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The Goddess of Chaos

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Anala's life is normal, or well was, before she got kidnapped by the largest mafia. Can she fight the fire within and make it home safe, or will she fall in love with the most dangerous man in the world.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1, Anala

Music blasting in my ears, my best friend Kaylen jumping up and down beside me swaying her hips to the music. My ashy blonde hair sticking to sweat on my neck. We have been at this club for about 2 hours now, dancing away, letting the music carry us into bliss. Letting my heart pump to the beat, my mind wondering around the story of the song. Kaylen leans over and yells in my ear snapping me out of my trance, “Anala, do you want anything from the bar?”

“Maybe just a water please.” I shout over the music. Watching her walk off to the bar for a moment before closing my eyes and letting the music flow through me once again. Swaying my body to the beat, I feel someone move close to me, not thinking anything about it, because it is a busy Saturday night and the dance floor is packed, I continue to dance. Suddenly I feel arms snake around my waist, oh fuck no, I do not give permission to whoever decided to touch me. I quickly turn around to find a greasy man trying to feel up my body, me wearing a short dress doesn’t help much as he is easily able to grab my ass under my dress causing my dress ride up even more.

“Get your hands off of me, I am not going to ask again.”

He just looks at me and blinks, keeping his hands right where they are, his eyes are glossy, and he is licking his lips. My body shudders, he is disgusting, what gives this perv the right to keep touching me, I grab his hand, the one currently cupping my ass, and twist. He moans in pain and just licks his lips again.

“So, baby girl likes it rough,” he says, slurring a little as he speaks. Using his other hand to try and grope my breast. Where the fuck is Kaylen. I twist his arm even more, while slamming my forearm into the arm that is groping me breast causing him to scream a string of curses.

“I told you to not fucking touch me, and I told I would not be asking again.”

He tries to yank his arm out of my grip, and I shove him to the ground. Not giving him a chance to get up I walk off towards the bar. I need a shot to forget that just happened, and I need to find Kaylen. I get over to the bar, Kaylen nowhere in sight. I order myself a shot of tequila, and a bottle of water. I pull out my phone to text her.

Hey K, where did you go off to, please tell me you didn’t leave me here by myself – A

… typing …

I wait a couple minutes for her response, but the typing symbol is now gone, and no response. I turn back to the bartender and ask for my bottle of water. I sit at the bar and sit at one of the stools and start sipping it, feeling the cool hit my throat. I sit at the bar for another five minutes before shooting Kaylen another text.

Hey, you are really starting to worry me, if you don’t respond in five minutes, I’m sending out a search party- A

Now I sit and wait, bouncing my leg, my nerves on high alert. In the corner of my eye, I see that greasy man slinking his way over to the bar, I growl “Not this fucker again.” I turn over to the bartender and wave my hand to get his attention. “Can I order an angel shot please.”

The bartender nods to me and I slowly move my head in the direction of the man. I continue to look forward just hoping he walks past me, unfortunately for him he decides to sit down next to me. “Can I go ahead and get that shot please?”

“Sure, thing ma’am” the bartender says, He goes ahead and gives me a “shot”, which is just water and turns to go over to the barback. While the bartender is away Mr. Grease, starts to run his hand up my thigh.

“So, I think we got interrupted earlier,” Slurring and licking his lips. “I like a girl that plays hard to get.”

The nerve of this man. My body shaking ever so slightly I do not like people touching me, especially not like that. I look back over to the bartender and the barback to see them moving closer to us. I turn and face the perv, “I told you not to fucking touch me, I knocked you on your ass, and you think that is an open invitation to continue to pursue me,” I start screaming in his face. I swear if this was a cartoon, I would have smoke streaming from my ears. “You can remove your hand, or I will have no other option than to knock your ass out.”

Not heeding my warning, he keeps his hand right where it is, Fuck, the barback isn’t close enough, I could have been date rapped and halfway to the door by now with how slow they move. I turn my head back to see the greasy man getting closer. Him continuing to lick his lips, I can feel his breath on my skin and can smell the alcohol radiating off of him. My hand goes up and lands a punch straight on his nose, blood streaming from the impact, a small ache on my knuckles. He immediately removes his hand to clutch his face, okay so maybe I didn’t knock him out, but I probably broke his nose. With that commotion the barback immediately comes over to us, took him fucking long enough.

“I ordered and angel shot a while ago, and nobody came to help, so I took matters into my own hands,” I say fuming at the barback.

“Miss, I think it is time for you to go,” he yells back at me.

“Are you fucking kidding me, he was the one trying to sexually assault me, and I am the one having to leave.” I am seeing red at this point, “You know what fuck you guys, I will go.”

I walk towards the door, when I see a little brunette, with a red dress on, being drug out by two really large men. That almost looks like Kaylen. They turn slightly to the side, and I can see the profile of the girl.

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