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Boba Girls:The Beginning

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Two high-school girls, about to graduate, and starting a business making Boba Tea! But wait, what about crushes and boys? Melanie is definitely is going for the popular boy like every other girl, but what about Kat? She claims she has no crush, but as days pass, and the dance comes along, she has to confess. To all the people she loves, not just her sister.

Romance / Drama
Lily Ducky
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Chapter 1: Kat Wool and Melanie Bush

Boba. The best thing in life. It would solve all my problems, but sadly it can't. Me and my best friend Melanie have been friends since first grade. We have been making boba a while too. Not to brag or anything, but we're pretty much professionals. We learned how to make boba when my mom took us to a tea shop, and we got boba. We loved it so much! It was so good and delicious. It wasn't like anything we had ever tasted! Once we got home we begged my mom to find out how to make boba.

Now, me and Mel are Juniors, and we need things to do for college. We will be graduating in a year, and who knows what things college will take. That's why we decided to open up our own business. Sheep Boba! The name came to us when we were reading a book and it said that a sheep was used as a warrior in a war. It was pretty weird, but it seemed amazing.

Almost everything in my life was perfect, but there was two problems. Number one: I didn't have anyone to date. Number two: My twin sister, Kit.

Kit is nice and fun to be around, but that's the problem! Everyone knows her! How am I supposed to be me, and not stand in her shadow? It especially doesn't help that I look like her. Everyone sees me just as her sister, or just another girl. They don't see me for me. And it's not like we have similar interests too. She loves running and doing marathons, that's probably where she got most of her fans. I like making boba, and my shop is small, and not many kids at school know about Mel and I.

Our parents love me and my sister equally, but feel bad for me because Kit always gets boyfriends and guys asking, but me? Nope, not a single one. I have dated before, it was a guy named John, but we just got bored of each other real fast. I use to get requests, but none of the boys are good. None of them make butterflies turn in my stomach, and we never had any spark. I went on dates, but I never dated any boys except John. That only lasted for two weeks though. How do people date? I will never understand how or why they can.

A few days later

Well, I was talking to Melanie and guess what? She has a new crush. God, how does she start crushing? She told me it in a weird way, but to be honest, it was stupid. Our conversation about her crush went a little something like this:

"Hey, what do you think is a good name for our new boba flavor? I think maybe a little something like Cheese Moon, because it's cheese flavor!" I was waiting for Melanie's response to the name Cheese Moon, but she wasn't paying attention! She was staring of into space, or so I thought. I was studying her carefully when I realized she was staring at a boy! And it wasn't just any boy, it was the most popular guy in school, and all the girls were crushing over him. Of course she got stuck in the web. Why him though? He is the weirdest thing in this school, and that's saying something. There are so many weird things, like the spaghetti at lunch. Yuck! I turn back to Melanie and repeat my question. Finally, she answers. " Sorry! I was just looking at how hot Meir is," she sighs. "Anyway, in I think that's an amazing name for it! People who think the moon is cheese will love it!" That is funny. I wonder what more jokes Mel could come up with about cheese.(Some cheese jokes are really funny.)

After school we head to the shop. Mmm. The nice smell of boba greets us as we walk through the door. We keep the sign at closed, while we tie our hair, put on aprons, and wash our hands. We take a picture of this week's special boba: Cheese Moon. We print it out, make it extra large, and put it on the window. Now we get ready to open, and there is already someone waiting outside on our bench. He rushes in as soon as we put the open sign. It's Billy, our number one customer. He comes everyday we're open and is here 5 minutes before we do. He is one grade below us, but worships our boba skills.

"Hello Billy! What is it for today?" I ask. Even though he comes like everyday, he always orders something different. You can never predict. Billy stares at the menu. Hard. He usually takes a while. I turn to Melanie. "So, why were you staring at Meir? He literally is the most annoying boy on the planet, and isn't even cute. I don't know how everyone likes him." Melanie turns towards me and starts telling me how if I knew him I would see, and if I admitted he's cute things might change, and blah blah this, and blah blah Meir. I hate when she does this. She has lectured me so many times about how I need to open up, and see how some guys are nice and cute! I just don't like the types of guys she does. My thoughts get interrupted by Billy telling us he will go for the Strawberry Milk.

We get to work. We blend strawberries, juice, tapioca, and grab the whipped cream. We start essembling the tea, and hand it to Billy. He gives us our money, and says, " this is really good. Taste like strawberry milk, but with boba of course!" He laughs. "You know, if there are people who chocolate milk is made from brown cows, do you think that people think strawberry milk is made from pink cows?" He leaves and me and Melanie continue making boba

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