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One Nights Change

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Olivia Harris is a 20 year old waitress, dealing with a lot of crap in her life, things take a turn when she gets drunk and sleeps with a prominent CEO Derek Blake, thinking of it as a one night stand she leaves little does she know he has her burned into his memory.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

My heart is beating rapidly, unfortunately I remember last night very well.

Light peers into my eyes, from windows that belonged in a room I wouldn’t be able to afford with all the money I’ve made in my lifetime.

I shut my eyes tightly, gently whisking a large muscular arm off my waist, attempting not to wake him, to no avail.

He picks his own arm up and rests the back of his hand on his eyes. Now sitting on the edge of the bed with sheets wrapped around my body, I turn to look at the now awake man lying comfortably on his back.

My guess he is regretting his life choices up to this point, just as I am.

“Leaving?” he questions, I sigh standing up and grabbing pieces of my clothes that were scattered across the floor, and put them against my chest. I calmly replied, “I’m sorry I can’t stay, I’m late for work.” which is not just an excuse, but a justification that anyone would completely understand, and accept.

I glance up at the man as he just lays on his side with his head resting on the palm of his hand, looking as if he is waiting for me to do something.

I take a moment to acknowledge his features, his pitch black hair, piercing dagger like brown eyes, and slight stubble on his chin. For a moment I believe he looks a bit familiar, but seeing as though we must’ve met last night this isn’t a surprise to me, so I just brush it off.

Snatching the rest of my clothes off the floor I rush into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. The more I stand here the more I realize I might’ve had a one night stand with the wrong person. The walls, the floors, even the bathroom looks expensive, The shining marble white walls and floors, with not a single thing out of place.

I quickly get dressed, and open the door. Peeking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom area, ready to leave as soon as possible.

Luckily for me he is no longer resting on the bed, the room is now completely clean, not having a single piece of clothing left on the floor. I open the room door hoping to leave out quietly, Entering the lobby, there he is standing at the front desk checking out.

As I head for the front door, our eyes meet, but he diverts his vision back to the blubbering blushing lady at the front desk.

Without any time to stop and admire the large hotel I just woke up in, I wave my hand in the air hoping to catch a ride in a nearby taxi, I yell out over the sound of loud speeding and horn beeping cars.

my phone vibrates in the back of my pants, I exhale before turning my phone on finding 4 miss calls and 1 text. The text read : "Olivia answer your damn phone"

I just woke up in bed with a stranger, and now I’m late. The least I can do is catch a taxi.

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