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I dont know what to tell you read to find out? It's a work in progress

Romance / Humor
Crow the disaster
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Love at first sight?...

Hi im alen ,i live with 11 siblings and my single mother ,long story short ,my father left to get the milk because he didn’t want to take care of that many kids, i dont blame him. Noticed how i said my father? Yeah im his only biological child out of all my siblings ,but anyways back to what i was saying , we were not really doing great financially so i decided to find a job luckily there was a bakery hiring nearby called “Heavens Gift”

How ironic right and the funny thing is i'm atheist.

4 am my alarm went off ,i’d get out of bed tired as any other day, prepared for the worst as any other day ,same old hag like any… other … day ,it was like being stuck in an endless time paradox . I put on my uniform which is just a white shirt and some black jeans. When I get to work however I put on the gray apron and start taking orders at the register. The day is going by quite smoothly like usual until this happens….. “Hey cutie” Oh hell no I think to myself. “What do you want to order?" I say annoyed.. “You” this 56 year old guy says “Hell nah I aint no discord kitten either order or get out” I say rolling my eyes “fine i'll take a black coffee” he says in an irritated tone. “Coming right up” I said giving orders to a coworker. After work my friend came running me excitedly “Alen Alen Alen guess what!” he said “what?” “I got tickets to Minx’s concert!” he says happily. “Good for you but why are you telling me this?” ”Because you're coming with me!!” he yells cheerfully, i put my hands on his shoulders and before i could say anything “omg alen i love you too kiss me-” before he could finish that sentence i put my hand over his mouth “could you at least wait for me to finish my sentence” i move my hand “ right sorry heh..”he said awkwardly stratching the back of his head “anyway we should get some rest” “wow the greatest idea you've had in a while Wren” wren pouted “WHAT, IN A WHILE, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!”,and that night i slept outside with a pillow and sheet ,he also took MY airpods and listened to some off brand snoop dogg rapper “Ugh not only do I have to sleep outside he took my airpods” I said being annoyed at both things , “alright, that's it” i said while walking towards the back door , i walk in through the back door into Wren’s room ,I reached towards him and snatched him off the bed “stupid…” ,Wren still sleep laying on the floor in some weird position, i got into his bed and took his airpods and listened to some of my personal favorite songs by Chase Atlantic ,of course, and fell asleep ,the next morning ,i woke up and got ready then woke Wren up a minute later to get ready to go to the concert that he was SO pumped up to see.

6pm, “you ready to go!?” Wren squealed of excitement “yes wren lets go now” I said lazily while grabbing my mask I’m a germaphobe, yes. I’m wearing some black ripped jeans with a black shirt and a black jean jacket with some accs like my locket and rings and with my hair in a man bun. Wren gave me the keys to his car as I'm the only one out of us who can drive, ironic right. “Let's listen to some of minx’s music on the way there!!!” wren yells “ok ok just don’t scream” I said annoyed that he's yelling.

《20 mins later》

“Finally we're here!!” wren says excitedly running to the line going into the venue “wren calm down” i said running after him, "well we're finally in our seats lets see who this minx person is" not even a second later Minx comes out singing and dancing to love galore (by sza) “he’s kinda cute…” i mumble “damn and those dances” i mumble again "oh fuck what am I thinking " I thought to myself.

《Minx pov》

While performing my song love galore i see a very attractive boy in the crowd and i feel myself start blushing. “Wow he’s hot like omg look at his eyes and his hair looks so fluffy” i start thinking squealing inside at the thought of playing with his hair. After a while i start singing the next song which is good days (by sza) while not being able to take my eyes off of him

《Alens pov》

I look to my right and see Wren singing his heart out. I feel someone staring at me so I look around and finally look back at Minx and see him staring at me blushing but not so noticeable. I send him a small wink as a joke and he hurries and looks away. “Wow he’s a great singer” I say talking to wren “I KNOW RIGHT!” wren yells over the music still singing and dancing along to the song.

《Minx pov》

After a couple hours of performing and interacting with the fans the concert was over. I go back into my dressing room and go on my phone waiting for my manager to come back. “Hmm i wanna know more about that boy” I mumble. “Oh I know! let's check my instagram” i start looking through my instagram followers and i see the profile of the boy he was with at the concert. “Let's check his profile” I say clicking on his account and reading the bio. “The boy in the mask is my best friend stop asking for his number but here's his @(Grimm.Reaper)”

“Oh he has an account and he goes by grimm on it? Let's follow him” Let’s look at his pictures “omg he's so hot and HIS HAIR” I say squealing at the sight of it down. Oh i'm off tomorrow i'll stop by that cafe i saw earlier it looked so cute with all the pastel colors i think eyes sparkling at the thought of it.

《The next day》

I'd yawn ,“It's about 1pm and I'm just waking up..? Oh right i was gonna go to that cafe today” I say rushing to get ready excited to taste the food and drinks. “I'll just wear this” picking out a light pink crop top with some gray sweatpants and some white air forces. I put my hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my mask walking to my car “hey siri what's the route to heavens gift”. “Starting route siri says and i'm off to the bakery!! About 15 minutes later I'm at the bakery. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the boy from the concert yesterday and started blushing madly.

“Thank god for masks” I thought while walking to the counter. “Welcome to heavens gift what would you like to order” the boy whose name i now know was Alen said “um can i get a strawberry cupcake with a iced coffee and your number!” I say with a sweet voice and smile. “Well you can get the cupcake and coffee but my number isn’t on the menu” he says. “Please can i?” I was almost pouting at the fact that he said no. “Whatever, next!” he says making me have to move away.

《Alen’s pov》

“Oh so the cutie wants my number… eh i'll give it to him” i think while writing my number down on his receipt. “Order for Taro” I say looking at the boy who is also known as minx. “Oh thank you” he says, talking about his things and leaving out “guess he didn’t notice i gave him my number” i mumble going about to work almost about to slap like four customers and like 6 co-workers because they tried to test me.

《Minx’s pov》

I went back into my car to eat my stuff and noticed something on my receipt. It was a number xxx-xxx-xxxx -call me :p even though i might not answer-Alen. “OMG OMG OMG” I squealed at the fact that I got his number “he gave me his number!!!!!”.

《Alen’s pov》

After a long day of tiring , and cute customers I decided to take Wren to the movies. 20 minutes later, i show up outside of Wren’s house , i walk in as if it was my own house ,i paused as my phone vibrated i my pocket "Uh who the fuck is this?.." I then remembered that I gave someone my number i put my phone down on my night stand and plopped down on my bed staring at the ceiling motionless with nothing but thoughts until the phone ranged,i snapped back to reality, (iwss) my ringtone played as the phone ranged, i sat up and grabbed my phone answering in a tired voice as usual “what…”almost groaning at the fact that someone called me. “Heyy!!” I hear a cheerful voice say “oh hey your that cutie from earlier” i said wanting him to get flustered. “Yea- wait WHAT!?” I chuckled then continued by saying “yeah your the only one i gave my number to sooo, it's obviously you” He clears his throat “Ok then, but why didn’t you answer the text i sent you” he said and i could hear the pout on his face “well cutie, if you read what i said on the receipt i said i might not answer remember? Of course you were too busy thinking about me?” I say smugly as I hear him squeal abit “oh so i was right you were thinking of me” i say amused “HEYY, it's not my fault you're really good looking okay!?!?” he yells in panic “oh so im good looking huh?” i smirk “duh, wait I SAID THAT OUT LOUD!?!” he yells panicking even more. “I'm starting to find this interesting” I thought to myself. “Yeah taro you did” i said trying not to break out into laughter “Ok anyways, Alen i wanna get to know you more” he says in a smiley type tone. “Well for starters i'm pretty boring so there's not much for you to know about me” i say as monotone as day. “Well there has to be something!” he yells in a more deflated tone. “If you wanna know more check my socials. I saw that you followed me “I say.

《Minx pov》

“Wait, he saw that I followed him so he knows that I'm minx!?!” I thought in a panicked state. “Well he hasn't said anything so i guess he doesn’t mind that much” i thought calming down a little bit. “Well maybe i will check your socials since you dont wanna tell me” I said huffing as i just accidentally hung up. “OH CRAP I hung up on him” I said a bit panicked for no reason. “Well i'll check his instagram” i say while looking on it seeing that he has a twitch and is gonna stream tonight. “Oooo siri set an alarm for 7pm saying watch alen’s stream!” i said excitedly “ok, alarm set for 7pm” siri says. “Now what to do until 7…? Oh I know watch the other streams on his twitch! That's not creepy right? ” I think in a confused and innocent matter, tilting my head to the side.

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