The Publicist's Plight (Book I in The Harrison Inc. Series)

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i look at him and see someone who is the opposite of me

how can I enjoy his presence, I think to myself?
but we’re more alike than I like to admit
more than he likes to admit, definitely
we’re more similar than we accept
he’s very much
like me
sometimes I wonder what it is about him that intrigues me so much
i’m sure it’s the fact that I can’t help but fix something that is broken
and that’s what he is, in case you don’t know: broken
but it’s more than that
maybe it’s his eyes; they’re beautiful, and prying and curious and bright and youthful
like me
but they’re also sad, and confused, and trapped and lonely
like me
so maybe my consensus is
since I can’t repair the damage done to myself
ill repair the damage done to somebody else
but besides this consensus
my heart, actually, keeps telling me:
but its more than that
there’s another reason why I stay up late thinking about him
why I smile when he smiles
why I cry when he cries
why his happiness makes me happy
my heart knows the reason
but my brain refuses to accept it
to protect my heart
because my brain is conditioned; hardwired; programed to believe
that someone like him
can’t possibly feel the same for someone

like me.

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