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Sweet Beginnings

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Filicity has been a single mum for a long time, her ex husband has ruined her so she thinks will she be able to find her sweet begining

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I can hear my youngest son walking down the hallway screaming "Mum, mum, mumma, mum."

I yell back from my bed trying to sleep in "What for the love of God WHAT?"

He pops his head in the door way smiling "Hi."

"Are you joking right now Joseph." he has just turned 21 and is cheeky like no ones business.

"I love you mum." he says giving me a sad face.

I roll my eyes "Good, what do you want?"

He says it again "I love you." looking at me all sad like.

"I love you too now what do you want?" I ask he doesn't just do this there is something he needs to say.

I know there is more to come when I notice he is hovering both my kids did this when they needed to tell me something. It got worse when my ex and I broke up at first they didn't know anything because I kept our issues to the bedroom away from them, but it didn't take long for them to know the real reason I left and that he was anything but a good man.

8 years I lived through torture and his cheating ways, his constant berading of me and then there was the beatings. It all started with a phone bill showing the same number over and over. I never checked his phone I trusted him, he was my husband after all and you trust the people you love right? Well that's what I thought and he played me to a tee but I eventually got smart.

"Mum are you alright?" I'm brought back to reality from my fucked up memories.

"yes baby boy I'm good."

"I'm moving out." he says really quickly

Well damn son prepare your old mum before you blurt out that shit, but I say "umm okay where are you moving to?"

"There is a house Jason, Paul and I found 10 mins away from here, I just wasn't sure how you were going to react.” He says looking a little unsure of himself.

”Baby boy, you work you pay your bills you are your own man. So if you feel you are ready to move out I am happy for you, and I know you have been saving you have always been mr independance I’ll never hold you back not ever.” I have so many emotions flowing through me right now my baby boy is growing up way to fast.

He takes me in one of his bear hugs and kisses my check “ Thanks Mum I knew you would understand. I have to go I’ve got work love you see you later.” He waves and leaves me in my thoughts again.

"Oh Joey just let me know when so I can have the vans ready for you guys.”

”It won’t be for a couple of weeks mum it’s all good but I’ll let you know.” he waves and heads out the door.

I have 2 sons Joseph 21 is my youngest and is an electrician he has an older brother Christopher 24 who is a concreter he moved out a little over a year ago and has always been more independant than his brother. The best thing I never had to worry about either of them going to bars or clubs they much prefer to go fishing and camping and the best thing their friends are exactly the same. Christopher moved in with his girlfriend so he has set up his life the way he wants to. I am glad that the issues with his dad and I hasn’t stopped him from finding the love of his life.

The boys made a comment that for quite some time I was the cool mum got to laugh at that cause I never felt like that but I guess because I have tattoo's and piercings but that never changed who I was, but their friends seemed to love to be at our house all the time because I was so relaxed with them.

My life now is amazing I am content, I own my own busissness that has made my life busy and fulfilled. I had started to work long hours getting a second and third job after leaving my ex I had 2 growing boys that needed their school stuff and equipment for their out of school activities. It had gotten too much for me and decided I needed to re-eveluate my life so I started to make candles as a hobby to to keep my mind clear and get my creative juices flowing. I started giving the candles as presents to my friends and work mates and they loved them so much they would start ordering the candles, and as they say the rest is history.

Little did I know that it would turn out to be a million dollar corporation, it took me a few years to get there but I did, I always hoped that my work ethic would rub off on my kids and it has. I don’t have to work everyday any more, I am the sole owner of the company and because I started it after I left the fuckface he couldn’t get his hands on a cent which annoyed him the most.

See when I left him he took everything and I mean EVERYTHING. The house we built together, my superanuation but he was kind enough to leave me all the bills, but he is the one that is struggling now. I shake off the memories of him he doesn’t concern me anymore and I have no desire to waste my time wondering about him.

I get ready for a lazy day, nah I want to try some new fragrances for the end othe year, I have been hearing so much about how young people have a thing for vampires and zombies, I have been wanting to target for the younger market.

My mind goes back again today. After I had made a little bit of money and had a couple of contracts guaranteeing me money for the next couple of years I brought my proptery it was slow going but I eventually built my dream house and then my warehouse which is situated at the back of the property. It is my haven where I can loose myself. I was never good at school but when I enjoyed what I was doing I excelled.

After leaving high school I went into beauty thearpy and I enjoyed that so much, I worked for a time in a shop at Bondi Junction that would have been my favorite all the different people men, women and the very fabulous trans commuinity they always knew how to make me smile. My time there will stay with me forever I was young, single and loving life.

Back then I was free to have a lot of friends weather it be girls or guys. We were a group of friends that were together every weekend but our Sunday's were the best, we would start with horse riding in the morning have brunch then crash at one of our houses for an afternoon nap then off to our normal club to hang out drink and dance and maybe the occasional hook up. Everyone knew us there this was a Sunday ritual for just over a year. Then I met my ex and he ruined all that no more friends that are male and no single friends and no going out without him.

I shake the memories away as I approach my warehouse opening the barn style doors with a very fancy keypad because I am hopeless with keys but great at remembering numbers go figure. As the door slides open I get the wiff of my fragrances I never tire of the smell, I go to my work station and start to make notes on what I want to do and what names I want the candles to be while I wait for the wax to melt.

So my first one I decided to call Vampires Garden, this makes me smile, I have music playing as I measure out different fragrances until I get to the point of loving the fragrance I have mixed. Once done I get the glassware ready and print out labels and pour and leave to set.

My second concotion took longer to make I want the ratio's to be just right can't have the candles smelling like shit, the name is my favorite Zombie go Away the boys are going to love it. We are addicted to watching anything zombie related, I do the same once the fragrance is to my liking.

Once the candles have been poured and I have made some sample melts to try myself I put the candles in the cool room I want them to go to the office later today, I organise the courier for the pick up and then head back to the house, The doors automatically lock behind me like I said I'm bad with keys.

Walking into the back door I can hear my phone ringing this is normal I always forget to take it with me, everyone I know say that I must do it on purpose meh maybe I do I like my quiet time in my workshop.

Picking up my phone the beautiful face of my eldest makes me smile "Hello Beautiful boy."

"Mum I have been calling for ages where have you been I was starting to get worried." OH how the tables have turned I laugh to myself.

"I'm sorry I forgot my phone in the house I was in the warehouse came up with 2 new fragrances I think you'll like Vampires Garden and Zombie go Away." I laugh

"Your a funny woman." He is laughing along with me

"Yeah yeah is there a reason you had to call me 50 times Christopher?"

"Joey said that he is moving out, did you know?" he says it with laughter in his voice like trying to get me of guard.

”So Chris if he hadn’t told me you would be telling on him?”

”Well yeah.” what a terrible brother is laughing at the fact that he was getting his little brother in trouble.

”Yes he told me, he won’t be to far away, it’s his time to start his life the way he wants to.” I say but I am guessing Chris has called to talk about his brother. “So Christopher what are you doing?”

”Laura and I are getting married I just asked her and she said yes.”

”That’s the best news I have heard congratulations to the both of you.” I can’t stop the tears that are running down my face.

”Thanks Mumma.” I love when he calls me that he means it with all his heart and that he is really happy.

”Well I think a party is in order we can have it here there is lots of room.”

”We haven’t really thought about it but I’ll talk to Laura and will let you know I’ll talk to you later Mum I love you heaps.” He say to me with so much emotion in his voice.

”I love you more my beautiful boy.” We hang up my emotions today are just all over the place but my joy for my son is so overflowing in me right now.


”YES YES YES I will marry you Thomas.”

”I love you so much Filicity I am so happy.” Thomas says as he kisses me deeply.

Pulling my thoughts back to the present I really hope my son has found his forever and he is it for Laura. My phone beeps with a message from Christopher showing me the ring he picked for Laura, I’m crying all over again with all the happiness I see in the pictures he has sent me.

Then my heart aches for me I have been on my own now for good grief 5 or 6 years my life has been about my boys and my business but now they have their own lives and the business takes care of itself well I have a team of wonderful people that run the day to day sitting here now for the first time in a VERY long time I’m lonely.

Before I fall deeper into thinking to much about all of worries I go and get the candles ready to be sent out to my head office, as I head to the front the courier arrives and takes the package. Once he is on his way I slowly make my way up to my veranda to call my best friend.

”Well hello beautiful lady.” she says to me

”Hey Selina, what’s doing?” I try and sound normal feeling anything but normal that’s for sure.

”Nothing I’m at work so I’m working I guess.” she laughs.

Selina would have to be the hardest worker I have ever met. I even tried stealing her away from the company she is with but she loves it there to much.

”Well Filicity what are you doing?” I can hear the humor in her voice. She knows that I am not doing anything of real importance.

“I just finished work.”

”Bitch please it’s only turned 3pm the whole world works more than you do.” Now she is pissing herself laughing. I laugh with her, Selina is an account manager for a building materials company and she damn good at her job. Her bosses love her because of how hard she works.

”What do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“Christopher and Laura got engaged and Joseph is moving out in a couple of weeks.” It all jus spills out of me like no ones business.

”You are just full of news aren’t you?” She laughs but she knows that this is hard for me.

”Yeah I guess I am.” Sadness over takes me again.

”you feeling lonely Fi?”

”Yeah I am very lonely and I am feeling sorry for myself.”

”Fi, you need to get out there and find yourself a man for yourself dude you ARE gorgeous, fucking successful business owner it’s time.”

I don’t know Selina.” I don’t get to finish whatever response.

”not all men are like that fucker, OH MY GOD this Saturday night there’s that 80’s night you said that you would come all the girls are going.”

“THE GIRLS” they do know how to have a good time and it has been months since I have seen my friends.

"Sure lets do this right though and make a weekend of it you and THE GIRLS come and get ready here and spend the night and I'll have a surprise for you all on Sunday."

"Yes lets bitch OKAY some of us do actually have to work love you speak to you soon for details."

Bye Selina love you."

It's Wendesday so I make a list of what I need for the weekend besides alcohol, I'm going to get something to wear knowing my best friend she is going to give me a hard time if I wear my normal jeans and tshirt.

I make a call to a chef I have used previously and he said that he is free for both days so he will make it a simple meal for Saturday and full degastaion for Sunday he also said that he will buy eveything. I organise a couple of makeup artists and hairdressers for all of us for Saturday, and for Sunday I have a great massage thearpist and the best thing he is happy to come and give us all massages and bring an extra pair of hands to help out.

So that is done I want to go into town to buy a new outfit and I want to drop into the office and see what they think of the new fragrances so I book a hotel room for tomorrow night. Now I am really excited for the weekend.

I send a group message to the girls.

**Be here 12pm on Sat surprise for all and stay for the weekend Sunday will be worth the sleep over.**

the messages come one after the other.

**Hell Yeah can't wait to see you sexy lady** (Trisha this is Selinas sister aged 37)

**Yes lets will be fun** (Skye Selian and my friend 39)

**Hell yeah I'm in** (Karen is Trishas friend aged 37)

**Fuck yeah bitches** (Lina Selina and my friend 40)

Selina and I are the same age 43

I get a bag ready for tomorrow I want to get to town as early as I can my check in is 12pm, I send a text to Joseph in case I don't see him telling him about my plans. I have a light dinner and get to bed early watching a bit of the idiot box before I fall asleep for the night.

The next morning I decide to ride into town I haven't been for a ride in ages and it is the quickiest way leaving Traffic in my wake. I got my motorbike licence when my eldest wanted to get his I thought it would be the best way to keep an eye on him. Once I had my full licence I went and brought a Harley Davidson not just anyone either I got a FatBoy it was my faviorite by far.

I get on the road and love the freedom of doing as I please, I go straight to the hotel first and check in I always use the same one as my offices are not to far away it's only a 2 min walk. I try and do this at least once a month, even though I don't have to do anything for the day to day I need to check paperwork that my staff have for me.

The offices are in one of the tallest buildings and we take two whole floor. I love my staff and I trust them completely. I have no dress code for them they are adults and should know to at least be dressed nicely in case potential clients decide to show up, even though no clients normally show up if they do need to see what we are offering we go to them or they go to a different floor where there is a conference room and a showroom of all that we offer.

I take the short walk and ride the elevator I smell our floor before the elevator is two stops away. As I walk in the receptionist greets witha huge smile.

"Good morning Filicity it's great to see you, I don't have you coming in today is everything alright?" she asks still not losing the smile.

"Hey Kandice yeah I sent some candles off yeaterday and wanted to talk to Joel about the marketing for them, how have you been?"

"Been really good I saw Joel walk in about 10 minutes ago." she says

"Thanks Kandice I'll talk to you later." I leave her to the ringing phonesand head over to Joels office, Joel is 35 he is my marketing manager and extremly good looking am\nd man does he know it. I stand at his office door and there he is on the phonewith his feet on the window sillwith his back to me.

"I told you I don't do relationships, I'm pretty sure I was very clear on that point, I don't care if your pussy is solid gold it was a one time deal."

I swear if this man wasn't so good at his job I would fire him on these comments alone even if he has been up front about everything. I lean on the door frame as he swivels around he saying bye to whomever was on the phone then sees me and just hangs up. I roll my eyes at him he has tried so many times to get me to have sex with him but that's not going to happen with a manwhore like him. Don't get me wrong he is really sexy with big honey coloured eyes sun bleached blonde hair body to die for and tall with a slight tan to his skin.

"Fuck Fi you scared me to death standing there like a Greek statue you could have coughed or something."

"And interupt such a wonderful conversation." I raise my eyebrows saying this to him.

"Yeah well she can't take a fucking hint, I told her from the begining that it was a one time thing but she persists on calling me everyday."

He has right to decline and she should have a little bit more self worth than throwing herself at someone she doesn't know and knows that he doesn't want anything from her.

"You better start treating women better or Karma will be out for you. Anyway, did you get the package I sent out yesterday?" I'm eager to hear what he thinks.

"They are amazing Filicity love the fragrances and the names will be a draw in for the younger market that's for sure, what were you thinking full range?"

"Yeah all of it if you can get some designs for the labels I want them to be different, there is something else I wanted to talk to you about I want to try and move into soaps, bath salts, bath bombs that sort of range and thought these new fragrances can be our stepping stone into the market, do you have any contacts in that field?"

"I do, would you like me to organise a meeting for you?" He asks this is why I keep him around his contacts have been a God send for my company.

"Yes please lets try for a few of weeks I have a few things happening and won't have the time." I'm thinking about the night out I will need a bloody week to get over that and then Joey is moving need tobe there for him.

"No problem Fi will let you when I have a time and day for you."

"Okay going to do the rounds later oh and Joel don't die of an STD okay." I smile sweetly at him and leave him laughing

I go to the accounts department best team ever they have fun but the work always gets done. Not today I guess.

"Well it's super fucking quite in here." I say as loud as I can making all jump and the laughing starts. I have a great team and our staff turn over is nearly non exsistant considering we have only had to hire because of the growing accounts being held.

They all greet me and go back to work I head over to the accounts managers office, she is awesome. I have never had any issues since she has been the accounts manager everything runs smoothly.

"Hey Grace how are you?"

"Good gorgeous you look really well."

"Thanks" I blush "just a quick visit new fragrances go see Joel and email me what you think."

"OH I certainly will." she says and gives me a quick hug and I am on my way to get an outfit for Saturday night.

I go for a walk around all the shops and there is nothing that is appealing to me. So I decide to go into one shop that has the classic look and I but black slacks and jacket just need some sort of top. The next shop I go into they have a great white shirt and beautiful black boots so I get both, as I was about to walk out I saw your classic little black dress so I tried it on and I loved it so I got that as well. So I did better than I thought Selina will be so proud of me.

I head back to the hotel to have a quick shower before I head downstairs to have dinner. I take the elevator down I decide to go to the bar in the hotel instaed of the resturant. I take a seat and the waiter comes over.

"Would you like a drink as you look over the menu?"

"Yes please, I'll have whiskey neat thank you."

"I'll be right back."

I take my phone out and there are like a hundred notifications, as I flip through there are photos of Christopher and Lauras photos I can't help but smile they are so beautiful together. The waiter comes back with my drink.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes I would like the porter house staek with chops and salad and baked riccotta cheese cake please."

I watch him walk away as he moves past the bar I see a man standing there looking right at me, I swear not a man but a Demi God Black Hair with flecks of silver and eyes that look like the sky. He is tall and very lean, there is a small smile on his face and lets just say those lips look so luscious and kissable. I just smile back at him and go back to my phone but I didn't see anything after that.

15 minutes later my meal arrives "Would you like another drink?"

Yes please Whiskey neat again Thank you."

Thank you that's all I need."When the drink isn't placed in front of me and I am met with the Demi God at the bar............


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