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Harmony & Melody

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Gay people

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Vanilla bean frappe’s

I’m running down the sidewalk. I need to get to work! I’ll get fired if I’m late again!

I keep running and I open the back door running into someone. Ouch. I hit my head. I look up and I ran into the new worker.

“Omg! I’m so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going!”

“Hey! Don’t worry about it! Accidents happen!”

I helped her up and looked at her.

“Are you the new worker?”

“Mhm! I’m Melody! You?”


“Hey, we kinda have matching names, what coincidence!”

I looked at her, she reached in her pocket and gave me my name tag.

“The boss told me to fine you and give it too you. You left it on his desk. And I didn’t know your code to your locker so-“

“Oh! Thank you so much!”

I grabbed it and put it on.

“We’re your uniform?”

“My boss texted me this morning and said I didn’t have to wear it because I would be late. Shit! I have to clock in!”

I ran in and put my bag in my locker and shut it clocking in. Melody walked in slowly and looked around.

The café was still empty.

“What time is it melody?”



I ran to the door unlocking and I flipped the lights on and the lights in the pastry case. Melody looked at the pastry case as I checked the register.



“Whats in the croissants?”

“Oh, there a home made recipe. It’s regular dough with vanilla and sprinkles.”

“Oh. I’m sorry I’m asking a lot of questions. But what’s your favorite drink?”

I sat there for a minute. What was my favorite drink here? We have all kind’s. And there all good in there own ways.

“Probably the vanilla bean frappe.”

“Me too!”

“Wow. Vanillas very popular in London.”

The clock hit 11:00 and customers ran in. I started taking a few orders with melody taking the rest.

Hm. I’ve never see someone so ready to work.

“Hey harmony! How about after this we both get a vanilla bean frappe and go walk around? Maybe just to get to know each other more!”


I hesitated. I never had any friends before. This is my chance!

“Sure. I’d love to!”


I smiled and kept taking order. I’m ready to start this.

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