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Love will Find its Way...

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Love !!! What is love ???? That was exactly the question when a beautiful bubbly Indian girl and a deadly handsome most feared Italian mob boss were forced into a matrimonial contract for one year takes place... She felt unwanted and he fell head over heels... Love happens in unexpected situations and in an unexpected way.......

SS Khan
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Stefano Russo

"Sul mio cadavere !!!!" ( Over my dead body he yelled) while shooting a prisoner on his head. Blood splashed all over the place and on himself as well, but he was least bothered about it and cleaned his face with the back of his palm. All his attention was on the speaker on the opposite line and to what he was saying. And if it was not his younger brother Marcus , then he would have definitely hunt him down and chopped him into pieces with his own hands.

"Voglio incontrarlo anch'io, sì, sto andando alla villa, e mi assicurerò che questa merda non abbia mai luogo" ( i want to meet him as well , yeah I'm on my way to the mansion , and i will make sure that this shit will never happen) with this he cut the call and got into his Mercedes followed by his most trusted man Mattia in the front seat of the car. He was so angry with the news that the nerves of his head were bulging out and his nostrils were flaring in anger his jawline was stiff and his eyes were all could see was red. Even in anger Stefano looked more handsome and deadly and was ready to kill anyone who crosses his path at the very moment just like he killed his captive without any mercy.

All he muttered in anger was " Fanculo !! Non succederà mai " ( Fuck !! It would never happen) "come può papà farmi questo" ( how could papa do this to me) after disconnecting the call.

Hello guys!

This is the first time i am writing a book and i will appreciate if you can find your time to read and enjoy it . Plus if you find any drawbacks while reading the story please do comment and let me know , and also if you find it good please leave some encouraging words which will motivate me to write more .

P.s :- Im a home maker and have a toddler to take care of. So the chapters will take atleast a week time to be update. Please be patient with me and enjoy the book.

Thank you ❤️😊

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