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His Dangerous City

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Not knowing the potential danger lurking behind the walls of this beautiful city, Kyris decides to pick it as her next vacation spot. But, it quickly spiraled down hill the moment she stepped foot into this majestic city. Faced with danger and threats, she finds herself in the clutches of a cold blooded monster. A beast that she can't seem to get away from.

Romance / Mystery
Galaxy Writers
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Chapter 1


The cold wind blew violently. Sounds of cries and pain could be heard in the distance. Screams of terror and agony getting louder and louder. Behind all this, a psychotic man smiles devilishly as his prey begs for mercy.

Everyone who knew him, knew never to cross his path. And all the unlucky ones that did, knew he never accepted apologies. He was a cold blooded monster around these parts.

He watched, dressed in black from head to toe, as his prey cried and begged. He was a hard man. A brutal beast and he got what he wanted, how he wanted and when he wanted. Rules never applied to him. He was the boss around these parts and what he said goes.

"Sir, please, I-i have a family. A child, please". The poor helpless man, lying on the floor, covered with sweat and bruises, begged profusely.

"No child deserves a bastard like you as a father. I'm doing that poor kid a favour". The beast smiled wickedly.


The gun sound rang out loud and clear. The bruised man stopped his squirming abruptly. He was dead. Shot in the chest. One bullet, straight to his heart. Ending him instantly.

"Get this rubbish out of here". The beast said casually, as if he just ran over a bike. No emotion could be seen on his hard face. All his emotions died away years ago.

"Yes, Boss". A voice called out and four men rushed out and took the body away.

"Send word to his family that he's dead. Tell them, he offended the wrong guy". With that the beast walked away from the dark street. He got into his black car that was parked not far away.

"Home, Boss?" The driver asked. He wasn't new to this kind of thing and he knew if he showed fear, he will be killed on the spot.

"No. I need a drink". He said. He placed a cigar through his lips and lit it up. He puffed out some smoke and leaned against the seat with his eyes closed.

The car drove off, quickly through the night. It came to a halt in front of a club. The beast walked out of the car. His long legs moved majestically and slender. No doubt, this beast was gorgeous. His face looked like it was carved from the finest marble. His sharp jaw and straight nose made heads turn as he strode past.

Not many people knew who he was, but a lot of people had definitely heard about him before. He was an enigma. No one knew where to see him as he never visited the same place twice. The police gave up searching for him years ago as they all thought he was dead and they were chasing a ghost.

They were not wrong in that aspect. He is the walking dead. Void of any emotion. His men worshipped him. People around him adored his good looks, but he never seemed to care.

He stalked carefully through the dancing crowd. He was led to a private booth as he was a regular paying customer here. The workers all knew he was filthy rich and tried their best to get on his good side, but that never worked.

"Welcome, welcome". A fat bald man greeted him. The bald man was short and had bushy beards. He was the owner of the club and he too had high respect for the beast.

The cold blooded monster glanced at the short man. He removed the cigar from his lips and curled it around his fingers before squashing it against the ash tray.

"My usual, Roberto". The monster spat out in a cold and clear voice. Roberto, the club owner nodded and dashed away to tell the bartender to get the order.

The cold blooded monster sat in the VIP lounge drinking, with his eyes closed. He tried to calm himself down. He was frustrated and angry.

The poor man that died worked for the beast. He had been stealing large portions of money and parcels from his boss for weeks. The boss, realized this a few days ago and was livid. He gave him 2 days to provide everything the way it was. The poor man could not and ended up paying his debt the hard way.

The boss was annoyed by this. The thief took a lot of valuable things from under his nose. He was so frustrated about the fact he let himself slip up and not notice. He was deep in thought when a knock came from the door.

A tall man in a suit walked through the door. He looked anxious and worried as he stared at the man sitting casually on the chair. He knew his boss had a terrible temper and he knew what he was about to say will trigger it.

"State your business or leave". The beast did not even care to look at the peasant who dared to disturb him because he knew he would get even angrier.

"Boss, something terrible happened". The man started. "The governmental team handling the east coast just recieved news on Charlie's death. They are sending out someone in disguise to come to the west coast and hunt you down". The man said.

"Didn't they end their search for me years ago?" The beast asked.

"Yes boss, but they suspect you are related to the death. That is why they sent out their best spy. I'm sorry boss but that was all the information I could gather". The tall man bowed his head in fear.

"That's fine. Get the troops ready. Tell them that I want to know everything that goes on in my city. Who steps in and who leaves. Who's born and who dies. If I dont get the frequent daily report, you all will be sorry". He commanded. His cold voice boomed throughout the empty room .

The man in the suit nodded. He abruptly left leaving the beast sitting on the chair in the lounge.

"Let's see how this goes down". He said with an evil smile on his face.

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