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It been a long time since he felt this..a very long time. He couldn't understand it.. why him Why did looking into those cold blue eyes leaves him breathless betwitched but also calmed him, why did he felt restless and sad when he wasn't near, why did touching him gave him butterflies and also that terrifying thoughts and urge to completely possess him, why did seeing him with someone else drove him to the point of insanity and rage..He was falling for him so fast it terrifies him. He found out too late how loving someone so much could really hurt. His lover was cold emotionless illecebrous siren.That was what anyone would think when meeting him for the first time and he was no different. "Don't fall for me you'd regret it" But now, he knew now Silver was a rare gift, a broken masterpiece, a priceless treasure, the world didn't deserve him and neither did he. He didn't protect him.. he failed. His eyes swollen and red like he hadn't slept for weeks and had cried till he couldn't which couldn't be anymore accurate. His hair was rugged like he hadn't combed them for days, he looked terrible. His friends were worried about him and they had very good reason to be. He felt dead inside. They were supposed to be happy.It wasn't meant to end this way.They were happy at least that what he thought.. then why Why did he do it "I don't know what I'd do if anything happens to him"

Romance / Thriller
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Hello Darlings. Welcome to my book.

Before you start reading, you should take note of the following;

First, this story contains rape, self-harm, physical and sexual abuse, assault, mature contents, suicidal thoughts and attempts etc for those who may be triggered.

Second, it contains mxm action. If that's not your thing please don't read, I don't need any form of hate comments.

Third, there will definitely be some wrong spellings and grammatical errors, I'm not perfect. I'll really appreciate Grammar Nazi' help with corrections just please don't be a bitch about it. I mean be polite.

Fourth, the cover of the book have not been done yet, I'm still getting to that. If anyone have an idea for a cover of this book should not hesitate to send it to me, I'd really be grateful.

Fifth, this book is a work of fiction and originally my creation. Do Not Steal Or Copy Or Translate In Any Form.

I guess that's all, if you got no problem, you can begin.


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