I will do it if you do." Amber replied in a pleading kind of tone but also with a seriousness to it to. ' I like the thought of that.'

" Fine." We all were naked, sitting on the floor playing truth or dare.

-Time Skip-

It was Jenny's turn to ask someone

" Lynn, truth or dare?"

" Dare" Nothing can be worse than being naked right now.

" I dare you to make out with me for 30 seconds." She said smiling.

I was stunned. Amber was too.

" O-ok. Amber?? Can you make a timer?"

" Sure." She said, she was still stunned. I could tell.

Jenny looked excited and ready for it. Me on the other hand was nervous and excited. Weird.

Jenny and I scooted closer to each other. We scooted so close that practically our boobs were touching one another.

" 30 seconds starts.. Now" Jenny leaned in and started to passionately make out with me. ' She is a good kisser' I thought to myself.

"15 seconds" Amber said ' it's been 15 seconds already?!' Time flies when your having fun I guess.

Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep

The timer went off and she kissed me a bit longer then pulled back.

" Who's going next??" Jenny says all casually like she didn't just have a make out sesh with me.

" What if we played a different game??" Amber asks

" Like what?" Me and Jenny ask her

" Like a game where we explore each others bodies." Jenny and I look at each other and laugh

" Basically just have a threesome??" I ask

" Yeah." Amber says in all seriousness. Jenny and I exchange looks

" Sure, why not." Jenny says.

" Okay, let's sit on the bed so it's comfortable."

" Mk."

We all get onto Jenny's bed and just stare at each other

" Lynn, why don't you let Jenny and I play with you first?"

' Why am I always chosen first?!'

" Sure I guess." I lay down on the bed and watch them as Jenny goes to find some of her toys. Amber goes on top and starts to make out with me. She reaches down and starts to rub my boobs.

I moan into her mouth. She tugs my nipple a little bit and it makes me moan again. I don't even notice Jenny come back with some toys.

" Amber, lets use some to on her but first we got to make her wet. If she's not all ready." Jenny says. Amber stops everything and gets off.

Before I can even inhale Jenny is on the bed playing with herself. I think this was her attempt to make me wet. I've been wet since we all got naked but I'm not admitting to that.

I will admit that I became even wetter as she played with her vagina and boobs. I heard slight moans come from her mouth.

A couple minutes later she stops, crawls over to me, spreads my legs and starts to rub my clit.

" You're so wet for me already and we've barely even started yet." She starts to apply pressure and rub faster which makes me moan.

Amber is next to me fingering herself and using her other hand to play with her boobs. All of this turns me on so much.

A few minutes pass by and I start to feel that feeling in my stomach.

" I'm gonna cum!" Jenny starts to rub faster and faster until I cum all over her hand. She stops rubbing my clit and licks her fingers clean. Seconds later Amber cums too except she sticks her hand with cum on it in my mouth.

After I lick and suck on Amber's hand Jenny grabs an 11 inch strap on. I'm in shock because of it's size. She straps it on, spreads my legs and positions her self with my entrance.

She easily slides in due to how wet I was. I moan because it feels so good. She starts to thrust into me and I moan louder and louder. Amber got on top of me and is playing with my boobs while kissing me so I'm moaning into her mouth.

Jenny starts to thrust faster and harder. Amber is making out with me and tugs my nipple every once in a while.

Soon I get that same feeling in my stomach as before.

" I g-gotta cumm!!" I yell loudly but it's A bit muffled due to Amber making out with me.

" Cum for me!" Jenny yells. I cum as soon as she's stops talking. She continues to thrust into me till I calm down.

I've never felt this much pleasure before. I just finger myself and occasionally stick a dildo in.

That's the end for now. I might make a part two later in the book. I promised y'all some smut.


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