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The Sun Doesn't Really Shine

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A fairytale unfolding in the countryside. Eisah Muyal is the second daughter of a powerful duke of the kingdom of Solfylt. She holds the title of the "sun" of high society. That was until she poured tea at her fiancé in public. Creating a scandal worthy of appearing in the papers! A story about the lives of those more powerful and how they intertwine in a glistening trip to a manor in the countryside.

Romance / Fantasy
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She Was the Sun

The tea shop erupted into a seemingly widespread flinch. A few madams whispered their prayers, dedicated to old kings and long-forgotten tales.

Eisah had recently ordered iced tea, although it now dripped down someone’s face, one small ice cube still struggling to stick onto his fancy shirt. Eisah grinned without a sign of second thought, she sat with her legs crossed regarding this as a definite win.

Vindhi sighed in annoyance. Some would dare say that even in this peculiar moment, it was undeniable he could be considered attractive.

Besides being a prince, his unofficial title remained even while engaged, he was the most desirable bachelor. Passed around mostly by the madams with unmarried daughters

“Go court her then. You bastard!” She shouted so everyone could hear, if it were to cease in this manner, she was the one to get the last blow before leaving.

He was a man who didn’t flinch with a sword pointed at his throat, but this savage look of rage flourished on her face, the prince thought it was simply mesmerizing. She was endlessly amusing, up until the end.

“It is simple Dear, we had an agreement and it has finished. Did you expect anything else?” A surging smirk told her he had not been affected.

Even if this was not part of his plan it was a satisfying finishing touch, “Isa you look cute, jealous like this,” he teased, guiltless as if he had not committed a crime against their trust. It was hopeless, whatever she saw in Vindhi on that fateful night, had long been gone.

“Your highness, you look lovely today. Meringue in your face and all.” She carefully flattened her gloves and left. Eden would laugh out loud, knowing how much they resembled each other. You could never fight off blood bonds after all.

Perhaps, you ought to be childish when needed.

Breaking an engagement at eighteen, followed by soaking up said past bethroned with tea, and all of that in a highly public setting. Society would certainly mock her, just like she had seen done to others in the past.

Now as for her older sister, Eden, a rare case, she despised petty gossip and lived well enough without over-sweetened tea. Eisah on the contrary lived it fully, it felt most times, as if it was her sole source of oxygen.

Lady Eisah Muyal, was the pinnacle of the fast city living, endless shopping sprees, tea parties hosted by royalty, balls that lasted until morning and most importantly the hypocrisy of it all, as to maintain her appearance, even if they shunned someone, in front of her very eyes, not a word would come out of her lips.

In the end, Eisah was afraid of that being her fate one day.

These two years felt like her whole life, she was the sun, a star that burned more brightly than any other. The promised of the Crown Prince of Eyun, a closeby nation blessed by sea all around, and her role was crucial, their marriage would unite these two so amicable, and economically compatible nations.

And it was all basically a lie.

Be aware there are stars that burn way more fiercely than our own, we just tend to adore those things we are most familiar with.

Besides her birth, nothing else was hers. It was borrowed.

The end of this fairytale, although scripted, had just gone sour.

Vindhi deliberately chose not to tell her. However, this simple fact had reached her ears, he was to marry Malis. And the pieces had come together, the lady understood now. Why he had given her everything, besides his love.

It was illogical that he would betray her in such a way, their relationship was fake but they had built something, even if in a different sense at least he had cared for her. Her reasoning had yet again won when she refused to accept whatever tickled her heart, and she could not be more thankful for saving at least that embarrassment.

It was all ruined, but it had come to a close.

The water sparkled against the sun, making the grass seem perfectly clean. It was all unnatural and put together. Unbecoming of a hot summer. Annoying and inconvenient to care for.

Eisah made it there, as her heels got stuck every step of the way. She plopped on the ground, near a tree that provided shade. With full force, she yanked her shoes, one by one, and threw them into the lake.

Surely her mother would understand the peculiar way she had used the lake. Her mother married once and got a lake. As for her, well she got engaged once and got heartbroken.

The knots in her hair, which Helena, her favourite maid, had spent hours on, were coming undone, slowly falling apart, barely holding themselves together. The sweat was sticky, glueing some strands to her face, meaning her makeup had probably trickled down past her chin.

If given a choice to rip out her dress violently, she would.

Standing there bare, would she then feel completely vulnerable? At last, it would just be her. The skies provided all the light, no need to be someone so dashing.

It was indeed peculiar, for a lady that claimed to be wise, and not easily tricked. But here she was holding on to these feelings, for a man who would never love her back. But if it wasn’t for naivety what could then explain these feelings?

“Don’t tell me this that part of the novel! Isa, listen. I barely escaped an arranged marriage I cannot help you orchestrate a 10-year revenge plan.” Aiho appeared beside her, making herself comfortable on the grass.

Aiho Kalos, former heir of a small nation covered by vast forests. It was rumoured to hide witchery as the King of this sullen kingdom of Solfylt had warned. Lady Eisah could nor confirm nor deny. But if it were to be real, would it not be incredibly exciting? You could forever turn people into pumpkins.

“Can’t you see I am having an episode of emotional distress? Besides, I am being healthy! Crying is not entirely bad!” just looking at her friend’s big playful smile paired with equally mischievous eyes, made everything better. Suddenly, Eisah’s remembered the most important part, “Aiho, I’m such a bad friend we should be throwing a party-“, although in her current state she would not be allowed in a ballroom.

“Isa! I am free, that is all that I’ve ever wanted. All we worked for. It is over, we can rest!” Aiho soothed her friends’ tears in a second.

A glance, some words or even a hug, could be used to calm one another.

It was as simple as that.

A truly magical remedy, a cure for all ailments.

“Right, and I know all of that.” Eisah laid her head on the grass, staring blankly at the clouds. Her light blue dress was stained green and she finally looked dishevelled enough to talk about her feelings.

“Then why do you look like the world has come to an end?” inquired Aiho as she joined her friend in sky-gazing.

“I reckon all that growing up I have done is not enough,” she sighed as her mind wandered to the past “I am still that naive child stuck in her dusty library. Only a child gets deceived and ruins something so well crafted,” she smiled awkwardly, wiggling her way slightly more towards the shadows on the ground.

“And what is the issue with making mistakes? That is also a part of who you are. Isa, I know all that we’ve been through made you believe you always have to be ready to fight.” her voice melodically comforting, like a lullaby, “Part of that is also my fault, but that does not change the fact you have people who love you.”

The youngest Muyal sister was aware of what her older sister had to give up for her. Future Duke Eden Muyal, even if not entirely her fault, had never been particularly comforting, she loved her sister but it was more like a calm lake resting in the deepest of winter, seemingly bottomless, yet not exuding warmth.

Eisah imagined if she had a mother, it would be similar to Aiho, a presence that never disappoints, that is immovable and comforting. Unconditionally warm.

“Then why am I so afraid of not being the centre of attention? Even worse, being a person who gets attention for a scandalous affair!” her body shrivelled up in response to the mere mention of that possibility.

“You can’t even keep one lover, imagine the logistics of two,” she giggled.

“Surely you know it is not that sort of affair. Truth is I can never walk in the streets the same again-” Eisah started to rumble just to be interrupted by her friend.

“Then come with me to Kalos! Be no one for a while, do the things you could never be seen doing out here in this stuffy place,” she said like it was a known fact.

“Would my father ever allow for that to happen it would be absolutely perfect!” the girl basked in the infinite possibilities of that future.

“Not only did he allow it, but he is also coming along,” she struggled to hide her excitement looking forward to Eisah’s reaction.

“No. Wait. Really?” she sat up straight with a surge of energy. A breath of life had been given to her.

“They refused to stay behind. Be sure to ask them for profound gratitude, for a sudden vacation like this,” Aiho put her hands to her face and sighed “Why does this upset me?”

“Is it because of Eden?” Eisah shook her head failing to understand.

“No, that is for tomorrow me to solve. I mean, this trip is a vacation for you.” she smiled looking back at the sky.

“Oh. I didn’t think that far... There has been so much going on.” but Eisah knew the moment they had to be separate was coming.

“You know what? As usual, you are correct to not think that far,” just thinking about it made both of them feel distant from each other. It took the happiness of their achievement away.

“I might end up overflowing that lake with tears if my thoughts wander that far,” she pointed to what was in front of them.

“How would you ever recover those heels you threw on the lake in that case?” Aiho sounded mischievous as she inquired.

“Did you see that? They were a gift from Vin...” she felt her throat tighten.

“You did well them. I hope it sinks deep underground, so we don’t ever have to lay eyes upon it.” she giggled as if it was entertaining and Eisah’s worries seemed to have dissolved.

It was just the sky and two girls that would like to remain children forever.

Author's Notes: heyyy, for faster releases check out Wattpad. I have 4 chapters ready and there will be a new chapter every Friday!

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