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Danny is a neurosurgeon who wants to learn more than the life he is currently leading. But he discovers someone whose life he can make meaningful.  Mala is one of the medical research volunteer for a terminal illness. Where the two people will lead on this expedition is unknown. However, they don't hesitate to turn to one another even in challenging and impossible situations. While attempting to flee their lives, they come across one another. Will they succeed in finding what they seek, or will it merely be a casual acquaintance? 

Romance / Drama
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Blinding Lights

How fragile is our heart?

It can fall for anyone…without any warning

But can the same heart be strong enough?

To save the one person you fall for..

Well, for me I have to save every person’s life who comes to our hospital given I am a doctor. It was a simple, boring and ongoing life until that day when I saw her for the first time. I was bored to my core of the same routine I had been following for years and was afraid I would die without living my dreams. As a kid I had a lot of plans which went to vain as I grew up and had this dream to become a doctor. And just like that my life changed. I still wonder about what I would have become if I had another chance in life. Would I become a doctor again? These were my daily thoughts while sleeping. Also it was the 9th day I had the same weird but beautiful dream, where I saw a light that blinded my eyes which was so beautiful that I was drawn into it even though it could kill me,it was as if I was a butterfly that gets drawn into the light that kills it.It felt like an eye I was falling into. I wasn’t sure even though it was the 9th day of the same unusual. dream.But today, once and for all. My life was going to change or so I thought. I was determined to give my resignation today. I had it in my pocket for days, I wasn’t brave enough to face my family after the resignation. But today I had the fire in my eyes and the will to leave and not look back.. With the resignation letter in my hand I went straight to my car.I promised myself once again, that I would resign today.

It was a sunny day for winter.I looked at the sun and felt warm. I parked my car as usual and headed to the office building, where my eyes blinded for a second as a beautiful ray reflected in my eyes. I stopped for a moment and looked at what it was. Not a glass for sure, I could see the long hair of a girl who was headed to the hospital with a bunch of people.I felt something on my chest. It was my heart beating unnecessarily louder than usual. I couldn’t stop my feet and was drawn to her in a second. I didn’t think twice, I went after her instead of the dean’s office.I wanted to look at her face but I could only see her back.. Never had I ever felt my heart beat so fast and loud that I could feel it in my ears and chest at the same time. As I ran towards her I could feel my whole body on a warm sensation. It was a new but nice feeling. I couldn’t see anyone else but her. I cant even explain why I was running. It just happened in a click. One minute I was stunned by her shiny hair and the other I was running for a glance. On the way, I met the dean who stopped me and asked why I wanted to meet him. I told him later and rushed after her. By a nearfall I was gonna lose her sight but thanks to my heart it led me to her after running for 5 minutes straight.. I wanted to open the door, it wasn’t a casual checkup room. Only supervised people could go in. I paused for a second and looked into the mirror. I checked my hair and glasses.Also my breath. I could see some nurses laughing. NEVERMIND!

In the room I saw all of my teammates. I wore my gloves and mask.I felt lost as I had no idea what was going on. Actually I was on a break for a week. That explained my anonymity of the situation. I was surprised for a second. I asked Matt `″What are you doing here?” He replied:”Our team has been transferred here. Isn’t that why you are here?” I simply replied”YES” as I had no idea what he was talking about. My eyes searched for her but as I looked towards the bunch of people, I had to look at a file that I was given. I was like shit”” but Then I was told I had to take attendance, so I couldn’t complain. I went on and on, At the 10th number it was her Mala. What a beautiful name, even though I didn’t know the meaning of it. I was lost in her big eyes and beautiful face. It was her. It felt like my whole life I was waiting for this moment just to look at her. Her eyes sparkled big and bright, a piano played beautiful music beside my ears as if I were in a dream. I paused and just stayed mesmerized as I couldn’t open my mouth and utter a single word, It felt like she was asking me something, I didn’t reply or I couldn’t reply. Sara pushed me from the back, She was my team mate. Mala;’ Can I sit now?” I replied Yes with a squeaking voice. I was told to give the file to Sara, She continued. I didn’t mind, How could I? I was going to leave the room when Sara asked me if I was ok and needed some help. I replied” Never been better.” She directed me to leave the gloves. But, I looked back. It was her long brownish hair. I hit the door by mistake. Everyone looked back in concern except her. Her eyes were warm. I was given a short break. On the way, Sara informed me that the dean wants to talk to me.

I met the dean again. He asked” Are you ok Dan? “ __”Anything wrong?”__ No your face looks really red a if you are gonna explode`__Im ok dean, it’s just the heat__Its winter dan..But it is a sunny day…

I was relieved and was gonna leave when Sam stopped me and said I have to talk to you and your team “What’s it about?”it’s about the transferred team. I am surprised you didn’t ask you weren’t informed___”Ya I was occupied Sam, you can tell me now____Dan Its about the trustees, they aren’t backing off about the failed project of ours, I mean I had warned the about the consequences of the project as it failed the l;ast time. But given you guys succeeded nearly 60% they didn’t back off”_______The aids project?____Sam: Yes they wanna do it again they even got the volunteer those people you just met, they are the volunteers they are in their first stage of aids. You and your team are assigned to them for the half year. And for this time your are leading everyone________

I was blank for a second. My heart felt something. It hurted. I could feel a crack. I was unknown of this feeling. I sat down. Sam asked if I was ok. I replied yes and was gonna leave when he asked why I wanted to meet him. I replied with a stone on my heart. “It’s nothing”. Sam” Ok I gotta go somewhere, You can have your break now” He left.

I sat there for a while and the world just moved and I couldn’t do anything. Time went by as I stared at the walls with the letter in my pockets.I took it out as the dean walked away.A worker gave me coffee which I did not deny. I put it aside and took out the letter to just blankly stare at it. As I stared at it , I could only see Mala and her sparkly eyes.How beautiful were they? I could just think in awe. I closed my eyes for a minute or two. Was I confused? Was that it? How could I just let the dean go. These questions were rambling up in my head as Sara came up to me. Sara” Are u ok Dan?” I replied yes and as I was gonna leave she stopped me. I asked her if theres anything. Sara” I know you were gonna leave today, Did you talk to the dean? What happened? “ ___Dan:”I got to rethink it. I don’t think I am ready to leave yet.” Sara looked surprisingly happy: “Are you sure Dan?” ___YES I replied. Sara: Ill see you in a minute Dan.

I was surprised with my decision. It wasn’t something I would do as I had made a promise to myself today. I put my hands on my chest and asked my heart again ” Are you really sure about this Dan?” I got my answer as I stood up and tore the letter to throw it in the dustbin. I never felt so satisfied. I smiled brightly. As I walked towards my office, I didn’t look back again. And I was more glad that I didn’t even want to..

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