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No One Has To Know

Darnell hasn't been in school for the past week. I couldn't tell you why. Remember in 'Twilight', when Edward disappeared from school to avoid the temptation of Bella? He was gone for days to go hunting. But he still needed to have her. He gave into the temptation anyway.

Now, I wondered. Was he trying to avoid the temptation: me? "That's not like him, to be gone for so long. Sure his brother died a month ago, but his sister seemed fine," I told Kayla at lunch. She shrugged.

"It could be that he's plotting. You're gonna mess around and end up on an episode of snapped." I chuckled at her joke, but I didn't take it as one. "Every animal that preys gets really quiet before they jump at the food."

She was right though. Could it be that he is plotting. He was too smart to be open with his plans, especially when it had something to do with me. I was the one he swore he didn't give a shit about. I saw his sister in the hallway and she kept giving me looks.

Darnell's mentor, Ms. Powell gave me a look too. She hadn't looked at me since me and him broke up until now. I decided to let it be until I knew for sure. I had blocked all of his fake accounts, and my cousin's snap account because she was spying on me for him.

He had no other way to watch me, or so I though. I'm thinking......could it be that Darnell was about to pounce? I didn't want to just assume anything, giving that his brother just died.

I had a feeling though, that Darnell was about to pounce, and however he was about to do it, somebody knew about it, and it was someone that I talked to everyday. Somebody that smiled in my face as if they cared about me.

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