Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 2

The lights were shining like the stars in the sky. The cars were coming down the street like a snake trying to get a bird out of a nest. People were getting off from work and glad that tomorrow was Saturday so they can sit around in their underwear and watch their shows or sports that they missed. Thomas enjoyed Oklahoma when it was dark out. He felt like he was at Christmas and the tree was decorated with colorful lights. He passed by people that he had never even met. He came across La Pere and put the bike behind a garbage can so no one would steal his bike. He came in and saw that the host was standing there with a look of boredom on his face. He looked like a seventeen year old that wished he was somewhere else right now. He is a thin man with blond hair.

“How may I help you today,” he asked in a very unenthusiastic tone. Thomas looked over and saw that Lucas was at a booth looking for him. The host showed him to the booth that Lucas was sitting at and thanked him for sitting him. The host rolled his eyes and said something sarcastic. Thomas had never ate at La Pere and thought that this was better than eating at some fast food restaurant that had sticky floors and the service had some person that picked their nose and never washed their hands.

“Thank you for taking me here,” Thomas said with a blush on his cheeks. Lucas told him that it was his pleasure and felt bad that he hit him in the face with the door. They then looked at the menus.

There was a waiter that was old and was ready to go home, so he rushed both of them into ordering very fast.

“How may I help you both today,” the waiter said with an attitude. Lucas decided that he would have water to drink and steak tartare to eat. Thomas just decided that he would have the potato soup to eat with a half glass of water. The waiter went to drop the order off at the kitchen window.

“Here is a fact that you don’t know about me,” Lucas said with a grin on his face. “A lot of people don’t call me Lucas, they call me Edward.” Thomas then knew that he would start calling him Edward when he saw him.

On the other side of the restaurant was Faith, Matt, and Jack sitting at another booth spying on them. Faith turned red when she saw that Lucas was having dinner with Thomas Gene.

“I know my eyes don’t see what they’re seeing,” she said with a snarl. “I can’t believe that he took that pathetic loser out to dinner. All because he hit him in the face with a door.” She looked up at the waiter who was giving her a mean look. “I’m not talking about you smelly,” she said in a rude tone. She saw that their mouths were moving over there.

“Edward, I have always wondered…” he started to say till there food came. They both sat looking at their food and started to eat. Thomas was enjoying the potato soup that was delivered to him. He then got to ask his question.

“Do you love Faith Rhines even when she hits on you,” he asked in a quiet voice. Edward looked up with a look on his face that started to make him laugh.

“Thomas, to tell you the truth, I think that Faith Rhines is a jerk that just uses guys to make her feel like she is pretty, but knows that deep down she is an ugly monster.” Thomas had his mouth hanging open in shock. He then closed his mouth and tried hard not to laugh. They finished their food. Lucas went to pay and Thomas met him in the front with his bike. They rode to the movie theater next. Thomas was having a good time and enjoyed spending time with Lucas. He always wondered what it felt like to have a friend that listened to him; now he knew very well. The movies were packed and people were going to go see the new James Bond movie which came out two weeks ago, but some people still haven’t seen yet. Thomas and Edward decided that they would go see some cheesy romantic comedy with the worst actor and actress in it. They saw “Midnight Kiss” which is about a girl that lives in Paris, France and falls out a twenty foot window and wakes up in a hospital where she falls in love with a doctor that is stupid. After the tickets were bought, Thomas and Edward went to get their seats and Edward went to get snacks to enjoy the film. What they didn’t know was that Faith and the two morons followed them.

The movie started when Edward came back from the food stand and sat in his seat. Thomas was enjoying the fact that he would share popcorn with the boy that he had a crush on since the day he laid eyes on him. Edward felt that he should tell Thomas what he was going to tell him in the first place, but would tell him when he dropped him off at his house.

Faith was sitting two rows up with Matt and Jack who were punching each other in the arm this time. She was seeing what Edward and Thomas were going to do. She then felt a splash of Coke hit her hair which made her mad. “Which one of you morons just spilt Coke in my hair. They both looked at each other pointed towards one another. She knew that Jack was the one with the coke and punched his eye. Jack then had a black eye that would be there for awhile. She looked down and saw that both hands were going into the tub of buttery and slippery popcorn.

Thomas was loving the movie, but wondered what Edward thought about it. He reached his hand into the popcorn. Edward thought that Thomas wasn’t enjoying the movie and knew that he wouldn’t ever want to see him again. His hand reached into the tub of popcorn. Both of their hands met when they reached for the bottom of the plastic cup. They then looked at each other and started blushing. Thomas was looking into Edward’s eyes and saw that he found his true love, his prince charming. Edward saw happiness in Thomas’ eyes and both of their lips met at that moment.

Faith was gasping when she left her seat and went outside. Matt and Jack were following her wondering why they wouldn’t finish the movie. She slapped them both and told them to get a hold of themselves. They didn’t know what she was talking about. She grabbed them by their arms and dragged them to the phone booth and saw the roughest looking copy of the phone booth. She looked inside the book and went down the Gs till she found Gene. She found the number ten minutes later and dialed it on the phone. The phone was ringing for thirty seconds and she heard a rough woman’s voice.

“Hello,” said the voice. Faith looked at the phone and wondered who this was.

“Is this Linda Gene,” Faith asked hoping that she dialed the right number.

“Yes it is,” she said with enthusiasm.

“Well this is Faith Rhines, I go to school with your son Thomas. I just saw him go to dinner with a boy at school and a movie. They were sharing popcorn and they kissed.” She then did an evil little smile.

Linda who was at home in her pajamas and cucumbers in her hands, turned red and knew that she was about to blow up.

“Thank you for telling me Faith,” She said. She hung the phone up and sat in the living room waiting for her son to come home so she could murder him.

The movie ended with the girl and the doctor getting married and they run on a beach. Thomas and Edward grabbed their bikes and Edward offered to ride with Thomas so that he would get home very safely. Thomas accepted the offer. Edward knew that he would have to tell Thomas about he felt when he dropped him off at his house and didn’t know the words to say it. They arrived at Thomas’ house.

“Thomas, there’s something that I must tell you,” Edward said holding thomas’ hands and looked into his eyes. “I’m gay and I hope that you had a wonderful time tonight.” Thomas looked at him with a puzzled look on his face and didn’t know what to say. He got close to Edward’s face and they kissed until Linda came out and went psycho.

“Hello Mrs. Gene,” Edward said with a smile. “It’s so nice to meet-” he got interrupted by her madness.

“Don’t you hi me or nice to meet you,” she said with a look of disgust. “You can just leave and never come back you freak,” she yelled to where the neighbors would hear her and look out the window to see what was going on. “And you,” she said looking at Thomas. “You can put your bike in the garage and meet me and your father in the kitchen.” Thomas did as he was told and put his bike in the garage. He was scared wondering what they would do to him since they found out he lied to them and went out on a date. He went in and saw them at the table.

Thomas walked slow to the table and saw that his mom had a plate of cookies there. She sat there looking at him with a tomato red face. “THOMAS HAROLD GENE,” she yelled at him. “YOU LIED TO YOUR PARENTS AND WENT OUT WITH A BOY. YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS,” she said. He then got up and went to his room crying. Linda came up to his room to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to see Edward anymore. She left slamming the door while Thomas had his face buried in his pillow. He went to sleep for the rest of the night.

Edward was at home in his room trying to text Thomas on his phone. Thomas was not answering, so Edward decided that he would go by his house since no one would be there tomorrow. In the meantime he would get some sleep.

Edward wasn’t sleeping well that night. He was trying hard not to remember the way that Thomas’ mother had treated him. He got up and went to the kitchen where his Aunt Priscilla was watching the news. Edward didn’t realize that it was five in the morning.

“Good morning,” Aunt priscilla said. Aunt Priscilla is a short thirty-four year old with grey hair. She took Edward in when he was a baby. Edward’s mom died giving birth to him and his dad ran away when he found out that his wife was pregnant. She was the sister of Edward’s father. Edward looked up and saw that his was smiling at him. He knew he had to tell her about what happened.

After telling the story about what happened, she agreed that he had to go see him and make sure that he would be fine. He told her that he would wait till the afternoon when his parents would be gone at work. She told him that if he was alright, she would want to meet Thomas. He said that would be fine.

Thomas lay in bed all day and knew that he wouldn’t leave this room till the day he died. He wished that he could die already and not suffer anymore pain from these people. He then sat up and reached under his bed to where the knife was.

Edward was walking to the street that he rode on the night before. He was coming across weird looking people that lived on the same street. One of the people that he encountered had tattoos and a scar on his face. Edward didn’t stare or look at him once, he just kept on walking. He reached the house and felt a cold chill in the breeze when he came to this house. Edward knocked on the door a couple of times and no one answered. He then walked around the house and found a way to get up to Thomas’ room. There was a garden ladder on the house which Edward started to climb. He nearly fell when his foot slip and luckily his foot hit a rose pedal. His feet were hanging on to the open holes to the ladder while he was opening the window. He was in the hallway. He crept down knocking quietly on all of the doors. He found the right room when he saw signs on the door that read KEEP OUT or NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN. He opened the door and came into the room and saw posters of Flower Boys. Flower Boys is a boy band that a lot of girls really enjoy. Thomas first heard the band when he was in the fourth grade and his teacher played their hit “Surrendering our Love” which caused him to love this band. Edward found a lump on on the bed which he knew was Thomas. He walked forward and tugged the bed.

“Thomas, are you ok,” Edward asked with a smile. There was no answer. Edward pulled the sheets off and found Thomas laying in a bed that is covered with blood. Thomas had slit his arms open.

Edward threw the knife into a wall and called 911. The phone rang for a couple of minutes till a very obnoxious voice.

“911 what’s your emergency,” the obnoxious voice asked. Edward told her about how Thomas had cut his arms open needs help. She told him the ambulance would be there in ten minutes.

The ambulance sirens were going off and the whole neighborhood was looking out their windows seeing where it was going. Sam Davis is driving the ambulance while his buddy Austin Smith was thinking about basketball. Sam is a twenty-two year old that works out everyday thinking that girls will hit on him. Austin is a twenty-nine year old that tries hard to impress girls, but doesn’t work. As Sam pulled into the driveway, Austin got in the back and pulled the wheeling bed out of the back and went in the house without knocking. He found Edward in the room crying.

“Kid, if you want your friend to be saved then you will have to let go of him,” Austin said tapping his fingers on the bed. Edward let go of him and asked if he could ride with him to the hospital. Austin said that it would be fine and went to the ambulance with him.

Sam was in the car singing about being a doll. Austin started laughing when he was putting Thomas into the back and thought that Sam singing was funny. As soon as Austin got into the passenger side of the ambulance, Sam punched him in the arm for laughing at his singing.

“What was that for man,” Austin said with a grin on his face.

“You were laughing at my singing,” Sam said with an angry face. He then drove to the hospital.

Thomas had his eyes barely open and didn’t know where he was. He thought that Edward was his guardian angel telling him that he shouldn’t have cut his arms. Thomas then closed his eyes again. Thomas was dreaming that he saw heaven and knew that he wouldn’t be happy without Edward.

The doctor came into the room telling Edward that Thomas was going to have to have a blood transfusion and didn’t know if he would make it or not. Edward looked over at Thomas and looked back at the doctor. The doctor is a fifty year old with glasses so small, they make his eyes look big.

“Doc, do you know who the blood donator will be,” Edward asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Son, that would take a couple of minutes and you know that he has to have a lot of blood put into him by the next forty eight hours,” he said with a look of disgust. Edward then got up and told him to go look so that he would get blood back into him. The doctor said no and caused Edward to kick him in the shin.

Edward left the hospital when the doctor told him to leave or he would call security. Edward went home to see if Aunt Priscilla was home and sure enough she was.

She was sitting on the couch in the living room looking at the newspaper even though it didn’t have anything interesting in it.

“How is your friend dear,” she said hoping that he would be alright. He told her about how he went into his room and found out that he cut his arms. He also told her that he might not make it. He then started crying and hugged Aunt Priscilla. She told him that Thomas would be alright. Maybe.

Sam and Austin were going to the drive-thru of Messy Burger which was one of their favorite fast food restaurants. Sam had ordered the greasy burger which was supposed to cause people to puke, he thought that was awesome. Austin ordered a double cheeseburger with messy fries. They ate the food while Sam was driving which was a scary thing to Austin. Sam pulled into the driveway to put the ambulance went and decided that he would go home. He went in to drop the keys to the ambulance off in his locker. He turned around and bumped into Baili Howards who was one of the nurses at the hospital. She was helping on treating Thomas. Baili is a nineteen year old that graduated college at the age of seventeen. She went to nurse school for two years and graduated her second year.

“Sorry,” Sam said while blushing. She was smiling at him and told him that he didn’t mean to. He walked off trying getting mad at himself. He had developed a crush on Baili the minute he met her, but just didn’t have the courage to tell her how he had felt about her. On the other side of the room she was laughing with her friends.

Baili also had a crush on Sam, but knew that he didn’t feel the same way about her. She fell down a flight of stairs on her first day and Sam was the only person that helped her out. She just felt uncomfortable when he was around.

Sam never told Austin about how he felt, but he would find out sooner or later. Austin sat in Sam’s car flipping through many different stations on the radio. He came across a song that he loved ever since he heard it, the song was called I Ran My Wife Over When She Threw The Gun at Me. Austin was singing and waiting for Sam to sing his favorite part of the song. He saw that Sam was thinking about something and decided to ask him what he was thinking about.

“I am thinking about nothing,” Sam said looking both ways.

“You’re lying,” Austin said. Austin was trying to get Sam to talk about what he was thinking. Sam didn’t tell him. Sam and Austin are roommates that share an apartment and play a lot of basketball when they’re not at work or play videogames. Sam met Austin when he went to college for his first year. They both got expelled for stealing the Alpha House mascot. Sam promised the dean that he didn’t do it. Austin told him that he was cool after stealing the mascot. Sam then punched him in the face. Sam went to his apartment that rainy day after being expelled and found Austin at the front door asking if he could stay awhile. Sam was nice enough to let him stay.

Sam went home taking a shower singing love songs. Austin was by the bathroom door, which was locked, laughing at him. He knew that he would try to get Sam to do a CD for him as a Christmas gift. Sam came out wearing a t-shirt that said LIFE WITHOUT LOVE ISN’T A LIFE AT ALL. He sat with Austin on the couch and decided that he would would play a couple of games on the game station with him till he wanted to see what was on TV. Austin then figures out Sam’s secret when they were in the middle of their game.

“I know that you are in love with that nurse Baili Roberts,” Austin said with an evil grin on his face which meant that he would tell her tomorrow his secret. Sam looked up and was hoping that he wouldn’t tell her anything.

“Austin, I swear that if you tell her, you will be out of this apartment and I will make sure that you won’t work at the hospital anymore.” Austin agreed not to tell if Sam would find a date for him. Sam rolled his eyes and punched Austin in the arm for the second time today.

Edward was laying in bed that night thinking about how tomorrow would be the twenty four hours since Thomas had tried to kill himself. He didn’t sleep since he was mostly thinking about Thomas. Thomas had been the reason that he would start dating again. He felt that this was Faith’s fault since she was the one person at school that always told Thomas to go kill himself. Edward got up and went down to the kitchen to get water. He saw that Aunt Priscilla was still up. She had been drinking coffee and watching her favorite TV show Decorating Ugly Houses which was about people that decorated houses that they thought were ugly. She turned around and saw that he was getting a drink.

“Lucas, are you alright,” she asked. She knew that something was wrong. She could look at her nephew and tell something was wrong.

“I’m fine,” he said drinking the last gulp of water. While drinking water, he thought of a story that he heard when he was a child. His grandmother told him about the mountain of tears which was supposed to represent sadness of someone. She told him that the mountain was a real place in Oklahoma, and that if he or a friend had ever been upset about anything he should take that person there. She died eight months later. Edward went back to his room and tried to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next day was Sunday and Edward knew that tomorrow he would find out if Thomas would get the blood transfusion that he needed. He asked his teachers, he went to church and saw most of them there, if he could keep his phone on in class to make sure that Thomas would be alright. They said that would be fine with them, but as long as he stepped into the hallway to talk privately and not disturb the class. Thomas went home after church and didn’t eat his lunch. He felt that he wouldn’t eat till he found out that his friend was fine and safe in his arms. He would kiss him like what he did at the movies or when he dropped him off at home. He would try to convince Aunt Priscilla to let Thomas stay with them, till he is older. He knew that she wouldn’t care as long as she could meet him first. He slept better that night.

That night, Edward was dreaming that he was taking Thomas to the mountain of tears. He was telling him that he wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore. There was a bright blue sky and a yellow fire sun in this dream. Thomas was happy in the dream. Edward woke up sweating and his phone was ringing. He looked over at the clock which read 4:10 A.M. He answered the phone with a tired voice. It was the doctor that he kicked in the shin that was calling him. It was about Thomas.

Edward went to get his Aunt out of bed. She woke up with her hair sticking up and asking him what he was doing up. He told her that he needed a ride to the hospital. She knew that it was about Thomas. She got out of the bed like she was Superman and got dressed not caring if everything was on right or not. She got her keys and purse and went to get the Jeep started. She drove very fast, she got pulled over by a police officer. She gave him attitude.

“Ma’am, do you know you were going eighty miles an hour,” the officer asked her. The officer was young with a mustache and had abs. She told him that she was in a hurry to get her nephew to visit someone at the hospital. He let her off with a warning and she went off again. She pulled into the deserted parking lot of the hospital and things weren’t good.

Edward went in up to the service desk. The secretary up there had a magazine covering her face and chewing gum like a cow that eats grass. She didn’t look to happy to put the magazine down when she saw Edward. She had been reading a article on how to be pretty and young again. She told him to just go to the room and don’t leave. She went back to the article.

Aunt Priscilla was following Edward and when he came to the room he finally decided that it was time to tell her what the doctor had said.

“The doctors told me on the phone that Thomas had the blood donation, but he wouldn’t make it,” Edward said with a face that was hanging down. He stood by the bed that Thomas was sleeping on. He didn’t know he was going to die, but Edward wouldn’t say anything to him. He started crying.

“Thomas, there’s something I want you to know. I’m glad that I met you and went out on that date with you and even if you don’t make it, I will put your parents in jail for child abuse for the rest of their lives.” He then took his hand off of Thomas’ arm and kissed him on the lips and his tears hit his eyes. He walked towards the door praying.

“Dear god, if you are listening to me, please help my friend out and let him see life. Let him grow old. And let me love him.” Just as Edward was walking out the door, he heard someone’s voice behind him.

Thomas had woken up and looked around the room. He didn’t know where he was. He looked over and saw that Edward was in the doorway. He remembered him. He spoke to him.

“Edward, you came to see me,” Thomas said in a rough voice. Edward turned around and ran towards him. God had saved the life of his friend. The friend that he loved would see life. It was a happy moment.

Aunt Priscilla was called into the room to see the person that Edward was talking about. She was really happy when she found out that he would be alright. She introduced herself and sat in one of the chairs. Thomas glad that he had friends that came to see him and sit by his side. He had problems though for the next couple of days.

On the day that he woke up, he didn’t eat anything at all and refused to eat anything with how he was feeling. The next day, he was eating fine and would be released the next day. Thomas hadn’t slept at all that night, he was excited to be released. The door opened and Thomas sat up wondering who would come through the door. It was Sam. Sam had talked to Thomas since he woke up. Thomas was glad to see another person that listened to him.

“So how ya doin’ kid,” Sam said with a grin. Thomas shrugged which meant so-so. He started talking again which was a good thing because he got his normal voice back.

“Sam, I want to thank you for talking to me when I woke up and hope that you go out with that nurse that you love,” Thomas said. Sam started blushing acting like he didn’t know what Thomas was talking about. Sam turned around and saw that Austin was laughing. Thomas admitted that Austin was the one that told him about the crush. Sam started chasing Austin down the halls.

Aunt Priscilla and Edward came to the hospital the next day to pick Thomas up and see if he would love to stay with them for a while. They went up to the room and Thomas was sitting in a wheelchair with a nice shirt and old pair of jeans. He found out that he would have to sit in a wheelchair for at least three weeks. Aunt Priscilla and Edward would have to think of a way to get Thomas and the wheelchair into the house.

Aunt Priscilla looked at the time and noticed that the boys should have eaten lunch. She pulled over into the Messy Burger and got three double messy burgers with greasy fries and three cokes. The man at the window handed her the food when she paid and she was on her way home. She talked to Thomas about what she was going to ask him.

“Thomas dear, do you mind if I ask you a question,” Aunt Priscilla asked. He nodded and she started to talk more.

“Since your parents are nothing more than jerks that abuse their child, would like to stay with me and Edward?” He nodded in one second and she stopped off at his house so that he would pack his bags. He went to open the door till his mom came out with a brownie in her hand.

“Well well well,” she said with a evil tone. “Someone has decided that he would make it. I myself was hoping that you would have died.”

Thomas ran over her foot with the wheel and made her jump up and down the house. He went up to his room and grabbed the suitcase that he had gotten when his parents took him to Florida. He remembered the trip like it was yesterday. They went to visit Harold’s brother Jerry Gene, who was sick and needed someone to help take care of him since his wife left him. Thomas always enjoyed the stories that Uncle Jerry had told him. Jerry told him that he met his wife when he pushed her down stairs and she told him she would go on a date with him. He proposed to her on the first date. After getting married, she was hitting on other guys and wasn’t happy being married to Jerry. She left him a couple of months later. He thought that she would come back. She never did.

As he was packing everything into the suitcase, he looked at the bed and saw that the sheets with the blood stains were still there and Thomas was hoping that he would forget that that ever happened. He got his stuff and went back downstairs. Linda noticed that her son had a suitcase and blocked the door.

“Where do you think you’re going,” she asked with concern in her voice.

“I’m moving in with Edward and his aunt,” Thomas said sticking his tongue out at his mother.

“No you’re not,” she said laughing. He then ran over her toe again and got out of the house. She started to chase after them and didn’t make it in time. Her son had moved with people that cared about him. She would see him again though.

Aunt Priscilla pulled into her driveway and got Edward to help push the wheelchair up the ramp that she set on top of the garage steps. Thomas thought that the house he was seeing was amazing like the mansion in the Batman movies. He knew that he would never stay in a house this nice again.

Aunt Priscilla made her homemade pot pies for dinner that night which Thomas really enjoyed. His mom would normally make food that looked like it came out of a garbage can. He would enjoy food for the rest of his life. Aunt Priscilla asked him about something else that she knew he probably would do, but wanted to make sure of it first.

“Thomas, I know that you probably love your parents,” she started to say. He shook his head very fast.

“But since they have always abused you, would you like to take them to court for all of those times?”

Thomas thought it over and nodded. He wanted them to go to prison for the rest of their lives or even worst, till the end of time. He wanted to see them suffer like how they made him suffer. He would get payback on them.

Aunt Priscilla set up the sleeping bag for Thomas to sleep in. He would be sleeping in Edward’s room. Edward’s room is very big and full of pictures of his parents. He always thought that they looked good, but didn’t know what their voices sounded like. He had still been upset that his mom died giving birth to him, and mad that his dad ran away when he found out his wife was pregnant with his son. He would never meet his parents.

Thomas laid down and thought about writing another book about romance and suicide. He just didn’t know what it would be about or what to call it. While getting things out of the suitcase earlier though, he grabbed the book he had written about the football player and the girl that wished he would go out with her. He called the book Wishing Love. He tried to hide it so no one would read the book, but didn’t hide it very well.

Thomas woke up at two and saw that there was a bright light on Edward’s bed. Edward had the book and was reading it. He sat up to make sure that Thomas was up and saw that he was. When he saw that he was up, he threw the book on the floor because he got scared. He enjoyed the book that his boyfriend wrote.

“Thomas, this is the best romantic book that I have ever read,” Edward said with tears dripping down his face.

Thomas put the book back under the dresser drawers and looked up with a look of surprise when he heard that Edward said his book was good. Every time he had ever written a book, people told him that he should give up and throw his books away. Thomas let Aunt Priscilla read the book the next day.

She thought that the book he had written was magnificent. She had never read a romantic novel that ended with a girl shooting the man she loved and herself so that they would be together. Aunt Priscilla put the book down and told Thomas that she had never cried so hard in her life. She had always read the romance books that the store had and thought that they were cheesy. Thomas had never felt so good about himself once.

After making the boys’ lunches and dropping them off at school, Aunt Priscilla went to the courthouse and got papers for the lawsuit of Harold and Linda Gene. She drop them off at their mailbox with the date and the time for them to show up. Aunt Priscilla was happy that Thomas wanted the courts to know what these people did to her nephew’s boyfriend. She just wondered if they would actually show up or not.

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