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Tutti Frutti: LGBTIQA+

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LGBTIQA+ Christmas Friendship and Romance. The story of Hollis and Frankie. Gentle souls who quest for human identity, understanding and love through childhood, teen years, early adulthood and transition.

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A Christmas themed Romance

Tutti Frutti

LGBTIQA+ Christmas Friendship to Romance.

Inspired by, e.e. cummings: a boygirl may nothing more than girlboy need

And a delightful FTM & MTF couple in Ireland.


If only gender were as easy as holding a baby upside down and announcing it’s a boy; it’s a girl!

If only identity were as simple as changing your name!

And when your pastor states, “God doesn’t make gender mistakes.”

Where does that leave you when your parents stifle and restrict anything outside of their closed view of gender?

Welcome to the unsupportive homes of Hollis and Frankie, awesome Tutti Frutti individuals in what shapes in their Christmas youth as a vanilla-only world.

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