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Christmas Love Tale

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Chapter Two


“Groom? Excuse me? Did you just say Groom?” I asked Bella as she opened the door to a room wide enough for me to enter.

“Yes Groom. You’re just as shy as sir Nicholas had told us” She suddenly gasped out loud and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Did I just spill the beans and tell you beforehand? Oh my lord! I’m so stupid. Guess old age is doing a number on me. Prince Nicholas haven’t proposed yet as he had said and here I am, telling you everything”

I looked at her confusingly and decided I had to speak up just to clear the air and maybe make my way out of this place before things get any more confusing or complicated.

“I don’t know who Nicholas is and I obviously came here for a job and not a suitor” I explained with my hands in the air.

“Couples fight, right? That’s exactly what is going on. Don’t worry darling, he’ll soon be here and you guys would be able to sort out your differences. Get some rest” she patted my cheek, smiled at me before walking out of the door.

I huffed in annoyance and pinched the bridge of my nose with my fingers. I was confused at the whole situation and angry that everything I was saying was not being heard.

It was only after she left that I took in the room that I was. It was really large, almost the same size as my whole apartment back in my town.

The bed was king size, large enough to accommodate three persons. A wardrobe was placed against a wall right opposite the bed and when I opened it, some male clothes including suits, shirts and trousers were inside and did it smell really good?

The room smelled of honeysuckle and some really good masculine aroma that made me want to keep my senses opened all the time.

I opened a door inside the room, leading to the bathroom and toilet and almost squealed in joy at the massive and plenty shower heads that were in there. The jacuzzi was really modern and sleek that I almost ran my hand along it but I quickly snapped out of it and cautioned myself.

I sat down on the bed, enjoying how soft it felt against my ass. Wanting more of that feeling, I lied down on it and I smiled once my body felt how soft it really was. I rolled on my side, tucked my hands in between my thighs, close my eyes for a moment to reminisce all that had happened since I got here and also take in more of the delicious scent coming from the bed before sleep descended on me, threw me on his shoulder and took me to lala land.

Not realizing how long I’d slept, I was suddenly yanked off the bed forcefully, almost colliding with the small stool placed beside the bed.

Grudgingly I opened my eyes and in front of me stood the most handsome young man I’d ever set my eyes on. He was tall, almost six feet and two inches if I guessed right and well built. He had a sharp jawline that nicely fitted and framed his face.

His eyes! His eyes were the prettiest I’ve seen. I’ve seen nothing like that before in my existence of over twenty years. His eyes were of two colors.

The right one was a deep blue while the left one was a shade of green. His eyes was soulless and suddenly, I felt so sad just by looking at them.

It was only when I took in his full appearance that I realized he was someone I know. Someone I never believed that I’ll see again in my life. Someone who broke me, tore my soul into pieces and made me leave home earlier than I planned.

“Who are you?” He asked, bringing me out of my reverie. His voice was deep and strangely loud.

For a moment I was silent, confused at what he meant by who I was. I could recognize him even with my eyes closed despite how mature and different he looked.

“I’m May. I don’t know if you want any other information and I don’t think I can help you because I don’t even know why I’m here or what I’m doing here” I said, breathing hard, hoping my name would ring a bell.

“Stop” He asked, his eyes getting dark out of anger.

“Stop talking” he repeated, completing his statement this time around.

“Who are you and why does my family think you are my fiancée?” He dropped my hand suddenly as if I was dirt and walked away from me, his hand in his pocket while he ran the other hand through his black hair.

“I don’t know either. I was here looking for a job when a woman suddenly put all of these on me. She said something about Nicholas and the Nicholas that I’d come here to look for was a person who told me I could get a job if I get here” I kept on rambling on and on about everything that had happened.

When he turned to look at me, I quickly shut my trap while staring strangely at the wall.

“I’m Nicholas, What do you want from me?” He suddenly asked, his voice louder than before. He began walking towards me, fire in his eyes, which his hands fisted.

Nicholas! Since when did Aslam become Nicholas? Prince Nicholas for that matter.

“Are you a spy? Did someone send you? Where you sent here to kill me? Answer me, who the fucking he’ll are you? What are you doing in my house?”

With each step he took towards me, I took one back, before stumbling into the bed while he hovered over me.

His hand reached out to grab my throat and before he could accomplish the mission of lifting me up to meet his height, the door suddenly opened.

He removed his hand before the person could see what was going on.

“Nicholas, what is going on around here?”

He suddenly composed himself before turning around.

“Nothing, Queen Mother. I was just having a conversation with my fiancée over here” he said the word fiancée as if it was poison.

“You don’t have to scream to do that, Nicholas. You should know better that words are to be spoken not roared or yelled out, especially when you’re talking to a beautiful woman like this” The Queen said before walking towards me.

“Ignore his entire childish attitude, darling” She patted my shoulder and turned to glare at him.

“Be careful, Nicholas and don’t make me call your brother and your father” She said. Nicholas buried his head and nodded.

Whatever had just happened had made it clear that Nicholas had utmost respect for the Queen. He didn’t say a word till the Queen left after instructing me to join her later for dinner making me wonder why he had decided not to tell the queen the truth.

“Why didn’t you tell her……” before I could finish my words, he banged his hand against the wall angrily.

“Don’t you dare say a word that’ll make the Queen realize the truth until I do myself. Do you understand me? If you decide to come out here and tell the Queen a lie, you should know what the consequences would be” I nodded repeatedly, suddenly scared of what he could do to me.

“Until I expose the real reason why you are here, enjoy the luxury. You might end up losing your head by the time I get to know why you’re on my bed, pretending to be who you are not” He threatened in a hushed tone.

“I’m not pretending to be anyone, try to listen to what I’m saying. I don’t even want…” Before I could say anything further, he walked out of the room, slamming the door close, shaking me to the core.

This is much of Joyeux Noel indeed.

I fucking hate my life right now!

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