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The Omega's Top Choice

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Omegaverse Non-Shifter Novella Collection The Omega's Top Choice: Eleanor did not want to find out that she was an Omega when she was in High School. She also didn't want the double whammy of knowing that she's one of the rarest and most coveted Omega Stage1 . Then on top of that she has to choose between two Dominant Alpha's to satisfy the government requirement to be paired. What is a girl to do when faced with the dilemma of picking between a hot adonis and her wicked best friends brother? Hide And Seek With My Alpha: (Same universe as My Omegas Top Choice) Andrè has had a rough start in life and relies heavily on his family Alpha, his sister. When his father traumatised him into his nesting instincts, he relied on a different Alpha, Mason. They both take a different path away from each other but fate has a funny way of bringing them together. A Beta's Transformation: Angela was fed up. She's had enough of Alphas and Omegas. They treated her like a dogsbody at work and even in her free time. It was time to quit. When the new Director Nathaniel walks into her life, he quickly becomes her saviour but he's an Alpha. Can she trust him after she's been rhrough so much? And why does she have strange reactions when she's around him? Unknowable Omega: Opal knows she's changed, she doesn't know into what. Andrew wants her to stay by his side when the world is so dangerous.

Romance / Drama
Mezzy Hitch
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"For further news today on the evolution phase of the human race the controversial testing of everyone to find what traits they carry, whether it be Alpha, Beta or Omega will be mandatory as of tomorrow."

The Newscasters voice droned in the background as I tried for the millionth time to get comfortable. I zoned back in, kind of have to when it's an emergency broadcast.

"Most countries except islands that have no communication with the rest of the world will be going ahead with this despite the protests from the public. The birthrate that has dropped very significantly in the last 50 years has shown that this is why the human race has evolved to discover pairs between the Alphas, Betas and Omegas. As from next week there will be government pairings sent to each person that will be based on their gene pool."

I groaned not from my discomfort this time but the stupidity of what the world has decided.

"This has also faced harsh adversity from the public but academics across the world has made it clear that unless we went to fade out the human race then we have no choice but to comply. All three evolved traits will be categorised into three levels according to their gene pool and encouraged through pairings to mix their genes to create children with what is called Gene Vigour. For example, if an Alpha stage 1 and a Beta stage 2 have a child then there is more of a chance of that child to live past 5 years old."

I did understand that we had to come up with a solution, the world was up shit creek without a paddle, but this? Just the thought of being paired with someone really made me want to vomit.

"When an Alpha stage 1 and a Beta stage 1 have a child then it is more likely that it will not survive. The more dominant the gene in either Alpha and Beta creates difficulties and higher the mortality rate in infants.

Omegas are categorised differently because they can get through childbirth without any issues and both male and female Omegas can get pregnant quickly unlike the Alphas and Betas."

Great, my Omega status will really land me in the dung pile at this rate.

"Omegas are encouraged to pair very quickly as they are of a minority and can have more than 1 child. Omega stage 1 is considered the most rare and is sought after by research scientists to study their heats as it is not a regular heat episode as the stage 2's and stage 3's. It is rumoured that the Omega Stage 1's have been known to be in permanent heat or near enough. The government's across the world have considered the dangers to the Stage 1's and have given them certain freedoms in the face of the mandatory pairings. They can choose however many partners whenever they want and do not have to inform the partner of any pregnancies as the government will look after their family. They are not expected to be part of the working society as their condition can be debilitating and can be dangerous to the Betas and Alphas. More on the news in an hour if you like to join us...."

I switched the TV off and sighed as I got up and checked my bedroom door again was locked. I looked down at my nightdress that had faded kittens on it and took it off while I could feel the heat building again throughout my body. Being an Omega is just shit. I did not like this at all. I knew a few things.

Omegas attracted the Alphas and Betas through the pheromones emitted during their heat. They say heat like its part of the menopause on the news but its more like a fire burning up from your groins to each erogenous zone in your body making you curl up and screaming for anyone to just do the deed with you.

If I was outside I would be just pulling in the nearest guy or girl at this point and begging for release. Considering I never really thought about sex until a week ago when my heat started it has pretty much put me in the worst state of mind. I'd go from being ashamed of thinking these things to being in the heat and the pain of not finding a release. I'm Eleanor Croes and I'm a sixteen year old virgin that goes to high-school here in Shanty, the city of the country newly named Andora. It was a wasteland for a long time and I think it was called Japan a hundred years ago according to my history lessons, not that I paid much attention to them.

I took a quick survey of my room, the dark orange curtains, the stained ceiling from the water leak upstairs apartment and the shit brown carpet. My bed was not a bed, it was a mattress on the floor. I've never known since living with my old man, to sleep on anything else. I settled on the part where the springs didn't stab my sides and waited for the inevitable torture of the heat.

Omegas can be paired quickly. That is stuck in my mind and I know its probably the best cure for my heats but the thought of pairing for the sake of it and also to just get pregnant really riled me up. Why should I? I don't want to. I don't know why exactly but the whole idea of furthering our race really sends me in the opposite direction. Can't I just be one of those omegas that doesn't have children and live alone? That was the last thought I had as the heat stabbed me and I curled up once again in a foetal position.

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