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Heated Nights

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One shots of some hot, spicy and sweet couples. Stay tuned...

Romance / Erotica
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1. Crossing a Line

Lines blurred between friendship and something more. Is it one sided or....

My lungs feel like they're going to burst and my legs are turning into jelly. I keep going. I can't believe this is happening. After all this time. I'm covered in sweat and tears. I need Tim.

I rush over to his house and before I know it I'm at his doorstep and suddenly in his arms. I wrap my legs around his torso and I cry into his shoulder.

"Mandy? Mandy, what's wrong?" He grips me tighter and carries to the lounge. Slowly I'm put down on the couch and he gently wipes my tears away. Concern etched on his face.

"Mandy breathe. Please tell me what's wrong?" He questions.

"T-Tim. I-I can't believe this is happening to me! I waited so long for this!" I hiccup.

"Starburst tickets are sold out!" I wail.

Suddenly I hear laughter. Tim's laughing at me. I can't help but feel irritated. More tears flood my eyes and I shove him away.

"You're not serious. It's just a show Mandy. They'll come back next year. They always do" he tries to reassure me.

"Noooo! I go every year. It's tradition.You know how much it means to me Tim!" I start to tear again.

Fine fine. I know I'm being dramatic and letting my emotions get the better of me. That's why I have Tim. He's the calm to my storm. I've always been a drama queen while he has been a very level headed person. He always said we compliment each other well. He doesn't know how much my heart flutters when he says that.

I feel a pang in my heart when I think about it though. I feel like I'm destined to remain in the friendzone with him. Besides, he deserves someone better. Someone who can make him happy and not trouble him as much as I do.

I need to get over him. We've been best friends for years. I don't know how or when these feelings crept up on me.

"Oh Mandy, I'm sorry my little munchkin" He looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes. And I melt. I see so much of affection in them. I'd be happy staring into his eyes entire life.

I start crying even more now. I feel like I've lost more than the chance to see Starburst. I'll never get to tell him how I feel. And that hurts me more than anything.

I'm not completely sobbing. I probably look like a mess. Suddenly I'm being picked up and carried. Tim walks us to his room with me wrapped around him. He holds me tight like he knows how comforting it is being in his arms.

Going to his room isn't a shocker. I've been never a million times. He enters and walks us to the bed where he sits on the edge. Me in his arms and my face against his neck. I'm sure I'm wetting his shirt with my tears. He doesn't seem to mind.

"Munchkin? Hey, it'll be okay. I promise I'll make it up to you. We can do anything you like. Please stop crying. I can't stand to see you cry" he rubs my back slowly and brushes my hair with his fingers.

His words make me warm and fuzzy inside. He's the best. The woman he ends up with one day is so lucky.

I lean back and look into his eyes once more. All my pain fades away as I get lost in them. He slowly wipes my tears away and leans in. My breath hitches. I know he's not going to kiss me but I can't control how my body reacts. He leans closer and kisses my forehead and leans his forehead onto mine.

I love how affectionate he is with me. He always shows his soft side to me and vice versa. He holds onto my waist tightly and the other hand rubs up and down my back.

It's at that moment I decide that if I can't tell him how I feel, I'll show him. I don't care that I may regret it. I'll never get a chance again.

Suddenly he pulls away and tries to get up. I grip onto his shirt.

"Heyy! Where are you goingggg? Come backkk here!" I whine.

"Shhh I'm just going to make us some hot chocolate. You know the ones with the white choc sprinkles and mini marshmallows. I know how it boosts your mood" he smiles at me warmly.

He's the sweetest. As much as that sounds amazing. The only sweet thing I need right now is him.

I look up at him with the puppy eyes I know he can't resist. "Please sit with me a little longer. Tootie pleaseeeee"

He calls me Munchkin and I call him Tootie. I know he secretly loves when I call him that.

"Fineee. Come here" He sighs and pulls me into his arms again.

"Can you rub my back and play with my hair please Tootie"

His big, warm hands feel so good on my body. I feel warmth and wetness flood my nether region. I have to hold back my moans.

I grip his shirt and push myself closer to him. He smells amazing. Like a mix of cookies and chocolate.

"You're really super tense Munchkin. Your muscles are super tight"

He starts rubbing harder. I let out a soft whimper. I can't hold it in.

I slowly rub myself on him. Pressing my chest against his and slowly moving my hips. I moan softly.

"Ahh Tim... that feels- it feels... sooo good"

I suddenly feel him stir in his pants. I guess I'm not the only one feeling good. He deserves a treat.

I move ny crotch over his hard on and lightly grind over him. He gets harder and starts rubbing my back faster.

It's like he's lost in a trance. I lean back and look at his face as I move my hips in circles.

His eyes are closed and his mouth is parted. I angle myself and my clit hits his hard on St the perfect spot.

I moan out and he let's out a rumbled groan. Shit that's so sexy.

His eyes flash open and his have are filled with desire, affection and something else.

He grips hips to stop me but he doesn't push me away. I lick his neck and he groans some more. His grip on me loosens and I grind harder on him.

"Ah-hh Man-dyyy! We-we can't. Shit that feels amazing. I can't hold back"

He tilts his head back and cries out.

I take his hands and put the on my ass. I lean closer to his ear as I grind on him faster.

"Don't overthink this. Let's feel good together" I whisper into his ear as I lick his earlobe.

"We can't Mandy. You'll regret this" he fights back "Ah fuck! You feel amazing!"

His body is saying one thing and his mouth is saying something else. He grips my ass and pushes upwards.

I moan loudly. "Haa ahh Tim! Right there! It feels... oh shit!" I bounce on him faster. Trying to get us there quicker.

Suddenly everything stops.

He has a grip on me and looks straight into my eyes. His expression masked.

"Mandy. We can't."

I know his mind is running a mile a minute but he wants this just as much as I do.

But I'd never force him. I'll get him to admit it feels good.

"Please Tim. You said you'd do make it up to me and we can do what I like. And I like this"

I beg him.

"I need you. Please just this one time" I give him my best pouty look.

The next thing I know I'm on my back with him hovering over me.

He stares into my eyes. This time I see everything. His eyes look black now and he breathes unevenly.

"Are you sure Mandy? I'll make you feel good, but you need to be sure."

"Yes, I want you soo bad."

"You'll regret this Mandy. I can't hold back, but if you tell me to stop I will" he speaks so gently to me. My heart and body is about yo combust.

"Are you sure you want to give your first time to me? We can't go undo it once it's done"

I start giggling. It's just to funny for me. He looks at me like I've gone mad.

"What's so funny?" Oh shit. His voice sounds so deep and gruff. I feel myself get wetter instantly.

"Hmm, it's just- you're such a hypocrite" I smile brightly. " I know it'll be your first time too, you toad! So are you sure you want to give it to me?"

He blushes. Awww he's too cute. He nods slowly and leans closer. Oh! He's about to kiss me. Why am so surprised. We'd obviously kiss eventually if we're going to do this.

I close my eyes and wait. But I feel soft lips on my forehead first. My heart swells.

His lips trace my face and I feel his warm breath hit my cheeks. He kisses both sides and moves to my nose then my eyes. I can't take this anymore. But I secretly enjoy this attention so I decide to be patient.

He trails his lips all over and I groan out. I hear him chuckle. I open my eyes and the next thing I feel are his juicy lips on mine.

It's soft and gentle. His lips move and he nibbles on my lower lip. I let out a low moan. I reach out and brush my hands through his hair. I think he likes that based on the loud groan he let's out.

He licks my lips a few times but I decide to tease him. I keep my mouth closed. He pushes his hips down and his hard on grazes me.

I gasp and he uses that opportunity to put his tongue in. Oh heaven on earth. He kisses like a pro.

He grips me tighter and kisses more fiercely with time. Our moans and groans mix together.

He leans back and I want to protest until I see why. He pulls his shirt off and sweet honey on crackers I could die.

He's beautiful. Not like those muscley, bulky guys. But his body is magnificent. Lean muscles and slightly sculpted.

I've seen him shirtless so many times but this time it feels so different. I cam blatantly stare and appreciate.

He nods at me. Indicating its my turn to remove my shirt. I decide to ignore his request to see what he does. I look up and smirk at him.

He raises one eyebrow. "Mandy, you better remove your top, or else" he warns.

"Or else what?" I tease.

"Take that top off, or I'll rip it off you" his voice stern. It only makes butterflies go wild in my tummy.

I love this side of him. I want him to rip it off me. So I stay there not moving a muscle.

He eventually loses patience and growls out while ripping my shirt and bra off me in one go. Oh holy cheese sticks, that was so hot!

He just stares at me. I start to squirm under his gaze. It seems I'm not the only one liking the view. My heart beat is going insane.

I grab his right arm and pull him down, not being able to stand another minute.

He kisses me fiercely and I can't get enough. His taste will make me lose my mind. Skin on skin feels amazing. He reaches between us and plays with my breasts. His fingers find my nipples and pinch them. I cry out.

He rubs then gently after while kissing me roughly. He's rough and gentle at the same time. He kisses me slowly now and moves to my cheek. He goes to my jaw and nibbles.

Slowly moving down to my neck leaving open mouth kisses. He licks and sucks my neck while I grind below him.

My body's on fire. The way he sucks I'm so sure he'll leave some marks on me. The thought is so primal and erotic.

"Ahh babe! I want moreeee" I cry out.

"Hmm call me that one more time. What do you want baby?" He groans.

"Bite me more. I want more. Pleaseee Tim. I need it babe. I want your mouth all over me" I beg him.

"Shit babe I can't get enough of you" he stares at the marks he leaves. He attacks me again. And this time he goes for my chest.

He rubs my left breast with his hands and attacks my right with his hot wet mouth. He alternates between the two.

His hands then move down. He finds my thighs and pulls my apart. Widening them.

He fits between me perfectly. At this point his erection is super hard. He keeps grinding onto my wetness. He moved his fingers to my centre and plays with my clit. I let out a loud cry.

I can't take these sensations. I reach down and put my hand in his pants and find his hard on. I slowly grip it and move up and down. We both try our best to bring out the most pleasure in each other.

Our moans, groans and slick sounds echoing in the room.

Eventually he moves down and rips my underwear off. Before I can fathom anything I feel his tongue on me. Drawing shapes and feasting on my slick. He eats me out like he can't get enough. I tighter my legs around him and grip his hair. I raise my hips into his mouth. He groans in satisfaction. He keeps going until I see stars. I came so quickly but he keeps his mouth attached to me. Eating everything I can give him.

He then gets up looking satisfied with my slick glistening on his face.

He looks at me like I've hung the stars in the sky. I want to make him feel good too. But before I can reach down he grips my arms and traps them beside my head.

He removes his underwear with one hand and kicks it off the bed.

He rubs his head slowly over my clit. I'm still so sensitive so I moan loudly.

"Mmm fuxk baby. Yes moan for me. I want to hear your voice as I get lost in you"

His words turn me on even more. I spread my legs wider and grip them around him.

He slowly rubs over me. I can't take this anymore. I beg him to put it in. My eyes roll into my head as he puts the tip in me.

He teases me for a while and I lose control.

I use my legs to push him all the way in as I lift my hips up. He fills me up and I feel a lot of discomfort and pain. I start tearing.

"Ah shit Mandy. Look what you've done. Ahh! You're so tight. Are you okay?"

I nod slowly while smiling softly. I can't believe this is happening. He kisses me lightly all over my face. He presses ny clit with his thumb as he slowly starts moving.

The pain starts disappearing and slowly is replaced with pleasure. I moan out. My breathing changes and I grip his shoulders.

We slowly find a good rhythm. His movements are slow and gentle. He looks like he's in pain. I adore him. I know he's putting my needs before his own.

I love this feeling. We kiss passionately and I can't help but squeeze his cock. He groans each time I do it. That sound could make me cum right then and there.

"Ahh baby! Tim please! Go faster. I need it!"

"Uhng! Yes! Yes! Fuxk baby you're so tight. Stop squeezing I'm going to cum"

His voice makes me lose control. I could die happy right now.

"Baby baby! Faster. Tim! Harder! Please Tim!" I plead.

"Yes! Say my name baby! Scream for me. Beg me!" He shows his dominant side. His dirty words make me crazy.

"Ahh Tim! I need it! Please...ahh ahhh please! Harder!"

He starts thrusting harder. Faster and faster. He grips me so tight and I dig my nails into his back. Probably drawing blood. He pounds into me so hard. I hear a mix of his delicious moans and all the gushing sounds from our sex.

Who knew our first time would be this amazing! We're clumsy and learning, but I wouldn't change anything.

I'm about to cum any minute. He goes faster and seems to lose control. I kiss him feverishly and he pulls awake and looks up to the ceiling as he shoves himself in a few more times. I bite his shoulder and in that moment he releases in me.

"I love you Mandy! Ahhh fuck! I love you...I-I love you!"

Painting my walls. The force of it makes me cum. We scream out each others names. I look up at him and I'm mesmerised. His face as he cums is beautiful. So full of pleasure.

I feel great knowing I was able to bring that look on his face.

I can't believe this just happened. More especially, did he really mean what he said. Does he really love me? My heart swells at the thought.

We're both panting now. I pull him next to me and cuddle up to him.

He's still in me. I look up at him and can't help but smile. He mirrors my expression and I feel like I've experienced heaven on earth.

There's no sense of awkwardness. Just pure happiness between us. But I do hope I was good enough for him. Even though its both of our first times, I want him to have had a great time.

He catches a change in my expression.

"Munchkin? What's wrong?"

I shake my head.

"Hey... that was amazing. Stop thinking what you're thinking. I know you. You have know idea how badly I've wanted to do that with you" he confesses. He knows so well. I don't have to say a word and he already dissolves all my worries.

His confession makes me blush.

"I've wanted to do it with you for so long too. I was scared to tell you my true feelings".

I blush even more and tuck my face into his chest.

"Did you mean what you said?... That you- you love me?" I mumble

"Of course I did! How could you ask that?! I put all my emotions into it. I could never feel this way about anyone else" His voice raises and gets high pitched.

"Do you not feel the same way Mandy?"

"What? Yes! I do! I wouldn't do it if I didn't love you. You know me. You're so dumb. How could you not figure out my feelings sooner?!" I get defensive and also raise my voice.

"Hmmph. You're one to talk. I loved you for years. You never knew. So I guess we're even" he squints his eyes at me.

We stare at each other challengingly. After a few moments we both burst out laughing. Our giggles fill the air. I love this. Despite what we just did. We can still be so playful and comfortable with each other.

He pulls me closer and kisses me. Leaning his forehead against mine. He sighs.

"Mandy Munchkin, I need you to say it. I need to hear those words from you" his voice filled with intense emotion.

"Tootie. I love you. I've always loved you. I'll never stop. You're it for me. I can't image life without you. I love you" I confess and kiss him sweetly. I could never get tired of this.

"I'm so relieved. I feel the same way babe. It's you and me against the world. Always"

"Hmm I want to hear you say it too"

"I love you. I love you my little drama queen" He teases.

I roll my eyes but can't help but grin.

I rub his chest teasing and look up at him.

"Hmm sooo.... round 2?" I say while biting my lip.

"Hmmm babe. You just read my mind. This time, I'm not letting you go until you're completely marked by me. You're mine!"

His possessiveness captives me and I'm instantly wet. I feel him harden inside me.

"Hmm yes. I'm all yours. I want you to be rough this time" I confess.

With that we fall into a marathon of intense love making. We couldn't be happier.

A/N: I hope you guys liked it. If you have any requests let me know. I'm going yo keep them coming.

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