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Sign His Name

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Discovering her spiritual gift to manifest whatever she wants with her energy, 17-year old Natasha is determined to heal from a breakup by manifesting a new man into her life: the school's hot assistant principal. All hell breaks lose though, when he becomes obsessed with the goal to have her at all costs. Now Natasha must learn to gain the power back from the man who has authority over everything she knows and who she could become.

Romance / Thriller
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So Mote It Be

I was tired of running from my past. It was the reason I was single. My narcissistic ex, Darnell had exposed my secret to the entire school. I had a big online presence. My songs were everywhere. I had wikipedia pages and everything. Sure I instigated it. I wanted the world to know my name, but not as a liar.

He didnt care though. He broke up with me and then went around willingly to tell everyone that I was the one spreading rumors about him, when in reality I didn't give a shit. The two shits I gave went out the window when he decided to attack everything I'd ever known.

So I asked my friend Gigi to help me do an obsession spell on him. So that week we went to the local park with rose petals, lavender, his picture, cotton, candles, and literally anything that can be used for a obsession spell.

This had to work. I wanted him to work. "Darnell Kraft, you will run obsessed with me so much that you'll regret leaving me." Then we buried it. Burying any spell makes it stay permanently. This was probably not the best decision to make, but I did it. And later on, when I was focused on someone I should be, it all came back around and bit me clean in the ass. This was after the stalked the shit out of me, and the spell was so strong, he tried to put a binding on me to the point that it backfired and made hin even more obsessed.

But at the end of day I had two guys obsessed with me. Both were kept secrets for different reasons. Both I was forced to keep.

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