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Mountain of Tears

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Thomas Gene is a miserable teenager who has no friends. No one thinks that he is good enough for them to hang out with them. Lucas Edward was sitting in his room looking at the photo of him and Thomas Gene. This photo was taken by his aunt while they were at the beach. He was friends with this person two years ago. He knew that his friend was suicidal and thought that life wasn’t worth living. He tried to show him that life was worth living, till an accident happened. He put the photo down and tried hard not to remember what happened. Here is the story of what happened.

Romance / Other
Tyler Tgg
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Chapter 1

Lucas Edward was sitting in his room looking at the photo of him and Thomas Gene. This photo was taken by his aunt while they were at the beach. He was friends with this person two years ago. He knew that his friend was suicidal and thought that life wasn’t worth living. He tried to show him that life was worth living, till an accident happened. He put the photo down and tried hard not to remember what happened. Here is the story of what happened.

Thomas Gene is a miserable teenager who has no friends. No one thinks that he is good enough for them to hang out with them. His parents hate him. They used to treat him like he was a king, till he came out and admitted to them that he was gay. They abuse him and tell him he won’t go out with any guys. The last thing about him is that he has never been out with anyone in his life. He once had a crush on a boy that he went to school with. The boy’s name is Matt Johnson. Matthew Johnson is a thin thirteen year old, he has hair that sticks up and never will get it combed down. He asked Matt out one day when he felt that he should know that he had this crush on him. While asking him out, Matt’s friends looked over and started laughing. Matt shoved him on the ground after Thomas told him about the crush. Matt’s friends came over and sat on his back and on his legs. Matt’s friend Jack Roberts was holding Thomas’s arm and twisting it counterclockwise. Two seconds later, the bone . Thomas went to the nurse’s office during P.E. when his arm hurt when he moved it. He went to the doctor’s office that day to get a cast on his arm. When he got home, his mom was asking him what happened in a calm voice (this was before she knew that he was gay). He told her that he had a crush on a boy and one of his friends broke his arm. She snapped when he told her this. The first thing that she did was slap him across the face. He went up to his room after that and never came out when he was home. Thomas was suicidal after all. He tried to cut his arms open once when he was twelve during the summer. He had gotten texts on his phone saying that he should kill himself. He told his parents about it, but they told him to go ahead and do it. He held the knife to his arms and wouldn’t do it because his arms were shaking and knew that he couldn’t do it. Suicide was the one thing that came to his mind every once and awhile. Another habit that Thomas had was reading romantic novels, which made him cry. He wished that he had a true romance that would find him and help him with his life. Prince Charming was all that he wanted.

“In the end, Tonya got what she wanted after making a wish on a shooting star. She would never have problems finding her true romance. She would be with her true love and live in happy.”

The End

That was the end of Thomas’ novel which was about a girl that has a crush on a football player and he’s more into cheerleaders, but when she makes a wish on a shooting star, he falls in love with her which works.

Thomas spent his time writing romance novels which ended very tragically. He sat in the chair crying while writing the finale to the book. He wished that he could find his true love, but that was too hard to ask for. He knew that he would never find the right person that loved him. He sat in gloom. He was really desperate.

The next day was very rainy. Even though he normally walked to school, he asked his mom for a ride to school. “Mom, would you care of giving me a ride to school,” he asked her. She was paying more attention to her cookbook than she was to him. She then turned around giving him a look.

“Why don’t you ride your bike, I wouldn’t want to clean the car out in this mess after you rode in it.” He turned to the garage where his black bike sat and opened the garage door. He closed the door after he went out. The rain was coming down hard on his head as he rode on the sidewalk. He wished that the sun would shine and let his life be good for once in his life. Thomas went to his locker when he got into the building. On the way to his locker he stepped in gum and fell over. A lot of the kids that were in the hallway were laughing at him treating him like he was a clown that belonged to a circus. He got up pulling the gum off of his shoe and stood up with a red face. He went to his locker and opened it, and was filled with old papers and trash. He also kept notes telling him to kill himself. The door then opened.

Lucas Edward came through the door wearing his leather jacket and his muscles were seen through the jacket. Lucas Edward is a twelve year old who is going to be thirteen in a month, he has black hair which he keeps slicked back like John Travolta in Grease. Lucas lives with his aunt since his dad ran off when he found out that his wife was pregnant and his mom died giving birth to him. He was found on his aunt’s front step on October 4th, 2005. She took him in and cared for him. He never knew anything about his parents till he was eleven. His aunt told that his mom died while giving birth to him and his father, which is her brother, felt like he wouldn’t make a great father. He was the most popular kid in school now though. He always saw Thomas and felt bad for him.

Thomas had English first hour. He was reading Twilight the tale about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and a werewolf, both end up fighting for her. Thomas looked at Edward like he was Edward Cullen. He wished that Lucas Edward was a vampire so they could spend the rest of time together. But who would be the Jacob Black, so both would fight over him. During his english hour, he was reading a famous poem from Edgar Allan Poe. The poem was entitled The Bells which is about a man that goes mad after his wife dies and waits for death to find him. Mr. Staskowski, a forty year old man that hates his job and can’t stand any of his students, was asking questions after the poem ended.

“Why do you think Edgar wrote this after his wife died?” The students were looking up at him. Some were pulling long strings of gum out of their mouths and the others had their mouths hanging open like they didn’t know what he was talking about. Mr. Staskowski shut his book while rolling his eyes, he then turned red and started yelling at the kids.

“IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU WORTHLESS BRATS WOULD PAY ATTENTION IN THIS CLASS,” He said while growling. He got up from his desk and went out into the hallway to get a drink of water. Mr. Staskowski came back a minute before the bell rang. As soon as the bell rang everyone was out of the room in a flash. Thomas went to his locker and looked over at Lucas who was talking with his friends and laughing. Thomas wished that he had friends and wouldn’t have a rough life.

Thomas went to PE which was one of his least favorite classes. He liked his teacher, but never got why he had to take a class of exercise, plus he always got laughed at when he ran outside. While changing, Thomas found that someone had found out there was water all over his PE clothes. He put them in a plastic bag that he kept in his backpack and went to talk to talk to Coach Thompson, a thirty-seven year old that is single with no kids and lives in an apartment. Thomas had always kept a bag with him since the beginning of fifth grade when everyone in PE decided that it would be funny to put ice and cold water on his PE clothes. Thomas would never stick up for himself since people would hurt or kill him if he tried. Coach Thompson was in his office reading texts from his friends when he looked up and saw Thomas standing there.

“Hello Thomas, let me guess there is water on your clothes again,” Coach Thompson asked him with a look of concern on his face. Thomas nodded and got a new pair for the day. Coach Thompson was going to talk to the principal today during his lunch and ask that people stop bullying Thomas. He tried to tell the principal once that he witnessed Thomas getting shoved by the others in his class, but the principal never did anything. On that day though, Coach Thompson gave all the kids that was shoving him around detention for two weeks. Class would be fun today (of course it would be, it’s game day). Since every Friday is game day, Coach Johnson let the students choose games and had everyone participate in them. Everyone chose to play dodgeball which would involve throwing balls at Thomas and only Thomas. Thompson divided them up into two pairs, Thomas was on the left side. As soon Coach blew the whistle, everyone grabbed a ball and threw it at Thomas. Coach blew the whistle again and made everyone stop. Since no one could throw the balls at the right side, he made everyone except for Thomas run. Coach Thompson took Thomas to his office and had a talk with him.

“Thomas, I know that you aren’t very popular and you feel that you are an outcast, but why don’t you ever tell anyone that you are getting bullied?” Thomas looked at him and knew what would happen if he ever told anyone what a person was doing to him.

“I can’t tell you,” he replied with his face down to the floor. Coach Thompson called the counselor. Thomas changed back into his regular clothes and went to talk to his counselor. He walked through the hallways and noticed that some of the kids were looking at him and whispering. One of the kids that was doing that was Faith Rhines, a fourteen year old that is on the cheerleader squad and is a spoiled brat. She knew Matt and Jack since the second grade. Before they met her, they were very good friends, but when they met her they fought over her and she made both of them turn against each other. In the second grade, when she first met Matt was on the playground. She was sitting on the swings and she was very lonely. He swung with her while Jack was at home sick. He found out the next day when he came back that he had a girlfriend that he thought was pretty as well and would steal her from him. Jack went out with Faith in the third grade when she dumped Matt at the end of the summer for not saving her at the beach when she was drowning in the middle of the ocean. She dumped Jack in the fifth grade for stealing her lunch while she wasn’t looking. She was very picky when it came to men. She stood with the two goofballs that she once dated and started wondering why Thomas going to the counselor’s office.

Thomas went into the office and asked the secretary, who is sixty-two and is about to retire at the end of this year. She buzzed him in and went to see Mr. Marks. Mr. Marks is a thirty-four year old and he is bald. He married during his third year at college and graduated two years later when he failed to show to any of his classes. Mr. Marks was sitting at his desk drinking coffee while typing stuff in about Thomas. Thomas knocked on the door and came in to have a seat. Mr. Marks looked at Thomas like he never met a child that was getting bullied before.

“Thomas, I hear that you aren’t telling anyone that you are getting bullied, why is that?” Thomas told him the same thing that he told Coach Thompson. Mr. Marks told him that he could tell him anything and that he wouldn’t tell anyone unless he had permission. Thomas finally told him what he was going to tell him.

“I have been told in the past when I get bullied is that I will either get hurt or killed if I told anyone,” Thomas told him not looking at his face. Mr. Marks asked him more questions for the next twenty minutes.

“Do your parents know that you are getting bullied?” Thomas nodded instead of answering this time. “Will you tell me how they react when they find out that you are getting bullied?” Thomas answered him again.

“They just don’t care what happens to me.” Thomas’ parents knew that there son was gay and treated him like he was garbage.

“I told them that I was gay a couple of years ago and they just ignore me and abuse me.” Mr. Marks looked over from his computer and knew that this child was going to have to join therapy. He asked him one more question and then let him go to his third hour, even though his teacher wouldn’t be happy that he was out unless he had a pass.

“Do these things that happen to you make you think about suicide?” Thomas then remembered what his parents did when he came home and first told them that he was getting bullied. His mom handed him a knife and told him to kill himself. He went to his room and held the knife to his arm. To this day he keeps the knife under his bed. Thomas nodded and Mr. Marks told him that he would put him in therapy to help him get over these thoughts. He gave Thomas a pass and Thomas left to go to his third hour which was science. Science was one of his other subjects that he couldn’t stand how he had his blood on a slide and people started a rumor that he has HIV.

While walking in the hallway, Thomas looked and saw that the art club had done a very good painting with two kids that was hugging and it said “Don’t Bully, Be a Friend” which is what Thomas liked about the picture. He went to his class and sat down to watch a video on how to figure out what kind of plants that were ok and how some were poisonous. He gave the pass to his teacher, Mrs. Rollay, a fifty-seven year old with grey hair and no one enjoyed her, even her husband. She took the pass and told him to take his seat. She never taught the class anything. She sat at her desk everyday with sheets for all of her classes while she looked at magazines on how to look young again. She mostly drank tea, which annoyed her class because she always slurped it down like it was nothing. The one thing that she made her class learn on the first day is that she will always win and that no one in her class will win. Parents were concerned about how she treated the students though. One little girl went to her parents crying because she failed a test that she should have done good on. Another child was supposed to go to the dentist and had an F on his report card just because he missed a day. The parents of the two kids went to the office complaining that she doesn’t treat anyone fairly. Principal Watts told the parents that he never saw anything wrong with how she treated her students. After that nothing happened.

Thomas thought that the video was boring like sports that no one watched anymore. He was glad that there was three minutes left till he went to lunch so he could sit and write more of his new story about a vampire that hides his identity from a woman that he falls in love with so she won’t get him killed. The bell rang two minutes later and Thomas was the first one out of the room. He made a stop at his locker to grab the journal that said NEW NOVEL STAY OUT. He went to the hallway of where the office was and suddenly got hit in the face with the door. He was unconscious for a couple of seconds because when he woke up he was in the nurse’s office and saw someone standing over him. The person was Lucas Edward. He had apologized for not paying attention. Thomas then thought that this must be a dream because no one had ever apologized to him once. He got up and went into the hallway quickly because he thought that Lucas was tricking him. Lucas caught up with him in the cafeteria and asked if he could hang out with him for the lunch period. Thomas said that that would be fine. Lucas sat down and opened up his lunch box. He looked over and saw that Thomas was on his laptop writing and didn’t have any lunch.

“Are you going to eat anything?” Edward asked with a look of concern. Thomas looked up and shook his head. He then went back down to his story. Edward looked down at his lunch. He knew that he should help out. He cut his roast beef sandwich in half and gave him some chips and apple slices, plus some water. He scooted the food towards Thomas who looked at the food like it was going to poison him. He poked at the sandwich for the next two minutes. He then ate after poking and told Edward that the sandwich was good. Edward then introduced himself.

“Oh, before I forget. I am Lucas Edward, but most of my friends call me Edward.” Thomas then looked up from the last bite of sandwich he had and thought that he was dreaming. He never knew that Lucas Edward would be sitting with him. He also thought that Lucas Edward didn’t know that he existed.

“Hi, I’m Thomas, Thomas Gene,” Thomas whispered. Thomas was blushing and was afraid to tell Edward how he felt about him. He didn’t need a broken arm again.

“Since I hit you in the face, how would you like to go to a movie and dinner tonight,” Edward asked. Thomas knew that he must be dreaming and would wake up in the nurse’s office with no one there but himself and the nurse. He nodded.

“Ok then, I will meet you at La Pere.” Edward got up to throw his lunch away. What he didn’t notice was that Matthew Roberts, Jack Howards, and Faith Rhines were giving Edward a look of evil. Ever since she dumped the two goofballs, she developed a crush on Lucas Edward. She always tried to hit on him, but he never noticed her. To Edward, she was considered a wannabe, that meant that she wished she was popular and people would like her if she wasn’t such a spoiled brat. She looked over at Matt and Jack who were sitting across from each other saying I hate you back and forth. “Shut up,” she said to the both of them. They both then looked at her with surprised faces. She was wondering why Lucas was sitting with Thomas Gene. She would find out from him later.

When lunch was over, Thomas went to his locker and went to math. Math was one of his favorite subjects since he was good at it. He always loved the sound of buttons clicking on calculators and the way the questions on paper were weird. His teacher Mr. Frost, a forty-six year old that is also bald like the counselor. He is short and plump like a goose. Mr. Frost started working as a teacher when he was twenty. He was also good at math, but got made fun of for it. He sat and tried to teach the children, but none of them ever listened, except for Thomas. Thomas always respected his teachers since they knew his parents. Mr. Frost then called on Thomas to answer his next question. “Thomas, if you have two lines across from each other, do they intersect?”

“No, because they are parallel or perpendicular. Depending on if the lines are vertical or horizontal.” Thomas said with a smile on his face. This is the first time in forever that Thomas had a smile on his face. Faith was across the room rolling her eyes. “What’s he so happy about,” She whispered with a little attitude in her voice. Thomas went back to taking notes as Mr. Frost finished up with notes. When he got done, he passed out papers which was the homework. Mr. Frost didn’t give out much homework like he said he would at the beginning of the year. The bell rang two minutes later and everyone left to go home. Thomas grabbed his bike and went to a secret place that he went to after school.

He rode on the sidewalk looking at the stores and people all around. He never knew that this town could be so good when he was younger. He rode into the woods on highway 87, which is where a pond is. He loves to sit by the pond and listen to nature. He loved to see animals that came by and ran off. Thomas parked his bike against a tree and sat to do his homework. Just as he put the pencil to the piece of paper, he saw that a bird had been shot in the wind with an arrow. The bird was squawking like it was going to die. Thomas put his homework down and went to see the bird. The bird was a very fat robin. The robin had been on the ground with an arrow in it’s wing for a couple of days. Thomas was glad that he carried some bandage wrap with him. The bird was eating some seeds as Thomas got the arrow out of it’s wing. He took the arrow and threw across the pond and was glad that he didn’t hit anything. He set the bird back down which thanked him. He went back to his homework. He was listening to the bird sing while he was finishing the last problem. He put the stuff back and told the bird bye. He got on his bike and went home.

He walked inside to find his mom and dad yelling at each other. His parents normally yelled at each other like this once a week. This time they were arguing about making dinner. Ever since Harold Gene, a forty-nine year old that is fat and slobby, retired from working at a furniture store because he broke his back carrying a heavy couch. His mom Linda Gene, a thirty-six year old that is thin and hates anything, works at the local library. She used to be the girl that put the books back on the shelf, but now she is the “checker” which is the nickname that one of the customers gave her.

“Oh great, he’s home,” said his father with a look like he wouldn’t come home. Thomas went upstairs like he normally did when he got home. Thomas started going to his room everyday after school because he told his parents that he was gay. This was before his mom gave him the knife and told him to kill himself. When he got to his room, he dropped his stuff and sat on the bed thinking about the date that Lucas told him about. He went to the bathroom to take a shower. While in the shower, he thought of the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. He loved that song ever since he was little and always thought of that song when he was around Lucas. After getting out of the shower, he went to his room where he got a clean pair of pants and a nice red, green, and yellow polo shirt. He got his hair combed very nicely like he was a rich child. He got some cologne on with body spray and deodorant. He was walking down the stairs very quietly while his parents were watching the five o’clock news. He was hoping that he wouldn’t be caught, but he was wrong. The bottom step was squeaky. He hit the bottom step and his mom got up looking at him.

“Where do you think that you are going,” she asked with a look of concern. He came up with the best thing he could think of.

“I am going up to this pond where I can think about some things.”

“Ok,” she said rolling her eyes and his dad added this, “Don’t come home please.” Thomas knew that his dad loved him, but also didn’t want to show it. He got his bike out of the garage again and rode through the town.

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