Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

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Chapter 7

The next stop was at the movies and Thomas went with Edward to see I Ran my Wife Over When she Wanted a Sequel which is the sequel to the first movie, except that this one was about them getting a divorce and the guy had to decide if he loves his wife or the TV more. The movies weren’t packed like the last time and there was no flying popcorn or slippery butter. People were sitting in their chairs talking before the previews started.

The movie ended with the audience deciding if she should go back to the guy or not since she felt that he loved the TV more. Plus he ran her over for throwing the gun at him, breaking the TV, ruining the movie, and wanting a sequel. There was one more final thing that Edward wanted to do to make Thomas’ Valentine’s day special. He took him to the middle of the town where people were walking and they stood in the middle of the grass area.

“Thomas, I love you and this song will explain how I have felt since I first met you.” He got his phone out and placed it on top of a statue and played the song.

The song that he played was I’ve had the Time of my Life from Dirty Dancing and he was about to do the dance like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Thomas was glad that Edward felt this way because he felt the same way. The song ended with Edward telling Thomas that he showed him the time of his life and was glad that he met him. Thomas grabbed him by the shoulders and open mouth kissed him. They would be happy and together forever. They will always love each other.

March 1st came in now time. The cold weather was gone and the sun was shining. The leaves on the trees were back till the fall came again and the boys were walking to school.

Thomas and Edward were discussing what they would be doing during their spring break. Edward said that Aunt Priscilla was going to take them to Hollywood, California for the two weeks that they were off. Thomas had never had a vacation when it came to spring. His parents normally made him sleep in the woods where he had most of his fears. He slept in the woods one night and got bit by a snake. The snake bite caused him an allergic reaction. He went to the hospital and had to get two shots. One was to get the reaction to go down and the other was to help him breathe. He went home feeling much better after that.

Matt was outside with Jack and both were at their distances. Matt looked over and saw that a girl was smiling and waving at him. He waved and smiled back. He turned around getting very nervous to go talk to her. Faith came by and asked them both if they were ready to do the plan which was going to be during lunch recess. They both nodded. Edward and Thomas walked into the school.

“We have finished all of the Twilight books,” Mr. Staskowski said. For the first time in his life he was actually calm. “Is there another book series anybody would like me to read for the class?” Most of the kids came up with suggestions.

The Hunger Games,” One student said. Everyone else in the class shook their heads.

Harry Potter,” Another student said. To that everyone agreed that reading the Harry Potter series would be fine. They would start with the first one of course and go up to the last one.

Mr. Staskowski read the first three chapters of the book. Thomas felt like he was Harry a little bit, except he was abused by his parents, not the aunt and uncle. He didn’t have a cousin either that was snobby thank god. The bell rang when Mr. Staskowski read the very last line of the book. Everyone got up and left the room. Thomas was the last one left to leave.

He went to his second and third hour. He then had lunch. Edward had planned to have a lunch where they would eat outside and enjoy the view and the breeze. Edward would then give Thomas another surprise.

Thomas went to his locker to grab the lunch that Aunt Priscilla had packed for that morning. Aunt Priscilla, Johnny, Laurie, and Edward were the only ones that knew about the surprise that Edward had for him. He tried to get one of them to tell him what the surprise is, but they wouldn’t tell him anything.

Edward was walking down the steps when he got called over by Faith. She was waving her hand to get him to go over by the side of the school where she, Matt, and Jack were at. He walked over to where they were rolling his eyes.

“What do you want Faith,” Edward asked. He had his arms crossed and knew what she had called him over for. “If this is about you trying to ask me out, it won’t work. You know that I’m going out with Thomas now.” Thomas came out of the doors. He was about to hear what was said about him.

“Hey Edward, that joke we played on Thomas about you going out with him was very hilarious,” Faith said with the evil grin. Thomas walked over to hear what she was saying about him. “My favorite part of the joke was when you came up to us and said that he was a real loser.” Edward turned around and saw that Thomas was standing right there. Thomas started crying and ran off.

“Thomas wait, they’re lying…” He turned around and gave the three of them a piece of his mind. “Faith, you are the most jealous snobby brat that I met and I would be surprised if someone had a crush on you.” He started to walk till he said this to Matt and Jack, “Why would you fight over this girl, she was the reason that you both aren’t friends anymore. Plus there are other girls that are nice that go to this school.” He then walked off.

Matt and Jack were thinking about what Edward had just told them and thought that he was right. They were apologizing to each other after that speech and were friends again.

“Wait, where are you two going,” Faith asked.

“We aren’t your henchmen anymore you psychopathic freak,” Matt said. Both Matt and Jack were laughing. The girl that waved and smiled at Jack came over to talk to him.

“Hi,” the girl said. “I’m Raeann Meers.” Matt stared at her for a few minutes and finally introduced himself.

“I’m Matthew Johnson. My father is the PE teacher here.” Both started walking off and Jack decided to join them.

Faith was standing by the side of the school alone and didn’t care what those two did, she still had her other friends. She got on her phone and got texts from her other friends saying that they didn’t like her anymore. She started to cry like she does when she doesn’t get her way.

Edward was walking home alone. He tried to reach Thomas’ cell phone and it kept going to voicemail. He went home and everyone was sitting in the living room. Edward knew that something happened.

“Lucas, have seen or heard anything from Thomas,” Aunt Priscilla asked with a look of concern.

“No, I tried to call him on my way home, but it went straight to voicemail.” Edward then realized that he knew where Thomas was. He told everyone in the living room that he would be right back. He ran down the street instead of riding his bike. He knew that he would take to long and he wouldn’t be able to tell Thomas that Faith was coming up with all of that stuff so she could have him all to herself.

Edward came to the house where Thomas used to live. The house was a lot better looking back when he met Thomas. Now the house had weeds coming out of the windows. He walked very slowly and opened the door quietly.

Everything in the house was torn up. The wallpaper was ripped and torn up really bad. Edward started to yell Thomas’ name through the house.

“THOMAS,” Edward yelled over and over again. He heard a noise upstairs and decided that he would go and see what the noise was. He walked very quietly making sure the noise was still there and sure enough it was. He walked to the room where the door was open and came in. Thomas was lying on the floor not moving at all.

“Thomas, are you ok,” Edward asked. There was no answer. Edward tapped on Thomas’ shoulder and still no answer. Edward turned him around and his throat had been slit. The knife that he used to cut his arms was covered in blood once again. He got his phone out as he ran out the door and called Sam. Sam answered after the second ring.

“Yo this Sam what’s up.”

“Sam, this is Edward and something has happened to Thomas. Do you think you can get Austin to drive to Thomas’ old house and pick him up?”

“Yeah of course, but what happened?”

“Faith Rhines, the girl at school that has a crush on me, decided to say these random things. I came home from school and Thomas wasn’t there. I went to his old house and he was up in his room and he had his throat slit.”

Sam told Edward that he would call Austin and get him to drive as fast as he could. When Sam hung up, he called Austin and told him to come pick him up. Austin asked him what was up and Sam told him he would explain on the way. He just wanted to make sure that his friend was alright.

Austin pulled into the parking lot of the motel of where they were staying and Sam ran out the door as fast as he could. He missed one of the steps and fell down. He got up not paying attention to where he hurt himself.

“Why are we going to Thomas’ old house,” Austin asked giving Sam a strange look.

“We think that he might have attempted to commit suicide. Edward called me and told me everything that happened. He said that he heard breathing noises when he was up there.” Sam told him the rest of the story.

They got to the house and Sam ran upstairs and saw that Edward was standing outside of the door. Sam went in and grabbed Thomas up and placed him on the bed that Austin was holding downstairs. Edward asked if he could ride with them and Austin said that that would be fine.

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