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The lonely little cougar

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About a boy who's name is Jessie Decker and is abused, and raped by his dad and his dads friends he's a little, omega and runt and he gets bullied by the kids at school but one day a new kid at school gets involved.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 getting to know the characters

Jessie POV

My name is Jessie Decker and I'm a coiger shifter,little, runt and omega I am 4'1 and got dark brown hair and dark blue eyes my Dad is abusive after my mom died by another rogue yes we are rogues my dad said a pack always gets involved and that's why we are rogues. Well back to the present I'm cooking dinner for dad he's supposed of came home now wow right on time.

"I want you to behave now got it"He said I just nod my head I see he brought his friends over to have a little fun this is going to be a long night I just hope they kill me .

Jonathan POV

I'm the alpha of blood moon pack my name is Jonathan Gabe and I'm a daddy Dom i have dark black hair and dark green eyes I am currently moving my pack to a town called Brookhaven I heard there's rogues in the area and some packmates are messing with them.

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