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Porter Wade

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Romance is Dead....political correctness has shot it in the brain and it's now officially over and on its way to the morgue. As of right now Porter Wade hated every woman on the planet and nothing was going to change his mind whatsoever. His heart had been used and abused so often he decided to take a break from the girls and ladies he was trying so hard to win over and dedicate himself to himself for a change. A look into one mans search for true love and the hurdles he goes through to get it! Please Enjoy. GMB61

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Chapter 1

Romance is Dead....political correctness has shot it in the brain and its now officially over and on its way to the morgue.

Porter Wade was convinced of this fact and there was nothing that was going to change his mind about that AT ALL! He had given 'LOVE' and all its trimmings his level best and come up empty handed and completely aghast at feminine cruelty time and time again so now was as good a place as any to take stock of where he was in the world and do something about it that hopefully would change his life...only he couldn’t think of anything with merit that he hadn’t tried before and subsequently got him nowhere fast...and broke.

Porter had opened doors for ladies he dated, bought flowers for ladies, bought meals for ladies, been kind to ladies, given money to ladies, dressed nicely for ladies, smelt good for ladies, extended the hand of kindness to ladies only to have doors slammed in his face, been insulted, been left broke, been attacked for being boring and at each turn he was left holding wilting flowers wondering why the ladies he thought were nice treated him with such contempt?

He was a nice guy...so he thought.

He had a decent gentle upbringing with parents who loved him and treated him well and his school grades were exemplary. He was a Libra, sandy haired, not fat in the slightest way, tall, looked after himself and yet he still came up last in the love race. He didn’t have a huge tattoo on his forehead that said loser so each time he dated a lady it always ended badly.

But Why?

He was what we would call fodder for a feminist.

His old antiquated ways handed down to him by his parents were outdated and old fashioned but to him they seemed perfectly reasonable and feasible. Wouldn’t a lady like to be treated fairly and with dignity best befitting the conduct of a gentleman?

Maybe not!

But he had exhausted his line of approach and none of his friends were any bloody help at giving him tips or a shoulder to cry on when the shit went pear shaped. So he just decided to stay home, watch tv and wax his carrot without having to go through the usual hell to do it. Porter saved a lot of money and expectation that way because the porn channel didn’t seem to want money for anything it just allowed him to have the feelings associated with primal lust, complete the job and he could go to sleep like a baby with no taxi’s home, bruised ego or empty wallet till the next pay day. This was a better way of having a quiet unshaken stable life...for a while or at least until the next lady came along using her sex as a weapon to get what ever she could out of him then cast him adrift into the sea of depression that by now there was his own personalised boat waiting at the pier after every date for him.

Perhaps we should go back and see where he fell down and had his ego bashed senseless from the very beginning and then you can see for yourself where he needs to improve and fix what ever is wrong with his approach to the fairer sex?

Sound like a plan?

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