Lost Love!

By Michella Augusta All Rights Reserved ©



Just enjoy!

Chapter 1

I wake up in the middle of the night; I can’t find sleep.
I was thinking only about him; the man of my dreams!
I walked in the middle of my room with both hands on my chest. I approached the big window, pressing my cheeks, and decided to open my window; my large window, which stretches out towards my great gallery.
I look up at heaven, thinking of nothing, about him; love of my life. I had begun to think; all of a sudden I felt a hand so soft, so cold, to hide my eyes. I shivered, I thought to dream. The same hand turned towards his mouth, embraced me with fervor; her sweet kiss, yes, her sweet kiss; and I felt melted. Oh, I feel melted. I opened my eyes and he was there, yes, in front of me: the man of my dreams.
Oh, my God, he is handsome, all dressed in black, a simple white shirt on his fine costume. Yes, he was so beautiful, so charming. Her beautiful cut curly hair. How handsome he is! Yes, so charming. He holds me in his arms comforts me; I support my head on his chest and I let myself dream. Yes, he whispered words to me so sweet, if so sweet that my heart fights so hard in my chest; oh, how beautiful! He takes me in his arms, he will bring me back to my bed, and I will fall asleep in his arms, thinking only of him; yes, nothing but him, the love of my life.
~Michella Augusta
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