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Love will Find its Way...

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Vedant Kaur

Meanwhile in Pune...

"Dad you can't do this to her , this is totally wrong and unfair , how can you destroy your own daughter's life like this, even after knowing that the man is a killing machine and beside she is in love with someone and they are even planning for their marriage. Are you out of your mind?" I shouted to my dad who sat very calmly across the table in his office. His face was as calm and quiet like a sea, but deep down I know even he was tensed regarding the matter after all it's about the life of his dear daughter and when it's comes to her he can give his life or can take a life vise versa. After few seconds he replied back to me in a very soft voice " I can understand everything but my hands are tied with the rules and regulations of our family as well as the underworld with whom we work . You know what our true identity is though we fake ourself as a businessman, but tumko bhi pata hai ke humlog kaise cheezion se deal karte hai, humlog gangsters hai aur gangster ke dunia mein sabse important cheez hai usule jisko agar koi bhi galti se Tora toh Jung lag jata hai jo humlog ko nahi chahea , ye toh tumko bhi pata hai " ( you know very well with what we deal with, we are gangsters and in our world the utter most important thing are the rules which can't be broken and if by chance any one breaks it then war takes place , that we don't want to happen) .

I was quite for sometime trying to understand the counter clauses which my dad was giving, but still i couldn't digest the matter, all i could think about was my elder sister who is a wonderful person in the world, full of humour and live, like she is always smiling and can never be unhappy and always makes everyone laugh with her funny acts . You can't be sad when you are with her, she can even make the world saddest person laugh within a minute. My beautiful sister Preet Kaur. And i know the moment she will come to know about the news she will be left devastated and broken. And I'm afraid whether she can ever recover from it or not. Whether she will be the same person once the marriage take place. I'm scared for her my didi ( elder sister) our precious gem. Our mother died when I was only two years old, Preet was only eight then and Harsh was twelve. Even she herself was a kid she used to take care of me like a mother and till now she does the same and i love her with all my life. Harsh our older brother treats her like a princess. So how can we let our precious person being crushed into pieces infront of our eyes without being able to do anything.

" Harsh ko pata hai yeh sabke bare mein ? " ( Does Harsh knows about all these things). He nodded his head , so I asked him back "uska opinion kya hai ?"( What was his opinion). "He has stopped talking with me after hearing the news though he agreed with it after a great quarrel," my dad replied me back. And i just gave a small smile about it. My dad looked at me with sad eyes, though I felt bad about him and his condition, i know deep down he is trying to protect us , but i kept a straight face and looked at him back. He got up from his chair and walked past me and stood infront of our grandfather's big photo frame which was hanging in one of his luxurious office wall.

Before I can utter a word my dad started speaking and this time in a very serious tone as if he is making his point clear and we as his children will have to obey it. Thus he continued " Dekho beta yeh jo contract hai ye tumhare dadu ne banaya tha Russo family ke sathe, kyuki us time humlogo ka financial condition bhot hi kharab hote jaa raha tha and aur koi chara bhi nahe tha khare hone ke liya, tab uss time par Russo family ne humlogo ko help Kia , phir se khare hone ke liya but unlogo ka eki demand tha ke unke pota ke sathe meri beti ka shaadi , aur agar humlog ye demand unka nhe mane toh sirf humlogo ka allaince hi nahe balke humlog ka pura khandan ko woh log khatam kar denge aur tumko pata hai ke Russo Italy ke kinta dangerous aur powerful gang hai pura world mein . Aur woh log ye allaince banaya take India ka drug market mein apna hakh banane ke liya aur rule karne ke liya. Wo log kuch bhi kar sakte hai koi nuksaan bina. " ( See son this contract has been made by your grandfather with the Russo family, because at that time our family' financial condition was very bad and we were on the verge to bankrupt but at that time the Russo family helped us but their only clause was to get their elder grandson married with my daughter, and if we dnt follow it they will not only break the allaince between us they will even kill our entire family. And you know very well how dangerous and powerful the underworld Russo family is in the entire world. They have made this allaince so that they can take over India's drug market and rule it as per their liking. They can do anything without being harmed.) "So as a father and the protector of my family i will never allow any harm to take place over my children. So I dnt want any kind of quarrel regarding the matter and i want that both of my sons agree with me and work through my plan which i have made in oder to disclose the contract marriage to my daughter without any drama. And beside it is only for a year that they have to stay married, and once the contract will be over i will make sure that Preet doesn't even remember this incident in her life and will make her marry with Varun the love of her life . After which they can happily lead their life together." With this my dad moved from his standing posture and went to the door to leave the room.

Before he left the room. I just told him one last thing that Stefano Russo is a dangerous man , he doesn't even give a single thought or mercy before killing a person. And i hope he doesn't dare to harm my sister ... But before I can complete my word my dad replied me back " dnt worry if he touch a single hair of my daughter i will kill him with my own hand" with it he left the room.

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