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The Bet

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Kate, a quiet, shy teen who vows to never get another boyfriend after her last cheated with not only her enemy but also her “best friend”, runs into a problem. Two guys secretly make a bet to make her fall in love with them. What will happen? How will it end?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 ( He Cheated )

7:30 pm

I sat alone in my room and tried to comprehend what was happening. My boyfriend called eight times so far and I can't get myself to pick up. My hands were shaking and I couldn't see a foot in front of me. My tears ran down my face and to my neck as I tried to catch my breath. He cheated... and he cheated on me with my enemy and my best friend. How could he?! Why?

Aparently my sobs were too loud because next thing I know my mom comes rushing in.

"What happened Kate?!" She yelled. I couldn't say anything. I couldn't breathe. He was my first boyfriend. He was my world for 3 years and he cheated. He told me I was his world. It's done. We're done now. I can't believe we're done.

My mom didn't wait another second to run to me and shower me in hugs and tell me it'll be alright. When he called again my mom picked the phone up and hung up. She looked at me and held my face in her hands.

"Kate, I need you to breathe. Count your breaths like we practiced, ok?" I closed my eyes and did as she said. I closed my eyes and breathed in for four seconds held for four and breathed out for four seconds.

When my breath regulated she wiped my tears and said, " baby, what happened?" I closed my eyes as I felt tears again. "Mama... he cheated" I managed to force out. As soon as I did my tears came back like a dam just burst. I jumped on my mom and hugged her for what felt like eternity.

12:38 am

My eyes were still swollen and tears were still present but they just stayed there. I had a headache and couldn't breathe through my nose. My mom was getting me snacks at the store. She left as soon as she knew I would be alright on my own. My now ex had called a total of twenty times and I still refuse to speek to him. I powerd my phone off. Atleast I won't have to hear it ring anymore.

I stood up and instantly got dizzy. Gosh my head.. it hurts so bad. I walked to the kitchen to get some medicine when Devin walked in... my brother. He's been out all night at a party doing God knows what. Im surprised he's back so early.

"Hey baby sis... how ya doin."

He's drunk.. he's 17 years old and he's already throwing his life away. I walk over to him and put his arm over my shoulder. God he's heavy... I walk him upstares and straight to his room. As soon as i open the door he stumbles to his bed. I cross my arms and close my eyes. I still remember how he used to chase me around the house and play games with me. We could play with legos for hours. We had fun. What happened..? How did I lose him so fast. Once dad had his relapse and went to rehab everything changed. Dads been gone for four years now and i've been able to get used to it but devin... hes lost withought dad. I have a room next to his and the walls are thin... sometimes I can hear him crying at night. Sometimes I hear him say the same things over and over again. "I just wanna forget him. I wish he were dead."

I open my eyes again and see him laying peacefully on the bed. I went to his cabinent and got his medicine for his headache i'm sure he'll have in the morning and sat it on his bedside table.

"Good night, Devin." I said as I walkes out. I went downstairs just in time for mom to walk through the door with four grocery bags gull of snacks and candy with my favorite drinks. I smiled with my still puffy eyes and took two bags from her. I sat them on the counter and we dug in.

2:57 am

Gosh i'm tired... I looked to my right where my mom was laying beside me on the couch and saw she was asleep. Spongebob was never her favorite show but she knows I love to watch it. I reach over beaide her and gently shake her shoulder. "Mama, wake up" she wakes up with a jolt and looks at me half asleep. "Mama i'm gonna go to bed." I said. She looked at me and smiled. "Ok kate, i'll see you in the morning, I love you." I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Good night mom" I say in a quiet voice. I walk up stares to my room and lay down. I couldn't help but think about what happened today.

Emma, my enemy. The only girl who goes out of her way to make my highschool life a living hell, slept with my boyfriend. Whether it was her idea or his, he still did it. After that he says they never talked or contacted eachother again, but she says different. She says that was the start of their relationship. She called me and told me everything today after months of this happening. She even told me about my ex, Johna sleeping with my best friend kayla. I refused to believe her. I couldn't believe her. I thought for sure she was lying but as soon as I called kayla and asked... the silence on the other end told me everything I needed to hear. It was true. I texted Johna and ended it. I feel so alone. I lost my only friend and my boyfriend of three years. Im truly all alone now.

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