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At the age of 21 many omegas only start their romantic lives with an Alpha,go to parties and drink to their hearts content. Others prefer to stay away from Alphas and focus on their own wishes. But also a 21 aged Omega wishes to become something,a writer. Akio Aikawa always wished to help others and also to help himself achieve the goals he couldn't even dream of before. On the other side unusual events happen and he ends up in a complete mess. After dealing on his best friend his last hopes start to fade like they never existed. Soon enough,a dominant makes his apparition into his life. Will he be his enemy or lover?

Romance / Action
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Everyone was staying silent in the small room and not even a fly decided to make a sound. We were staring at each other in fear and disgust until someone decided to say something

"So what are we going to do about that?" Said Hiroto with a bored look on his face,his eyes almost closing and his face betraying the things he tried to say.

Everyone looked at him with a disappointed look as if he was the one at fault for the things that happened yesterday but soon after that they turned their stares to me,I stared back in guilt even though I know I didn't do nothing wrong,my mom tried to give me a motherly look a beautiful word and a long hug but she knew that if she does that she'll be punished by dad.

Dad was a wealthy man,a selfish person with an arrogant attitude and a hard glance. He's been looking forward to me ever since I finished high school and decided to major in literature.

He wanted me to major in law but he got the idea of me wanting something else.

He was today disappointed in me but what else can I do if I'm different?

Will they throw me away? It would be better to just start a new life.

Mary,the international student living in our house said with a sweet voice:

"You shouldn't listen to them they are just nervous that you can't be like them."

I know but,how can I do that when they all are disappointed in me now?

"As I said don't listen to them because they will just hurt you, listen to yourself and find a lover that will love you all your life!"

Ok,but do you really believe that someone will love me?

"Yes,I truly believe it! Ever since I was a kid I treated you like a brother,you are a good person and I promise that I'll do anything possible so you can have a lover and someone else to trust. I know it's not my place to talk since i don't really know how love works."

You've never had a relationship?

"No I didn't have one I always considered myself too young to handle someone else,I might just focus on high school until I achieve college and I can choose my major I would prefer it to be design and art,I like designs."

Sounds good*I said with a giggle*

"I know right? Your major it's also cool you can be known as a writer internationally!"

Internationally? Sounds like a great idea,but my books don't seem to be that good...

"You're joking right? I've read all your books they're masterpieces!"

How did you read them I didn't even publish them?

"When you have courses in the afternoon I snuck into your room and check your library and I somehow find them and read them. You're such a great writer!

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