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Angelica Brown was a twenty four year old waitress that leads a simple lifestyle with her son Lucio.She had no idea her life was about to take a drastic turn when she agreed to cater at an engagement party at one of LA prestigious famous hotels The Palazzo.The engagement party was for sexy,billionaire Javier Vàzquez,the one man she had thought she would never see,the one man who had made her scream and squirm underneath him with need.The only man she had ever loved....And also her son's father. He had chased her away like she was nothing,as if they never had something special,their brief six month affair was still fresh in her mind so was the hurt and pain she had to endure for almost three years due to his cruelness,all because he believed she had betrayed him.Seeing him again brought back all the beautiful memories and with it came the fear of him finding out about their eighteen month old son Lucio.She knows if Javier learns the truth he will take away her son without thinking twice,he will go to any extend just to see her suffer for her betrayal. Javier Vàzquez was a wealthy billionaire,his mother leaving them at a young age had really affected his upbringing.Thus causing him to be wary of women and not trusting them at all.No one dared to ever betray him but one woman had and so brazenly too he'll never forget Angelica's betrayal and he vows she'll regret betraying him..

Tsotetsi Zelda
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Chapter 1

Angelica was on her way home after another long day at work,she was totally exhausted and drained out.All she needed was a hot bath and a bed,having to work two jobs,to pay of her college loan and support herself along with her adorable eighteen month old baby was taking it's toll.She cannot complain because without a job the bills won't get paid and if the bills don't get paid she'll be out on the street with nothing and she cannot do that unto Lucio.He hasn't asked to be born into her unstable financial problems,and he was the only good thing in her life right now,the only person who brings a smile to her face and makes her look forward in facing another day.Her phone rang and she saw it was her brother tonight he was helping her out by looking after Lucio for her,her usual babysitter was sick and there was no one who could look after him so she had asked Christian to help her out.At work they are short staffed and needed someone to come and help since one of the waiters had called in sick.

"I'm on my way Chris."She told him.

"Well it better be soon.This young man of yours is becoming restless."Her brother said.

"Tell him just ten more minutes than he'll see me before going to bed."She promised.After dropping the call she hurried home,it was only a short distance now her job at the restaurant was only two blocks away from her apartment.This past two years has been life changing,first she had to drop out of college when Lucio was born,after that she had to look for a job and it had been hard if it hadn't been for Gina,a friend from college who had helped her out.

She would definitely be out on the streets.Life for her hadn't always been bad growing up she and her brother had had good parents who always put their needs first and making sure that they had whatever they needed.It hadn't been much but at least they had and never went to bed hungry,since the passing of her parents four years ago she and Christian has become closer than ever,if it also hadn't been for his support she doesn't think she would've made it this far.She heard something behind her and quickly turned around to see what it was but there was nothing,the hairs on the back of her neck stood up.It has been the third time this week that she got this strange feeling that someone was following her,she started walking faster and when she saw her apartment building she breathed a sigh of relief.When she opened up her door Lucio immediately held out his hands to her,she dropped her handbag on the stand at the door and took him.

"My angel,mommy missed you too."She kissed him all over his chubby face and let herself drown in his baby scent.She held onto him for a few more minutes before looking at her brother."Thank you Chris,I appreciate it and sorry for coming so late we are short staff at the restaurant."

"It's okay,me and him had quite a lot of fun."He shrugged.

"Can I get you anything before going?"She asked.

"No I have to go but thanks for the offer.Have you thought about Jared's proposal yet."

She shook her head.Jared was Christian's friend and he loves Angelica,a few weeks ago he had asked her to marry him and she had said she needed some time to think about it.But truth be told she hasn't thought about it at all,Jared was a nice guy but she

doesn't have any feelings for him and never will,there was only one man who had ever owned her heart and that was Javier Vàzquez and the day she had left Spain,she had left it behind.

"Don't tell me you're still hoping for a happily ever after with a man that will never be yours.I agree that he's Lucio's father but you need to move on and forget about him,he left you and never gave you a second thought."

"I don't love Jared Chris.Yes he's a nice guy and would probably be a good father to Lucio even though he might not be his,but I don't feel that way about him.He's like a second brother to me."She went to go and sit down."Please don't pressurize me."

"I only want what is best for you."Christian said.

"I know.And thank you but I've got enough to worry about right now.Getting married is the last thing on my mind."She sighed.

"Give it a thought please Angie.For me."He came over to where she was sitting."You look tired and exhausted get some rest."He kissed her forehead and then Lucio's too."I love you both."

"We love you too."She said with a smile.When her brother left she played a little while with Lucio and then gave him a bath before putting him to bed.Chris had said he has already fed him,she kissed his cheek and went to go make herself a cup of tea.Her mind drifted back to when she had met Javier for the first time two years nine months ago.She had been on a trip with Gina and some other girls,it had been spring break and all of them had been so excited. They had been out partying and drinking one night when some guy had made advances towards her,she had refused and said no,until a tall,dark handsome stranger had come to her rescue.

She had been swept of her feet immediately by his charismatic looks and sex appeal,she hadn't been a virgin when they had met,but he had been the second guy that she had ever slept with. Javier was a man amongst men,he didn't even try to get women they all fell right at his feet to do whatever he commanded them to do,and she had been no different.One look into those dark brown mesmerizing eyes and she had been lost ready to do his bidding.

They had had an affair for six months,even continuing with her being here in LA,he used to come and visit her every weekend, buying her gifts,giving her expensive jewelry,taking her to the most expensive restaurants,staying only in the best hotels.It had all seemed like a dream a beautiful fairy tale,but in one night all of that changed when he had accused her of giving false evidence against his mining company which had almost made him lose billions,he had showed her all the evidence and to her disbelief it clearly showed that she was the who had lodge a complain to the labour department concerning the safety of his employees.

Angelica had been shocked and stunned not able to belief what she had seen to be true.He didn't even give her a chance to explain things to him,to tell him that she was being framed and that she was innocent.He had kicked her out like she was nothing,telling her that he never wanted to see her again and that she was lucky she was a woman, because if it had been otherwise he would've killed her.That had been it and since then she had never seen him again,three months after her departure she had discover that she was pregnant and having Lucio had been the best thing ever,when she looks into his small face she sees his father...spitting image of him and it makes her heart ache for what was never meant to be.She had fallen in love with him and he had discarded her like yesterday's trash,till now it still hurts......deeply.

The next morning her phone woke her up,she hadn't slept a wink up until dawn this morning.

"Hello..."She murmured sleepily sitting upright,seeing that Lucio was already awake and playing inside his cot.

"Angie it's me Jennifer.Can you come in later on,another waiter called in sick and as you know we are already short staffed.I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't an emergency.Please I'm begging you."

She had been looking forward in spending her entire day off with Lucio,it's been a while since she's been with him for a whole day and she misses him terribly when she wasn't near him."Jen can't you call someone else,I can't today Lucio's regular babysitter is sick and there isn't anyone who can look after him,and you know he doesn't like it when strangers look after him."

"Angie please I need you.Tonight we have to go and cater at the Palazzo hotel and it's for an engagement party I really,really need you.I'll give you something extra."Jennifer begged.

Jennifer was Angie's manager and she has always been kind and generous towards her,she doesn't want to let her down but where will she find a babysitter at such short notice.Besides the Palazzo was one of the most expensive and well known hotels around,only the wealthy can afford to go there Javier had taken her there once when he had came to visit her and it was absolutely beautiful inside totally breathtaking,she looked at Lucio and he was smiling at her,she smiled back at him.The extra money won't hurt in fact it might help her a lot giving an inward sigh she said.

"Okay it's fine,what time should I be there."

"Thanks.You're a star.Be here at four we gonna prep before leaving."

"See you then,bye."She ended the call and got out of bed,at least she still has half of the day to spend with Lucio.She fastened up her dark brown hair on top of her head,so that he won't have to pull it like he always does when it's loose.

"Come to mommy."She said smiling at him,he smiled back and happily outstretched his arms."Who's mommy's favourite.You are!"She kissed his cheeks. "Come it's time for your bath now,then we'll have breakfast and after that we'll go out and take a nice stroll to the park.How does that sound."He answered her by clapping his hands."You so adorable I love you so much."When she was done bathing and feeding Lucio,she herself took a quick shower and packed his bag and left.She wasn't feeling hungry this morning, thoughts of Javier kept on haunting her,she was still tired but she wants to spend this morning with Lucio alone.

The day went by quickly and fast,taking her son to the park had been loads of fun Lucio had enjoyed himself playing with the other kids,chasing the birds,and tried to build sand castles in the sand pit.When they got home she fed him,gave him a nice bath and his bottle before putting him to bed.She had asked her neighbor miss Jones if she could look after Lucio and she had agreed,her brother couldn't come because he too was working late.At three thirty miss Jones came,Lucio was still asleep.

"Thank you miss Jones.I'll be back as soon as I can."

"I don't mind dear I could use the company,beside that young boy is no trouble at all."She dashed to the bedroom and got her bag,giving Lucio one last kiss she left and went to work.

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