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Chapter 2

When she got to work she quickly changed out of her jeans and wore her black trousers,white shirt and flat pumps,her hair was in a ponytail as always high on top of her head.

"What is still left to do?"She asked her manager Jennifer.

"Nothing everything is all set,we need to leave and tonight you won't be helping with the food.You'll be serving the guests and walking around with platters and drinks."

"Wow.That sounds like fun."Angelica said."But why do I have to do that why not Charlie or Abigail."

"You're the one with the beautiful and friendly face.That's why?"

"I'll take that as a compliment."Angelica said smiling."But I cannot stay long tonight."

"I understand.You can have the next two days off,so that you can spend some time with Lucio."

"Thank you Jennifer."

"Don't thank me,you have been a loyal and trustworthy employee it's the least I can do for you.From the moment you've started working here you have been hands on,the rest simply don't appreciate their jobs you on the other hand is someone worth working with,how is your other job on the other side of town."

"It's okay,but the girl I was filling in for is coming back in two weeks so I'm going to have to look for something else and I don't even know where to start."

"I've got bills to pay and a son to support."She replied.

"Going through all that alone and being a single mom is tough,I'm talking from experience.Have you taken the father to court for child maintenance."

If only he knew she thought he would take Lucio away from her in a flash,especially since he thinks that she has betrayed him.He can never know about Lucio and she will never tell him,that would mean signing her own death sentence."It's complicated."She said instead.

"I can see that it is a sensitive subject,so I won't pry, come let's go or we'll be late.Rich people like punctuality."They were told to use the back entrance of the hotel when they got there,it opens up into the kitchen.Angelica still wonders why they have asked for their services when there's a highly qualified chef and kitchen staff here,all the cutlery and pots,up till the last champagne flutes were of the best that money can provide.She helped Jen and the others set up their stations,when they were half way done she started feeling dizzy and realised she hasn't eaten yet,she steadied herself up against a nearby table.

"Are you okay?"Charlie asked her."You don't look so good."

"I'm okay."She said."I just need to sit down for a minute."Jen came and announced that the first set of platters need to go out, because the guests have arrive.So much for sitting and getting herself together, being a waiter was hard work most of the day you are on your feet and if you don't get enough sleep,you won't last five minutes and that's how she felt.Pulling herself together she went to go and do her job,she easily slid through all the guests handing out drinks,appetizers,getting a shot of vodka for this one,getting small bites of cold meat or cheese served on crackers.When she got a chance to look around her,she saw a big chandelier hanging in the center with tiny crystals draping from the roofing.

The whole room was white,a long table was centered in the middle a white table cloth draped over it,the glasses and plates were neatly placed on the table and just by looking at them she can see their wealth. Beautiful bouquets and flowers were decorating the table and were all around the room,making it smell like spring.Most of the guests have arrive and soon they will sit down to eat,then she can slip away and take a break.While the other's were serving the food she went out back and called miss Jones.

"I'm just checking in miss Jones.I hope he isn't bothering you."

"Well dear your brother came by and took him I thought he informed you."

"No he hasn't but I'll call to ask him and thank you again miss Jones."

"Anytime dear."Immediately she called Chris and he told her that he got off early than he expected because a client had cancelled a meeting.She breathed a sigh of relief,she didn't know what she would've done without her brother he has been helping her out alot these days,she can work in peace now.She checked the cake and made sure that everything was still okay, apparently she has to take out the cake after the groom to be has said his speech and she wasn't looking forward to it,the size alone of the cake made her nervous because it was taller and bigger than her,and ontop of that she has to push it out along with Charlie.Her feet were burning and she was tired and terribly missing Lucio,tonight he will sleep with her instead of sleeping in his crib only a few feet away.

"They are ready for the cake now Angie."Her boss said when she went back inside.Her vision began to blur and she looked for something to hold onto but couldn't find any."Angie are you okay?You look like hell,come here sit down.Have you eaten?"

She shook her head."Didn't get a chance."

"Angie.Let me get you something quickly."She grabbed Jen's arm.

"I'll be okay if I drink a glass of water."She groaned."The cake."

"Forget about the cake I'll let someone else do it."

She got up and went to go and pour herself a glass of juice instead,maybe a bit of sugar will help boost her body through this,she finished it all not leaving one drop taking a napkin she wiped her mouth and threw it in the dustbin.Charlie came in then saying they are ready for the cake before Jen said anything else,she helped Charlie with the cake and soon they left.A lot of ooh and aah's were whispered by the sheer size of the cake Angelica wonder if the engagement cake is this big then how big will the wedding cake be it will probably reach the roofing.The bride and groom to be were standing at the end of the aisle and as they got closer Angelica's footsteps faltered,the groom was very familiar and as she got closer,the air left her lungs, leaving her rooted at the spot unable to move as she stared into the eyes of the one man she had never thought she would see again.

He was still as handsome as when she had met him over two and a half years earlier if not more.Those enchanting dark eyes that had mesmerized her at first glance stared back at her,with his beautifully carved high cheek bones,dark straight eyebrows and eyelashes that any girl will kill for...and that mouth...ooh that sensual symmetrical lips that had worked wonders on her body,even now just thinking about it made her yearn for his touch.What was he doing here.In LA? Questions were running through her mind.He's the groom...a small part in her head said,he's getting married,and that beautiful model who was standing next to him will soon be his wife.

She was crushed and an image of Lucio came into her head,without thinking she turned and fled not caring what anyone thought about her behaviour,she mumbled something to Jen and left.How she had got to her flat she doesn't know,but all that she wanted was to be left alone.She chased her brother away but not before thanking him for putting Lucio to bed,the moment he was gone she went to go take a bath in her small shower,thoughts of Javier came into her head,he had looked so good with his black suit,that sat so perfectly on him outlining his big broad shoulders and chest,with his light brown hair neatly combed back.

She was very familiar with what lay hidden under all those clothing,she closed her eyes and let the hot water pierce her skin.She can't believe that he was engaged and so soon after their relationship,and here was she still mourning their brief affair that had actually meant something for her,clearly for him it had meant nothing that's why he had moved on so soon and quickly.Hot tears spilled from her eyes and she broke down and cried she doesn't know for how long she cried but Lucio's cries made her dry herself and attend to him.

"Mommy is here sweetie."She gave him his bottle and when he was done drinking she walked him back to sleep.He should never know about you she thought,if he did,he would take you away from me,she sighed and breathed in his scent."Oh Lucio my baby one look at you and he would know,your resemblance is strikingly similar.I have to keep you away from him until he gets married." She put him to bed and went to bed herself,she curled up in a ball and slept,but Javier occupied her thoughts that night.

Lucio was grumpy the following morning,bathing and dressing him was harder than usual because he was crying and didn't wanna be put down.He refused his bottle and everything else that she tried to feed him.

"Lord knows what is wrong with you this morning." She grumble and paced the floor up and down with him.Thank god she had taken a bath before he had woken up this morning,she rubbed his back up and down trying to soothe him,but he didn't budge. "Come on sweetie,please calm down and sleep for mommy." Half an hour later he slowly started to quiet down and she saw his long dark eyelashes droop shut,his daddy's eyelashes she absently told herself.She gently eased him inside his cot and thankfully he didn't woke up, when she was in the kitchen she let out the breath that she had been holding.

She wonders why he had acted out like that he has never done it before,her mind switched to Javier maybe he was longing for his dad a small voice whispered to her,a dad he's yearning for but doesn't know.Guilt swept through her for what she's doing to Lucio,he has a right to know who his father was doesn't he?Who was she to take that away from him.But he's engage soon to be married another part said,why disrupt his perfect world,why give him another reason to hate you even more, and if he really did care a bit why hasn't he knocked on her door yet.

No she won't say anything she'll keep quiet and the day when Lucio is gonna ask about his dad she will tell him then it will be his choice if he wants to form a relationship with him or not.She made some instant coffee to go along with her dry toast,things were really starting to turn bad,she doesn't even have butter.Her teeth bit into the toast,and her stomach growled,it's clear I didn't have anything yesterday she thought and finished her bread,she chose not to do her usual chores and started spring cleaning.

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