Mountain of Tears

By Tyler Tgg All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 8

Edward called his aunt at home who was worrying about what happened, but when she heard about Thomas, she told Edward that she was coming with his father and her sister in-law. She told the both of them the story and that they needed to get into the car. They both rushed to the garage and got in the back of the car. Aunt Priscilla drove like a maniac like when Edward told her about Thomas and she really wanted to meet him.

Thomas was lying in a room while the doctors had him hooked up to the heart monitor. Edward was praying like the last time, that he would survive this. He didn’t know what he would do if Thomas died. Aunt Priscilla and everyone else came in the doorway. Edward’s father, Laurie, Sam, Austin, and Baili were in the room making sure that Thomas would be fine. The doctor that fired Sam came in and told everyone that they would have to wait in the waiting room till they got the details down.

Two hours passed and Edward was the only person that was awake. He drank three cups of coffee and walked back and forth in a straight line. The doctor came out.

“Everyone I have some bad news.” They all looked at each other and didn’t want to know. “Thomas had air that was coming out of his throat and he was breathing just fine, but the air got clogged in his heart. His heart just stopped and he died.” Edward fell to the ground after hearing this and cried like he never cried before. He thought that he was dreaming this, but he wasn’t.

The funeral was three weeks later. Rain was pouring down which meant that someone was crying. Thomas had been wearing a nice suit, the necklace and the engagement ring that he was going to give him when they went to California. Baili was crying and she was hugging Sam who was very upset. Next to Sam, Austin was crying too. He really thought that Thomas was cool and wished that he was still there. Edward’s family were standing next to Edward who didn’t want this to happen. Before the coffin went into the ground, Edward put some roses on the coffin and said his final words to Thomas which was this, “I will always love you Thomas.” Everyone left after that and tried hard not to speak about Thomas as long as they lived.

Sam and Bill’s wedding was the last week of March. Edward and his family went to the wedding. They decided to cancel the trip to California since Edward had been upset. Sam came to talk to Edward.

“How ya holdin’ up kid,” Sam asked with his arm on Edward’s shoulder.

“I still feel like it was my fault,” Edward said with a look that indicated he was down.

“It wasn’t your fault that Thomas killed himself, that was Faith’s fault. I heard that she got expelled from school for what she did. One more thing that I need to tell you is this, Thomas didn’t really die, his spirit still lives inside of us. He went out with you and helped me find the girl of my dreams.” Sam turned around and saw that Baili was listening to everything that was said.

“Do you really mean that,” Baili said with tears in her eyes.

“Of course I mean it, I love you,” Sam said to Baili. After that, the wedding went on.

Things were starting to get a lot better after the wedding. Baili and Austin went to Sam’s old supervisor and quit. The last thing that they told him was that he could take the jobs and shove it. Sam and Austin got their dreams of working for the NBA. Their team is the bulls. Baili went to every game to cheer them on. Adam went to work for the NFL. The team that he works for is the New England Patriots. Jacob quit his job as a manager at La Pere and went on working as a game creator. He got rich the first two weeks he started. Edward got over the death of the boy that he fell in love with and realized that he would always live in his heart.

Edward looked up at the ceiling of his room every night and realized one thing; Thomas’ spirit would live in the mountain of tears and he would no longer cry. Edward promised he would always love Thomas and he stuck to that Promise

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