Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 3

Linda was walking to the mailbox when the mailman came by. The mailman knew how the Genes were and dropped their mail off and left in an instant. He would never ask how they were doing or say hi to them. He feared them. Linda looked at the envelopes and starting throwing the ones that she thought were boring like the bills on the ground, till she saw the envelope with the courthouse stamp on it. She ran inside to tell Harold who was sitting on the couch watching some stupid movie about a man who thinks he’s a donkey.

“Harold, we got a letter from the courthouse.” He sat there ignoring her for a few minutes till he let a burp out.

“‘Ell don’t’ just stand there ’oman, open the damn letter now,” he said. She gave him the finger and opened the letter. The letter read this:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gene,

We have had complaints from a concerned parent that you are abusing your child. You have a time and date to be at the court on September 29, 2017 at ten o’ clock. Be at the court at the right time or go to jail.

Yours truly,

Judge Ronson

Linda looked at Harold who was still reading the letter. His face started to turn red and crumpled the letter. He knew that that little brat told his counselor about it. He would go over to wherever his friend lived and strangle the life out of him. Linda then came up with an idea for them at the court. She was hoping it would work.

Her idea was that they would lie and say that they never abused their child. They would then get him back and he would never get to see his freak of a friend. They both started laughing like villains in a superhero movie.

Thomas was up all night worrying about the court case which caused him to think he would end up back at the house with the monsters that raised him. He didn’t want to leave Edward or Aunt Priscilla, they were like a family to him. He got up into the chair and went down the ramp of the stairs to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water so that he would try to fall asleep. He sat in the kitchen for an hour and didn’t know that it was almost five in the morning. Edward came down the stairs wearing his boxers and saw that Thomas was crying. He came over to try and cheer him up.

“What’s wrong Thomas,” Edward asked patting his shoulder.

“I know that my parents will lie at the court case and I will have to go live with them again. I also know that if they do win, I will never get to see you or Aunt Priscilla again.” Thomas held his eyes, he didn’t want Edward to see him cry. He enjoyed being happy when he was around his second family. Edward spoke up.

“You won’t go live with that trashy family that treats you like crap,” Edward said. Edward gave Thomas a hug and Thomas went to take a shower since he knew that he wouldn’t go to sleep at all for the rest of the night. Thomas had a hard time standing up in the shower since he was in the wheelchair for awhile. Thomas got out and put some gel in his hair after getting dressed. He put deodorant and body spray. He went down the ramp for the second time to get some breakfast. Edward was in the shower before Aunt Priscilla called him down for breakfast. Edward came down after his shower wearing a red and white polo shirt. He also wore a cross necklace that Faith had given him for Christmas the year before. On Christmas day last year, Edward was sitting at the table with Aunt Priscilla when he heard the doorbell ring. He got up to see who it was and saw that there was a package on the step. He didn’t know who it was from. Edward always considered Faith a psycho who cared about no one’s feelings, but her own. He would never go out with her, even if she was the last girl on earth.

Sam and Austin were at home and glad that it was the weekend. Sam was trying to sleep in since he hardly got sleep at all. He was dreaming that he married Baili Howards and they were living in a nice mansion in the woods. She was running towards him and he was running towards her. He picked her up and spinned her around. He then kissed her. Sam woke up kissing his pillow and Austin was in the doorway laughing and videotaping what he just saw. Sam got up while Austin stood outside in the cold wearing nothing, but boxers. Sam got even with him by locking him out of the apartment. Sam was up for the rest of the day. He knew that he would have to tell Baili sooner or later about how he felt about her. He would do it on Monday when he went to work.

Thomas and Edward were at school by seven-fifteen in the morning. They went and sat in the hallway talking about their second date which would be the weekend after the court. October would be coming soon which meant that Edward was going to turn thirteen. He would be excited to become a teenager. He always hated being treated like a child even though he acted like an adult. His teachers enjoyed having him around since he offered to stay after school and help them get things done. He always put papers that were graded in the student’s mailbox for the next day. He never got extra credit for it though. Thomas on the other hand, had never offered to stay after school and help his teachers. They enjoyed having him though. They always thought that he was a good child that listened to their problems and never told anybody about them. Thomas would ride his bike basically after school to the pond where he normally sits and considers the pond his happy place. They were both totally different people.

Thomas had nothing to do when he went to PE on account of the wheelchair. He would just sit there far away from people so he wouldn’t get hurt. Faith and her two henchmen were on the other side of the gym. She was wearing her PE uniform and had her hair up in a ponytail. The two henchmen were standing in opposite places on the track ignoring each other. She saw that Thomas was sitting alone.

“I was hoping that he would have died,” she said crossing her arms with a frown. She never liked things when they didn’t go her way. Her own parents didn’t even like being around her. She was the beast of the beauty.

Thomas went home that day getting ready for the court case which would be tomorrow. Thomas had a hard time deciding on what he would wear since he liked shirts that were nice. He chose a aqua colored shirt and blue jeans that he wore since he was in the fourth grade. Edward was in the living room watching wrestling that he recorded from the other day. He kept making the first movements for one person that he would root for. Edward was into a lot of fighting and wrestling. Growing up he loved the Rocky movies and went to see Creed when it came out. He knew that it would be really good, since he loved the Rocky movies. He left the theaters with tears in his eyes and never forgot about that day. Edward wouldn’t join the wrestling team when he was in high school.

Aunt Priscilla told both boys that they would have to get up and get ready for tomorrow. She knew that they would be up, but wanted to be sure with them. She also told them that she wouldn’t have enough time to make them breakfast, but she would stop at the nearest McDonald’s and get them a breakfast sandwich. She knew they would enjoy that since she took Edward to McDonald’s a lot when he was little and loved to go into the playroom. One time when she took him, he wanted her to go with him down a slide. He went down the slide just fine, but with how small the slide was, Aunt Priscilla got stuck and got kicked in the butt by little children. She went out the end of the slide where she saw that Edward was waiting for her. He was crying when he thought that his aunt had left him just like his father did.

Thomas went to bed at ten that night and fell asleep quicker than he did the other night. Edward was lying in the bed dreaming about his parents again. He woke up and he was crying. He always wished that he got to know his parents. He hoped that he hadn’t woke anyone up. Edward looked over at Thomas who was fast asleep. He got up and went to the bathroom where he would get the tears out of his system. He never wanted anyone to see him cry. He always thought that no one would like him if they saw him cry. Edward then heard a knock on the door. It was Thomas.

Edward opened the door and saw that Thomas was in his wheelchair asking him what was wrong. Edward told him that he dreamed about his parents again. Thomas gave him a hug and told him that there was nothing wrong with crying. Edward just came from the mountain of tears.

The boys were up the next day and dressed pretty quickly. Edward was pushing Thomas’ wheelchair down the ramp. Thomas was glad that today was the last day that he had to sit in the wheelchair. He was also hoping that his parents wouldn’t show up and go to prison. Aunt Priscilla was in the middle of getting her hair done. While waiting, Thomas was writing some of his new book which he called Mountain of Tears that was about people that are sad and lonely that commit suicide and their spirits rest there. Edward helped him come up with the idea. Thomas wrote the book out of the people that were dead and trying to warn a lonely child not to kill himself. He was the only one that saw the spirits.

Aunt Priscilla came out of the bathroom ten minutes later and she got both of them in the car and stopped at McDonald’s. While they were there, they saw an ambulance in the drive-thru. It was Sam and Austin. Austin was still mad that Sam locked him out of the apartment in the cold. Sam just didn’t tell him that he would tell Baili how he felt today. The ambulance left and went right back to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, they found out that no one had called so they would be there for awhile. Sam looked behind him and saw that Baili was at her desk and she was writing a memo on one of the patients. He went up to her started talking.

“Hi- hi Baili,” he said blushing. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Hi Sam,” she said not getting nervous.

“I was just wondering if yo- you would like to go out with me tonight,” he asked with his hands behind his back.

“I would love that,” she said getting the memo done. He jumped up and down with excitement till he hit his head. What he didn’t know was that Austin was behind the bathroom door and heard everything.

The court was packed with witnesses from Thomas getting abused and treated like crap. His parents showed up a minute before ten and sat across from where Thomas was. They looked over at him with the evil grin. Judge Ronson came in and sat at his seat with gavel in his right hand. He started discussing what the case was about.

“So, let me get this straight,” he said with a peculiar look on his face. Judge Ronson is fifty-eight years old and has never been married.

“Thomas Gene is here to move out of his parents house and they abuse him and tell him to kill himself. Correct?”

“Correct,” Thomas said. Linda then stood up and tried to correct her son.

“Wrong your honor,” she said with a look of innocence. Thomas sat there and told everyone about what was going on. After everything was said, he got called up to the witness stand.

“Do you Thomas Gene, swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god,” the guard said. Thomas said that he promised. He started to tell more of the things that went on.

“Things were fine at first, but when I told them that I was gay they started to abuse me by locking me up in my room. They also make me ride my bike when it’s raining outside.” Thomas got done with the abusive part and told the court when he told them that he was getting bullied and they handed him a knife telling him to go kill himself. He left and was ready to hear what his stupid parents had to say. Linda was the first one up to the stand and repeated everything that was said before she got to the stories.

“I have never abused my own child at all. When he told me that he was getting bullied, he told me that he wanted to kill himself. I told him that he shouldn’t, but he wouldn’t listen to me.” She got finished very quickly and there was a fifteen minute break.

While at the break, Thomas knew that his parents would get him back and he would never get to see Edward or his aunt ever again. The clouds were gray and thunder was rolling in the skies. Everyone went back in to hear what Harold had to say about his child. For the first time in forever, Thomas saw that Harold was dressed very nice, smelt good, and didn’t have the smell of alcohol on his breath.

“I honestly never talked with my son that much, so I couldn’t say anything,” he said then left the stand. Thomas then told the judge that he had one more witness and that was Edward.

Edward stood up and walked very slowly to the stands. He sat and started telling the courts about everything that he knew about Thomas. He told them that he met him when he accidentally hit him in the face with the door and that he took him out on a date that night. He told him about what happened when he dropped Thomas off at home and his mom called his son’s friend a freak. The court then got silent and was ready to reach a verdict.

Everyone was waiting for twenty minutes and knew what would happen when they came out. The jury came out with a young man that stood up to tell what was voted.

“Your honor we have reached a verdict. We find the defendant guilty and that they should pay for the blood transfusion.” The judge granted it and told Linda and Harold that they would go to prison and would never be allowed to see their child again.” After everything was said, Thomas and Edward were clapping with glee. Linda and Harold were yelling while the officers were holding their hands together. Aunt Priscilla would take the boys to their favorite restaurant that night: La Pere.

Thomas sat at home and he was very happy. His parents finally got what was coming to them. He never expected the courts to believe anything that he had said. He got into a nice suit that was given to him for his eleventh birthday two years ago. His mom had given it to him when they were getting ready for her cousin’s wedding. The wedding was just terrible though. At the wedding, Linda’s cousin started a food fight and through the cake at her new husband. The tux that he rented had to be paid for and he didn’t have the money to pay for it at the time.

Thomas knew that Edward’s birthday was coming up in a couple of days, but didn’t know what he would get for him. He tried to ask Aunt Priscilla what Edward was into and she told him that he loved wrestling. Thomas went to the stores after that and just bought him a couple of wrestling shirts.

Edward was in the other room where he put cologne on and made him smell like a flower. He had wondered what Thomas would be like at dinner tonight after he won the court case. They were both happy.

At La Pere, there is a young waiter named Jacob Kenny, a thirty-five year old and lives in a condo. When he has days off, he does nothing more than play video games. He hated working at the restaurant though. He would quit his job soon and come up with ideas for video games.

At the end of the restaurant, Sam was sitting in a booth wearing a tux and sweating because this was the first time that he had ever went on a date. He asked a girl out one time in his junior year at high school, but she rejected him for a football player. He looked over and saw that Baili was in a red dress. She came in with her hair down and a glittery red dress that she normally would wear on a good occasion. She was holding a purse. The purse was a light pink with a lipstick stain on one side. She looked over and saw him. She went to sit next to him. He had already ordered some wine for the both of them. She sat down and put her purse on the floor. She tried to start a conversation, but couldn’t think of anything to say. He started the conversation.

“How was work today,” Sam said. Sam looked into her pretty eyes and saw sparkling stars.

“Work was fine,” she said not looking at him. After talking about that, they decided to talk about things they dreamed of.

“When I was in high school, I played a lot of basketball and always dreamed of playing for the NBA,” Sam said. Baili looked up at him and told him about how she dated a guy when she was in high school that left her just for games. Sam promised that he wouldn’t leave her if he went to the NBA. Their dinner came and Sam saw that Thomas came in.

Thomas was being pushed by a table when he looked over and saw that Sam was with Baili. He was so happy, he asked Aunt Priscilla if he could go congratulate him for the date. Thomas was rolling when he saw that Jacob was on his phone playing one of his puzzle games that distracted him. Jacob looked up and rolled his eyes when he saw that Sam and Baili were ready for their bill.

“Hi,” Thomas said grinning. Sam and Baili looked up and pulled apart each others hands and started whistling.

“Hi,” Sam and Baili said at the same time. Sam knew who it was, but Baili wasn’t at work when Thomas came in for the transfusion. “Who is this,” Baili asked looking at Sam. Sam answered her.

“This is Thomas Gene, the kid that had to get a blood transfusion.” Sam looked over and saw that Baili had been crying when he told her the stuff that happened before the blood transfusion. Baili put her hand on Thomas’ shoulder and told him that if he needed anyone to talk her, he could come to her at the hospital. Ever since she got a job as a nurse at the hospital, she never got a day off. She looked as Thomas left and told Sam that she felt really bad for that child.

After he paid the bill, he got in the car and took her to the movies. The movie that they went to see was the same one that Edward took Thomas to see. Both were laughing really hard. Sam laughed so hard he fell out of his seat. When the movie was over, she told him that she needed to go home, but he answered with the night is still young.

For the rest of the night, he took her out of town. She loved to see the lights in other towns. She enjoyed the sights that she saw. She enjoyed the time that she spent with her new boyfriend.

He dropped her off after the last two hours. He went home with a smile on his face, till he saw that Austin was in the living room reading a newspaper, which was upside down.

“What are you doing still up,” Sam asked nervously.

“I know that you went on the date and I want to know what happened,” Austin said with a evil grin. Sam refused to talk, but Austin put on My Little Pony to torture him. Sam then screamed like a girl.

“Fine, you butt munch,” Sam said. “Nothing happened, but I did take her out of town she could see sights that she never saw before.”

Austin was getting bored and fell on the kitchen floor asleep. Sam decided that he would just leave him there for the rest of the night instead of trying to carry him to his bed. Sam sat up a little longer and turned off the show that he really could not stand. He turned the TV show which is based off of his favorite song. The show was called I Ran My Wife Over After She Broke the TV. The show was a lot better than the song was. He dreamed about that song and TV show most of the time.

Aunt Priscilla got Edward his birthday gift the next day. She stood outside of the theaters and got him and Thomas tickets for the I Ran My Wife Over When She Ruined the Movie. Aunt Priscilla knew that Edward loved that song and TV show and thought that he would love to go see the movie with his boyfriend. She went home to wake Edward and Thomas up so they could get ready for school.

Edward was in the kitchen eating his birthday breakfast, which was nothing more than frozen waffles. Thomas was out of the wheelchair and slipped on the ramp that was still across the stairway. He went to join Edward for breakfast. He sat at the table about ready to eat some waffles, till Aunt Priscilla called him down the hallway where she was standing. He knew that something was wrong.

“I need you to hold on to these two tickets for that movie Edward wants to see,” she said. “I won’t be able to take him to see it tonight since I have to work late and was wondering if you would mind taking him?” Thomas nodded and put the tickets in his pocket. He went back to the table and Edward asked him the question.

“What did she talk to you about,” Edward asked with waffles in his mouth.

“Nothing,” Thomas said quietly. Thomas didn’t eat breakfast at all that morning and was afraid that Edward would have figured out what his aunt told him to do for his birthday. School would be much worst than this.

Faith was detention today because she yelled at the teacher for a grade that she got. She sat in the room with her feet on the desk and texting her friends.

“Get off of your phone,” said the man behind the desk. “I don’t want to have to tell you again or I will take the phone.”

“I would like to see you try,” she said with a smart attitude. She put her phone in her pocket and put her feet off of her desk. She fell asleep for the rest of the day.

Mr. Frost wasn’t in class today since he had to go see a doctor about his headaches. He had been getting constant headaches since the end of September. He couldn’t get a sub to fill in for him while he was gone, so the kids just sat in their desks and did nothing. Thomas was at his desk reading the new romance novel that came into the library a couple of days ago. It was called Love me or Kill me. The story is about a girl that falls in love with a murderer, but doesn’t know that he is killing people that she cares about. He sat there the whole hour reading thinking about what life would be like if he dated a murderer. He would never know.

School ended pretty quickly that day since the teachers had a meeting to attend to. The meeting was Thomas.

“We can’t let people treat him like this,” said one of the teachers. “He is a nice boy that has feelings.”

“I know one thing we can do,” said the principal. The principal is a tall young man at the age of thirty with blond hair. “Wait,” the principal said looking up at the ceiling. “He’s been dating that Edward kid.”

Everyone looked up and started talking. The principal got everyone to shut up.

“I think he is using him as a prank. We all know that he hangs around Faith.” Every teacher is now looking at one another and nodding an awful lot. They would leave the two of them alone and see what happens.

Thomas went home to take another shower for the day and got dressed up and went to see Edward. Edward was told to get dressed and get his bike ready because he was getting ready for his birthday surprise. Thomas went and got his bike which was given to him as a graduation gift at the end of elementary school.

Thomas and Edward were riding on the sidewalks and when they got to the movie theater, they met a ticketeer. His name is Adam Juts, a twenty-eight year old who went to college, but never got a degree in what he wanted. And worked at the theaters ever since he was eighteen. He gets really mad when someone bothers him or annoys him and that causes him to throw things at the people. Once, he threw hot butter on a person and caused them to be in a hospital for two months. He almost lost his job.

“How may I help you,” he said with an unenthusiastic tone. Thomas showed him the tickets and Adam told them to go in.

“What movie are we seeing,” Edward asked hoping it was I Ran my Wife Over When she Ruined the Movie. Thomas lead him into the theater.

When they got into the cinema, every seat was packed except for the very bottom. Thomas and Edward sat down. Thomas looked up and saw that Sam and Baili were at the top row trying to survive the running crowds and the flying popcorn. They both ducked every ten minutes and was glad when the previews started.

“Finally,” she said rolling her eyes. He sat up and looked at the screen not paying attention to anything for a while. “You really like this stuff,” Baili said looking at her boyfriend. He nodded not looking at her. She shook her head.

The movie started after twenty minutes of previews. The audience was looking at the screen very hard, which meant they were getting intrigued.

“I ran my wife over when she threw the gun at me, broke the TV, and ruined the movie for me,” the man on the screen said. Everyone in the audience started to laugh. All the girls were rolling their eyes though. Girls never understood why boys got into this stuff. The theater then got really loud.

Adam came in with a flashlight yelling “SHUT UP” and everyone turned around. A few of the people got up and went after Adam, who was pulling on the door handle and screaming. He was on the floor and the flashlight rolled down the aisle. Adam got up and left without getting the flashlight. Adam started to give the manager a piece of his mind. He also told him that he would be taking a couple of days off. He threw his hat on the ground and left.

The movie ended with the guy leaving his wife who was still in pain from getting run over. There would be a sequel. Thomas actually enjoyed the movie, even though he hated the song and TV show. Edward was still laughing about the part where the guy said that he ran over his wife for throwing the gun at him, breaking the TV, and for ruining the movie. He would stop till he got home.

Aunt Priscilla was at home making dinner for Edward’s birthday. She got off from work very early and didn’t know she would be, but wanted Thomas to have a good time with his boyfriend.

“How was the movie dear,” Aunt Priscilla asked.

“It was good,” Thomas said. Edward then fell on the floor and started telling her what he thought of the movie.

“It was hilarious. The part that I loved best was when he tells this other guy that he ran his wife over three times for throwing the gun at him, breaking the TV, and for ruining the movie.” He would not stop laughing.

Aunt Priscilla and Thomas looked at each other shaking their heads. They were hoping that he would forget about the movie by tomorrow. The dinner was done when Edward turned the TV on to the I Ran my Wife Over When she Broke the TV show on. The episode was about the guy going to work and he gets a call from his wife saying that she got kidnapped. He honestly didn’t care, but when he found out they stole his TV, he went after the guys.

Thomas sat at the kitchen table watching Edward who was still laughing about the movie. He was chewing on a piece of steak while laughing and started to choke. Aunt Priscilla got out of her chair in a hurry and ran around to get the steak out of his throat. He started to turn purple. The steak came out in a couple seconds. Thomas ducked his head and the steak hit the window behind him. He stopped laughing after that and they all ate in silence.

After dinner was over and everyone got done eating the cake, Aunt Priscilla got the windex and started cleaning the windows. Thomas went up to his room and started to change. He sat on the bed and wondered what was happening to his parents right now.

Are they sitting in a cell with a psychopath? Are they paying the bill that was given to them? Or are they getting beat with the baton by the police for something they would do stupid?” Edward came in the room.

Edward had just seen his boyfriend without a shirt on for the first time. He never knew that Thomas had a six pack. He had just learned that Thomas works out and was shocked. He never saw Thomas as the type that would work out. Thomas got a clean shirt on and went back downstairs. Aunt Priscilla was sitting on the couch watching the show that was still on. She hated it, but agreed to watch the show for Edward’s birthday. Edward fell asleep when the fourth episode came on. The fourth episode was nothing more than a clip show like the day the guy married his wife. Thomas and Aunt Priscilla carried Edward up to his bed. He was a little too heavy to carry, so they put him down every few seconds. They finally reached the room and put him on the bed. He snored for two hours. During those two hours, Thomas stayed up with Aunt Priscilla because the first night that he stayed with them, Edward kept him up with his snores. Thomas went to bed when she turned on her decorating show.

Thomas laid down for three hours and didn’t get any sleep. Edward wasn’t snoring for once. The room was getting hot and Thomas was sweating. He couldn’t stop thinking that Edward didn’t really love him; he thought that this was a joke that Faith set up for him. Thomas sat up reading part of the novel. In the novel, the guy that murdered people the lady cared about and she thinks that he didn’t do it. Thomas put the book down when he saw that Edward was sitting up and looking at the clock. It was four in the morning. Thomas put the book up and laid back down. He laid on his side making breathing noises to make it look like he was asleep. Instead of going to sleep, he went to take a shower and get ready for school.

Mr. Staskowski was at his desk not teaching the class today. Today was Halloween and knew that one of the kids would pull a prank on him. The class was doing nothing today. Faith got a piece of chewed up gum and slung a piece of paper at Mr. Staskowski and at Thomas. Thomas dropped his novel on the desk when the piece of paper hit him in the head. She started to giggle. Mr. Staskowski looked up and saw that Faith was the only one laughing.

“Ms. Rhines, for shooting a piece of paper at me and Mr. Gene, you will go to the principal’s office and he will decide on your punishment.” She then made grunting noises and started doing imitations of what he said. She left when he gave her the evil stare. When Mr. Staskowski gave anyone the evil stare that meant that he would give punishment instead of the principal.

When she got to the office, the secretary was sitting on the phone talking about what she thought about the I Ran my Wife Over When she Ruined the Movie. She kept saying that the movie was hilarious. In the movie, the guy had two choices: he could either save his annoying wife or his TV. He chose the TV of course, but decided that he would save the both of them. Principal Watts came out and called her into his office.

“Faith, why have you been getting in trouble since last year? You were so good when you joined the cheerleading squad.” she sat in the chair with her arms crossed and rolled her eyes. He told her that he called her parents and they would come and have a talk with them about her behavior. Their car pulled in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rhines, sorry for calling you on such short notice, but we’ve had troubles with your daughter lately.”

“What has she done this time,” Mr. Rhines asked with his arms hanging down to the floor. Mr. Rhines is a forty-seven year with gray hair, because of his daughter. Ever since she started getting in trouble, he tried to discipline her, but didn’t work.

“Well, she shot a piece of paper at her teacher and at a student. I know you probably won’t want to hear this, but the student she shot the paper at, she and a couple of her friends are mean to him. Last year, they broke his arm. This year, they are telling him to go kill himself.” Both Mr. and Mrs. Rhines were looking at each other.

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