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Gate's Key

By Stephanie Eastwood All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance


Athens, Vermont - June 18, 1901 “Your mother did give you permission to be with me, right?” Ilisabeth stood there, remembering the argument on whether she could leave the celebration. Her mother had told her no and to go to her room for arguing with her. So after she sat in her room for five minutes, she decided to climb out the window to meet Andrew. “Yes, she said she was perfectly fine with it.” Ilisabeth smiled.


Athens, Vermont - June 18, 1901

“Your mother did give you permission to be with me, right?”

Ilisabeth stood there, remembering the argument on whether she could leave the celebration. Her mother had told her no and to go to her room for arguing with her. So after she sat in her room for five minutes, she decided to climb out the window to meet Andrew. “Yes, she said she was perfectly fine with it.” Ilisabeth smiled.

Andrew sighed again, “You are lying, dear Ilisabeth.”

Ilisabeth tried to hide it in her expression, “No, I am not. I am telling the truth, the whole truth, Andrew, and nothing but the truth.”

“Okay. Now, come on the moon is full, so the werewolves will be out soon.” He laughed and grabbed her hand, dragging her along with him. After a thousand paces later, they came to the most beautiful lake house. Now that she thought about it, it was the only lake house she ever saw, “The only lake house you have ever seen?” Andrew inquired.

She looked at Andrew a little confused, “I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t going to say anything about the beautiful lake house, but I was thinking about it.”

Andrew’s grip on her hand tightened, “Wild guess, my dear.” He smiled again, Now let’s get inside and start a celebration of our own.” Ilisabeth followed him up the stairs to the front door. They stopped at the top, Andrew turned and put his finger to his lips indicating her to be silent. He pulled out a copper key and shoved it into the lock and turned the key.

Ilisabeth could hear all the mechanisms in the lock turn to let them have access to the wonderful home. Andrew grabbed her hand again and pulled her into the dark house. She giggled as he pulled her into his arms, he then moved her long blonde hair out of her eyes, “I love staring into your sapphire eyes, Ilisabeth.” He stated into her neck.

How could he know that he loved to look into her eyes, he has only looked into them once and that was to ask if she would meet him to go to the lake house. Ilisabeth was becoming confused, “How could I possibly know, you ask.” Andrew interrupted her train of thought when his lips brushed her ear while he whispered.

The sound of the front door closing shut broke them apart, Ilisabeth pushed Andrew away. A man was standing at the closed front door with fire on his hands. Ilisabeth gasped, “Sir, are you okay?” She looked at Andrew, “Get him to the doctor! He has to be treated for burns!”

The mysterious man started to chuckle, “Oh, sweet, Ilisabeth. You have forgotten so much.”

“Shut up, Draklen. You have no room to speak to her.” Andrew was getting irritated.

“You are not her better half anymore, Andrew, for you have just met her. Is that true, Ilisabeth?” Draklen inquired while walking toward them, she nodded he chuckled again, “So I may speak to her as I please.” He flicked his hand toward the walls shooting flames from his hands at random. They landed on torches that were hanging on the wall. The torches lite up the giant hall, revealing the mystery man. He was tall, incredibly handsome with brown hair and tan skin. His smile was stunning to Ilisabeth, she couldn’t help but smile back. He have a shy laugh, “So, you finally see me.”

“What do you mean by finally see you?” She looked between Andrew and Draklen, wondering how she could possibly miss a good looking man like Draklen.

Andrew’s jaw clenched, “Draklen, don’t say another word.

“Why, Andrew, must you always ruin the fun?” He smiled, “Oh, Ilisabeth. I was the boy that sat in the back of the church and never said a word. I was the boy that tried to finally speak to you when it was time to play outside. But I met someone that could help me fit in, look better. It was someone very powerful.” Draklen gave a devilish laugh.

Images of a brown haired non-attractive boy flashed in her eyes, she gasped, “Oh, Draklen. I am dearly sorry.”

Andrew tried to end the conversation again, “Draklen, stop. You know what happens after you tell her.”

“Why should I stop? You have taken her away from me years before, too many times. I don’t see why we both can’t have her.” Draklen grew angry.

Ilisabeth was becoming irritated and scare, “What is going on?”

Draklen faced her, “You are-“

“Draklen, god damn you!” Andrew interrupted.

Draklen was infuriated, his eyes snapped toward Andrew. He raised his hand and cupped his hand like he was holding someone’s throat. Andrew tried gasping for air, it was like Draklen actually did have a hold of his throat. “Now, that he is out of the way. Ilisabeth Alyson Johnson, you are the Key to Hell’s Gate. Satan has asked you to come home and fulfill your duty as the Key.”

Andrew struggled to get out of his psychic grip but wound up falling on the floor. Ilisabeth was right next to him, “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t do it, Ilisabeth.” Andrew managed to say. His face was turning a little purple.

“He only has minutes before he’s dead, miss Ilisabeth.” Draklen stated then started to make the noise of a clock.

“Only if you promise not to hurt Andrew anymore.”

“As you wish, Ilisabeth.” Draklens hand opened wide, and Andrew gasped, taking in all the air he could get.

Ilisabeth sighed, “Now, I shall do as Satin wishes.”

“Ilisabeth.” Andrew pleaded while getting up. “You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I-“

“Have the rest of your life to live. It is my duty to follow him to where I need to be.” Ilisabeth interrupted, while Draklen grabbed her hand and lighting the other.

“But you don’t understand, dear Ilisabeth.” Andrew pleaded taking her other hand, “I live forever.”

Ilisabeth looked scared, “What?”

“I’m a fallen-“

And like that, Ilisabeth and Draklen were up in flames, then gone. Andrew fell to the floor, crying her name.

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