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Bright Future

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FL : Ashley, age : 21 ,hobby : reading , makeup. ML : Desmond, age : 24 , hobby: Painting, Listening to music. Ashley was the only child of the Mezuri family , until her Mother Mariah Mezuri died . Her father married another wife with a daughter named Tiliana . Their life depends on making Ashley's life a living hell , until Desmond the third son of the secret Mafia Empire and his brother Aroan tried to wipe out the Plurality group who kidnapped Ashley and they mistakenly shot her. During the few days of her healing the stood by her bedside with a caring spirit . She notices how much he cares and falls in love with him . He also notices her gentile , caring , funny and brave side of her and falls in love with her 💕 . They confessed their love, but did not live happily ever after . Read the book to see why.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I woke up as the morning light pierced my eyes still missing my mom . I said to myself "you have to forget about it and focus on your engagement ceremony with Andrew".I sluggishly got out of bed . "Ashley !! , how dare you get engaged to Andrew " Tiliana said , with that she barged into my room , and tried to give my a slap , luckily I dodged it . I push her out of my room . I wore a light blue dress with a black belt and a pair of black shoes . I applied a light makeup look and went downstairs. I told the driver to take me to Eria's house . She always made me smile.

I dropped off at her house. I told her every thing that happened, she was so annoyed that she threw a glass cup at the floor. I helped her clean up and bandage her foot. We decided to go to the nearby mall and shop for some new wears , on a Saturday afternoon . We shopped till we dropped. I thought of sleeping over at her house , but I didn't bring any clothes so decided to borrow some of her clothes.

At night, I heard a weird sound coming from outside I went outside and saw a mysterious figure . * blackout*

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