Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 4

They were talking for a three hours till her parents came out and had a talk with her. They told her that she was suspended and she was grounded for the next three months. There would be no “Buts” or anything. They then dragged her out to go home.

Thomas was at lunch alone that day, since Edward had to go get a book report done for his english class. The story that he chose was A Night in Paris which is about a guy that comes to Paris from New York. There, he meets the girl of his dreams, but finds out that her heart is set on someone else. Edward never read the romance novels, but when he met Thomas he decided that he should try something else besides comic books. Thomas got up and threw his lunch away.

There were two weeks left till Thanksgiving break and Thomas was one of the only people spending the holiday with Edward and his aunt. Aunt Priscilla told Edward that there was a surprise coming to dinner. He got so excited he wondered who it would be. Thomas walked home listening music on his phone. Edward had to stay after school and get some stuff done.

When he got to the spot that he wanted to be at, he went down the pond where he would normally sit at after school and saw a family of deer drinking the water. The baby deer looked up and walked over to Thomas. Thomas pet the deer and the deer was licking him. The father then called the baby over and walked back to the woods where they would go home. Thomas got up after twenty minutes and went home to see if Edward was back yet.

The front step was slippery like butter. Thomas walked very slowly though. He slipped yesterday when he didn’t get the warning. He opened the door and Aunt Priscilla was getting the groceries into the fridge. She said that she didn’t need any help, but she wondered where he was at for twenty minutes. He told her about the pond that he sits at when he gets out of school. She thought that was interesting and asked him if he would show her the pond sometime.

Edward was up in his room looking at the papers that came for him in the mail. They were pictures of his father and his new wife down in Florida. He never met his own son in person, but he really wanted to. Thomas opened the bedroom door and saw that Edward was looking at the photos.

“Who’s that,” Thomas asked looking at one of the pictures.

“That’s my father.” Edward wasn’t going to tell Thomas anything about his father because he felt that his own father didn’t love him.

Thanksgiving was twelve days later and Thomas was enjoying the parade that was showed on TV. Edward was upstairs getting ready. Edward was getting on the red polo shirt that he got for his birthday. His father would send him something nice in the mail for his birthday. He came down the stairs looking at Thomas and told him that he looked good. Aunt priscilla was in the kitchen making the dinner and getting ready for an extra guest to arrive.

The doorbell rang ten minutes later. Edward got up and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, he had a surprised face to see who was at the door. It was his father.

Edward went into the kitchen while his father was sitting in the living room with Thomas and got to know him.

“What’s he doing here,” Edward asked getting very angry.

“He wanted to come see his son for the first time,” she said with a smile on her face. Edward didn’t believe a word of this and went back to the living room and sat ignoring everything that his father said.

Sam took Baili to his parents for Thanksgiving and she was getting nervous of meeting them. He told her not to get nervous, but she didn’t listen. They got into the driveway. He sat in the seat for a couple of minutes and told her that he had a surprise for her when they were eating dinner. She was so excited to find out what it was. They went up to the big house.

Sam’s parents were doctors, but they worked at different hospitals. They were very strong and tough with their son when he was a kid. She said hi to them and looked down at the ground.

Edward’s father liked Thomas and thought that he was a very good kid.

“So where’s your parents at,” Edward’s dad asked Thomas with his arm around his shoulder. Edward’s dad is a short plump man in his fifties with red hair.

“My parents went to prison,” Thomas said not looking at his face. “They told me that I could never come home, they told me I could kill myself, and they abused me because I am gay.” Edward’s dad looked at him with a look of surprise. He took his arm off of Thomas’ shoulder and watched the rest of the parade in silence. Edward didn’t talk the whole time.

Aunt Priscilla called for them thirty minutes later. The turkey was bigger than the kitchen was and Edward got the knife to cut it. He was holding on to the knife pretty hard. He wished that his father didn’t show up and hoped that he wouldn’t try to be a part of his life.

“Edward, is there anything I should know about you,” his father asked waiting for the turkey to be cut. Edward didn’t answer. He sat down and started to cut the turkey. Aunt Priscilla sat down after the turkey was done and started to tell her brother about what happened to his last wife after he left and went to Florida. While he was in Florida, he met a woman that was twenty years younger than he was and got married to her two days later. While he was with her, he cried a lot and told her that he was married before her and left the first wife when he found out that she was pregnant. He also told her that he felt like he wouldn’t be a good father. His father was never good to him when he was a child. As a child, Johnny’s father had gotten drunk and locked his own son out of the house. He also gave him dog food for lunch when he was twelve. But when his sister was born, he treated her like gold and forgot about his son.

Everyone was eating the dinner in silence. Thomas wanted to tell Edward’s father that he wrote books, but knew now was not the time. Edward was angry that his father was never there for him, but now he shows up and expects him to love him. He wouldn’t dare dream about it.

Sam and his family were at the table discussing things about his girlfriend. They thought that she was pretty and they liked her. They asked her questions about college and how she got the job as a nurse. She told them that she went to college and one of her professors told her that since she was good at taking care of people, she should get a job as a nurse. Sam asked if he could get up and was told by his mom that that would be fine. He went outside for a few minutes to his truck where got the box that was under his seat. He came back in and got on one knee next to the chair that Baili was sitting in and asked her the question.

“Baili Howards, I love you and want to know if you will marry me,” Sam asked with a grin on his face. She held her face. She was smiling and starting to cry at the same time. His mom was also crying.

“Yes,” she said. She took the ring from his hand and put it on her finger. Sam’s parents told the both of them that they would help prepare for the wedding and when it would be. They both decided that it would be in march. Sam told his parents that he wanted to invite Thomas Gene to the wedding.

Edward got done eating before anyone else did and got the pumpkin pie on the table. His father, who barely had any food on his plate, was afraid to ask his own son if he loved him. He already knew the answer to that, but he would have to tell his son sometime why he ran off.

“Does anyone want some pie,” Edward asked. Aunt Priscilla told him that no one was ready yet and he would have to wait for the pie to come around. Thomas got done eating his food as soon as Edward got the pie and set it on the table. He was afraid to eat a piece of the pie. Thomas had never seen his boyfriend so angry before. He NEVER saw his boyfriend angry before. He just decided to be quiet and enjoy the holiday.

After everyone ate the pie, things got really worst. Edward went up to his room and never came down.

“What’s up with him,” Edward’s dad asked with a red face.

“I don’t know, but I’ll go talk to him,” Thomas said. Thomas walked up the stairs and went to the room where the boy that he loved sat on his bed crying and trying hard not to think about his dad.

“What’s wrong,” Thomas asked sitting on the bed. Edward didn’t answer, he just sat there with his face buried in his hands. Thomas put his arm around his shoulder. He tried to get him to talk, but it was no use. Thomas just went to the door and Edward finally decided to talk.

“I love my dad, but I want him to actually tell that to my face before I say it,” he said with tears all over him. Thomas told him that he would tell him that he loved him soon enough. Edward’s father would be staying for awhile.

December came around the corner and Thomas wanted to know what to get Edward for Christmas. Christmas had been Thomas’ favorite time of year. He would go down to the pond on Christmas day and sit with his animal friends that hung around there. One year, when he was eleven, he sat up against a tree and found out there was skunks living in the tree. He always looked when he sat up against that tree.

Sam and Baili were Christmas shopping at a store they both really loved. The one thing that they were glad about was that this would be their first Christmas together as fiances. Sam told Baili that his father wanted some cologne and his mom wanted a knitting set. She found them in thirty seconds. While at the store, Austin was hiding behind an aisle spying on the both of them. Sam hadn’t told Austin that he was engaged because if he did, Sam and Baili would move into a bigger house and Austin would want to move in with them. Sam was like a brother to Austin ever since he got him kicked out of college. Baili was in looking at dresses deciding which one she would buy to wear at Christmas.

Edward’s dad was gone for two hours. He had been with Aunt Priscilla helping buying Christmas gifts for everyone. Every year, she had bought her nephew a green sweater with either a snowman on it or a reindeer on it. He always told her that he had enough sweaters as it was, but she never listened to him. She gave Edward fifty dollars and told him that he should go get Thomas something, but it would be from him since she was going to buy him a sweater. Edward walked through the whole store and couldn’t find anything that he thought Thomas would enjoy or cherish. He finally found the perfect gift. He found a necklace which opened and a guy and a ballerina were dancing to the nutcracker music. He asked the guy behind the counter how much it was. The man told him that the cost was originally seventy dollars, but since it came to Christmas time, they lowered the price to thirty-seven dollars. Edward gave the guy the money and asked if he wrap the box up for him. He caught up with Aunt Priscilla and his father. Their shopping was almost done.

Thomas went to a videogame store and bought Edward a videogame called My Wife is a Vampire. The game is supposed to be really fun, but what did Thomas know. He didn’t like video games.

Thomas was walking home in the cold. The ground was frozen and his breath turned to ice. He wouldn’t stop by the pond today since it was freezing outside. He just went straight on home.

Aunt Priscilla got her decorations all out and the tree was cover and ornaments and glistening lights. She was in the kitchen making hot chocolate. Thomas came in the door shivering. He took his coat off and went to sit by the fireplace so he wouldn’t feel like he was a popsicle. Aunt Priscilla told him that he got mail.

He held the envelope in his hands for a few minutes wondering who would have sent him anything. At first he thought that his parents sent him a Christmas card from prison, but they wouldn’t do something like that. He opened the envelope and was happy to see that there were two cards. One was an invitation to the wedding of Sam and Baili; and the other was a Christmas card that they were giving to everyone. Thomas went to put the card in his room and came back downstairs and told Edward that he got an invite to a wedding. The invite also said that he could bring Edward if he wanted to. Of course he was going to.

The last day of school for Christmas break was cancelled due to the snow that was falling on the ground. The earth looked like it was covered in ice cream. Thomas went outside with Edward and the both of them were having a snowball fight. The last time that Thomas ever had a snowball fight was when he was five years old threw a snowball at his neighbor who died when he was seven years old. Thomas was getting pretty good at dodging the snowballs. He went back in the house after ten minutes. He was getting pretty cold.

The house was warmer than the outside world. Thomas could stay in the house all day if he could, but with how much snow was on the ground, he would be outside with his boyfriend having fun. Thomas sat on the couch with a new book he checked out for his break. The novel was about a girl that felt like she couldn’t find her true love and meets a guy in her fantasy world. Thomas enjoyed reading his novels when he got the free time. He was glad though that he didn’t have to go to a fantasy world to find his true love.

Edward was playing one of his video games on the TV with the volume all the way up, the whole neighborhood could hear the TV. Aunt Priscilla came into the living room and asked Edward if he could turn down the TV a little bit. Edward paused his game and hit the volume button till the volume went down to 13. He turned the station off and drank his hot chocolate. He was wondering why there wasn’t marshmallows in the beverage. When Edward was a little kid, he used to ask his aunt to go get marshmallows for his hot chocolate or he wouldn’t drink it. The hot chocolate was good and Edward was still ignoring his dad.

Christmas was two days away. Edward was ready to see the look on Thomas’ face when he saw the necklace that he bought at the store. He looked over at Thomas who was deep into his book not paying attention to anything. Thomas was almost finished with the book about the guy in Paris who is fighting for the girl that he thinks he is in love with. The ending was three pages away to find out if the guy got the girl that he loved. Thomas put the book on the arm of the couch. He got up after putting the book down and went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, he opened the drawer and found a razor that was old and rusty. He picked it up and held it up to his arm. He looked in the mirror and tried hard not to think about suicide anymore. He had a better family that cares about him in listens to him. He put the razor back and went downstairs.

The movie theater was a riot. Adam quit his job because he got tired of people trying to kill him every time he went to get the people to shut up. He sat in his apartment and tried to think of a job he could apply for. He really wanted to work for the NFL. As a kid, he really loved football and would do anything to get a job at the NFL. He would have to keep dreaming because he would probably work at another sleazy place.

Edward came in the house after he got the mail. There was nothing there but junk mail. He would normally grab the mail and set it on the table. He would then go by the fireplace and try to warm up. He always loved Christmas, but hated the cold weather. He started rubbing his hands together and put them in front of the fire.

“Don’t get too close to the fire dear,” Aunt Priscilla said. She was in the kitchen making Christmas cookies like she would do every year. She made different shapes out of the cookies; most of them were gingerbread men.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me,” was playing on the radio and Aunt Priscilla was lip syncing and dancing. After the song was over, she fell on the floor and held the mop in her hand. Edward was standing in the doorway of the kitchen staring at her. He turned around and went back to the living room and didn’t say a word. Aunt Priscilla went back to her frozen statue till the beat to the music was over. She got back up and started to mop the kitchen floor.

Thomas saw Edward with the look on his face and asked him what was wrong. Edward told him that he saw his aunt dance to the respect song. Thomas started laughing because he didn’t believe that his aunt would dance to that song. She came into the living room and saw the look that was on his face.

“Edward, I know that you saw me doing the dance to the respect song and that you kids think that that is weird now a days. But I want you to understand that as a kid I joined a talent show and did the same dance. That song and dance got me first place.” Edward still had the look on his face and he didn’t blink even once. She went back to the kitchen thinking her nephew understood what she was saying. He didn’t know what to think of his aunt.

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