Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 5

Christmas day finally came and Christmas eve was a disaster. Edward tried to enjoy the meal that Aunt priscilla made, but his father was being very rude. He kept on talking with his mouth full, he kept burping after taking a drink, and every time he talked, he spit his food on to Edward. Edward left the table after that episode and went up to his room for the rest of the night.

Christmas day was a lot better. Aunt Priscilla was making her peppermint pancakes with sugar on them. She had the plates cover with food on the table and got everyone a glass of hot chocolate. When Edward was little, he would ask his aunt if she could do a hot chocolate drink for breakfast every Christmas. Thomas wa the first to get up since he was woke up with Edward’s snores. Thomas’ hair was a mess which made him look like a tornado hit. He sat at the table and told Aunt Priscilla good morning. He asked what was on his plate.

“This is peppermint pancakes with sugar and to drink is hot chocolate,” she said getting herself a plate and a cup of hot chocolate. She sat both on the table and asked what he was doing up so early. She figured it out when she heard the loud snoring which was coming up from Edward’s bedroom. When Edward started his snoring problem, he kept his aunt up for nights and caused her to fall asleep during the day. She bought a sound machine and put some headphones in them to ignore the snores. She told him that she got him something special for Christmas to help him sleep.

Edward came down two hours later, still in his boxers and his hair was a mess. He smelt like he got run over or never took a shower in his life. Aunt Priscilla told him that he was going to take a shower after he got done eating his breakfast. She didn’t want a Christmas where he stunk.

“You really are like your father,” she said with her hands on her hips and her eyes to the ceiling. She remembers when her brother would eat his breakfast wearing his underwear and smelling terrible. She never forgot her childhood.

Edward was dressed and smelled better. He saw that Thomas was sitting on the couch with a look of boredom. He was waiting to give his boyfriend the gift that he hoped he loved. Edward’s father came out of the kitchen and was dressed in something nice for once. Not wearing a shirt that had rips or tears in it. Aunt Priscilla gave him the shirt so that he wouldn’t wear something that he refused to put in the laundry. The phone began to ring.

Thomas answered the phone and wondered who would call on Christmas day. It was the police station. They told Thomas that his parents had died. His mom apparently hung herself while in her cell and his father got stabbed in the throat by an inmate. Thomas hung the phone up and didn’t care at all if his parents were dead or not. To him they were in hell.

“Who was that on the phone,” Aunt Priscilla asked.

“That was the police. They said that my parents were murdered in prison.” Thomas looked at everyone and saw that they had a sad face. He was the only one that didn’t have a sad face. He was glad that they got what was coming to them. He was glad that someone caused his mom to hang herself or the fact that some guy stuck a knife in his dad’s throat. They wouldn’t be missed.

Gifts were being passed around ten minutes later. They were wrapped in green and red wrapping paper with little red bows on the top. Thomas gave the gifts that he bought for everyone. He gave Edward his gift first. Edward opened the gift and was happy to see that he got the video game that he couldn’t find anywhere. He started jumping around till he looked under the tree and almost forgot about the gift that he had bought for Thomas. He grabbed the box and handed it over to him.

“I hope you love it,” Edward said with a grin on his face. Thomas tore the wrapping paper off and threw it on the ground. At first he was disappointed to see that he had a box, but when he opened it, he loved the necklace. After taking it out of the box he put it on and Edward showed him how to use it. He pushed the button that was on the side and it opened. Thomas held it up and watched the guy and the ballerina dancing to the nutcracker music. He started to cry because no one had ever gotten him something so nice in his life. He opened the other gifts that were given to him. Aunt Priscilla got him a sweater that said SNOW MORE and a book called Hashtag Revenge about a woman that gets raped by her teacher and wants revenge on him and the guys that helped him.Thomas knew that he wouldn’t read that book since stuff like that happened to him when he was seven. He came home and his clothes were torn. He was covered with blood and his parents tried to press charges against the guy that did this, but the police couldn’t find the man that did it. He was found dead near a trashcan two months later. He tried to rape a eighteen year old, but she carried a knife with her and she stabbed him in the chest.

After the gifts were open, Aunt Priscilla asked everyone if they would pick up the mess they had made. Everyone chipped in and picked up every piece of wrapping paper. Aunt Priscilla got the soup that she makes every year at Christmas time.

The table had a cloth with Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and snowflakes. There was a train set in the hallway sides that came and went every five minutes. The train was supposed to go into Aunt Priscilla’s office and come back making choo choo noises. Thomas enjoyed having a holiday where he saw pretty decorations. He never got to see any decorations as a child. His mom was busy at work most of the time and his father was just lazy. Now they were no more.

The dinner was good and everyone went to the living room where everyone could have a chance at looking at the gifts they got for a little while. Edward’s father was looking at the watch that opened up when an hour has passed. Aunt Priscilla was looking at a cell phone that she got. She was used to having a regular phone that got hung up and would have to ask one of the boys to help her operate her new phone. Edward opened the video game and put it on the system which was hooked up to the TV. He was staring at the television for hours. Thomas wouldn’t stop hitting the button on the necklace that Edward had gotten for him. Thomas got Edward to pause his game for a few seconds and told him something.

“Edward, I want to thank you for the gift.” he couldn’t really think of anything else to say, till it came to mind. “I love you,” Thomas said looking Edward in the eyes. Edward didn’t answer back to that because he never dated someone that told him he loved him. They both were standing under the mistletoe and both of their lips met. Edward’s father caught it.

Edward looked up and accidentally threw Thomas off of him when he saw that his father was looking at them. Thomas looked up and thought that he had done something wrong. Edward told him that he didn’t mean to throw him off of him, but he was scared when he saw that his father was standing at the end of the hallway. Edward’s dad walked back and sat on the couch with his sister.

“I can’t believe that my son is gay,” he said covering his face. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Well you did abandon him as a baby and never saw him,” Aunt Priscilla said with her arm around his shoulder. “Remember what dad used to say when we were kids,” she asked him. He looked up and shook his head.

“He said that we had to respect people for who they are not what they are,” Edward’s dad said realizing that he should accept his son even if he likes other dudes. He got up and went to talk to him.

Edward was in his bedroom sitting on the bed with his face buried in his hands. He knew that his dad probably didn’t approve of the choices that he made. His dad knocked on the door and came in.

“Son, I didn’t mean to get all upset about that back there,” his dad said. “Your aunt sat with me in the living room and made me remember something that my dad told me growing up. He told us that we should accept people for who they are, not what they are.” Edward’s dad sat on the bed and gave his son a hug and told him the one thing that he came down to tell him. “I love you son.” Edward started crying after that and hugged his dad back.

“I love you dad and I can find it in my heart to forgive you. I also hope that you and your wife can move down here.”

“Actually that’s what we’re doing,” Edward’s dad said. Edward got excited when he heard this and told Thomas the good news.

Johnny’s wife Laurie is a nineteen year old who never went to college and worked as a waitress at a bar. Her parents died after she graduated from high school and she didn’t care about anything anymore, till she met Johnny she was happy and knew that she could love again. She married him a month later. She would meet her step-son today.

She came up to the front porch of the house and thought that his sister did really good on choosing a house. A lot better than what she probably would have chosen. She rang the doorbell and Edward’s dad answered the door. He told her to come in and introduced her to the family and Thomas. Edward was the first to go up and meet her. He told her all about himself and that he was glad that he would have a mom idol in his life. Aunt Priscilla started crying and ran to her room.

She laid on the bed with her face buried in her pillows. She loved her nephew, but after that remark she was hurt inside. She raised him ever since he was born. She was the one that took him in after her sister in-law died. Edward came in to apologize.

“Aunt Priscilla, I’m sorry about what I said out there.” She still had her face buried in her pillows ignoring every word that came out of his mouth. “I know that you raised me as a baby and you are like a mother figure for me, but I meant like a father and mother figure.” She looked up and started talking back at him.

“So if you really need a mother figure, then why don’t you pack your bags and move in with them,” she said. She looked down at her lap for a few minutes and apologized for what she just said and accepted her nephew’s apology. They went back downstairs and she was the last one to meet her brother’s wife.

New Year’s eve was in four days and Thomas couldn’t think of any resolution he could think of. Edward already had his list done. The list read this:

Control my snoring problem

Play less video games

Read a lot more

Thomas had read the list when Edward gave it to him and told him he picked some good resolutions to stick to. Edward asked Thomas what he picked for his new year’s resolutions.

“I have not come up with any resolutions yet,” Thomas said looking at a blank piece of paper. Edward tried to help him come up with ideas, but couldn’t think of anything. Thomas decided that he wouldn’t have any resolutions this year since he didn’t have any problems. He put the piece of paper back and went to put the sweater that Aunt Priscilla had gotten him for Christmas. He went downstairs to sit with everyone else.

New Year’s turned out a lot better than Christmas did. Edward wasn’t ignoring his father anymore and Thomas stopped thinking about his parents’ deaths. Aunt Priscilla wasn’t mad at Edward anymore since he said that one thing.

Everyone was enjoying each other’s company. Thomas was getting tired of drinking hot chocolate though. Ever since Christmas day, all Edward wanted to drink was hot chocolate. Thomas asked Aunt Priscilla if there was anymore packets of it and she said there was none. She told Edward that Christmas was over and he would have to drink the root beer that she bought for the new year’s.

January 14th was when the boys went back to school. Faith came back wearing new high heels she had gotten for Christmas. Her father was still mad at her for bullying that one student he didn’t know about. He took her phone and computer away and she would be getting it back tomorrow if she didn’t start this up again. Down the hall she saw Matt and Jack. Their lockers were right next to each other. They would grab what they needed for class and go their separate ways.

“Did you hear about Lucas Edward and Thomas Gene,” Faith asked both Matt and Jack. They both shook their heads and she told them what he did. “For Christmas, he went out and bought Thomas Gene one of those necklaces that open and it has the guy and the ballerina dancing to the music of the nutcracker.” She gave both of them a look like they were stupid.

“How did he afford it,” Matt asked. Jack looked at Matt and told him that everything went on sale when it came to Christmas. Matt was just ignoring Jack.

“Both of you shut up and listen to me,” Faith said in a loud tone. She told the morons that she had a way to get Thomas upset and would leave Edward. After Thomas would leave Edward, Edward would come asking her out. Both of them thought that that was a good plan and went along with the idea, but when would the plan actually happen.

Edward decided that he would tell the full story about the mountain of tears to Thomas right now. He went up to the room where Thomas sat at the computer and wrote more of his book. Thomas turned around.

“Thomas, I need you to come downstairs with me right now,” Edward said. Thomas followed downstairs and knew that Edward was going to break up with him or admit that Faith set this up. “I will tell you the full story about the mountain of tears. It all began in the 1800s when my great-great grandparents were alive. They discovered a mountain top which was in the Greenlands. They called the mountaintop the mountain of tears. They also said that when a person dies their spirits stop crying and roam around the mountain.” Thomas looked at him and thought that the story he had just heard was very interesting. He went back to his story after hearing the story while Edward left. Edward really did care about Thomas and hoped that he knew it. Edward really loved him.

Faith was at home and she had her phone and her computer back. She was on her phone with one of her friends. Her friend kept talking about the problems she was having at home. She kept saying that her father yelled at her mother and he hit her when he found out that she was failing her math class. She was in her room crying. Faith heard a knock on the door in the background on the phone. It was her friend’s father telling her that she better be doing her homework and not on the phone with her friend. She hung up. Faith was on her Facebook page looking at photos that she posted two years ago. She saw the photo of when Matt and her were dating and he got his parents to bring her along to the beach. He buried her in the sand and left her there for a long time. She started complaining when he forgot to dig her out. He dug her out when he was with his parents in the motel room and his mom asked about her and he ran outside into the dark and got a plastic shovel. She yelled at him and called him an idiot for leaving her out. She had a good time especially the ocean view.

Thomas got on his with reading the new book that he had gotten for Christmas. He started reading the first few pages and put the book down. He had to go explain to Aunt Priscilla why he couldn’t read the book that she had gotten for him. He hoped that she wouldn’t get mad about it.

He walked down to the kitchen and saw that Aunt Priscilla was making herself some soup since she woke up with a fever. She turned around and saw that he was about ready to talk to her about the book.

“How is the book that I got for you,” she asked smiling. She was really pale looking and sneezed every time she said something after that.

“Actually, I read a few pages of the book and couldn’t read it.” He explained after that why he couldn’t read it and told her about what happened when he was seven.

“Oh you poor dear thing,” she said covering her mouth as he told her this. He asked if she was mad and she told him that she understood and would start reading the flap of a book before she bought him the book. He was really glad that she understood.

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