Black Tears

By Stephanie Eastwood All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter Two

The light shining in Roxi’s eyes woke her up, she had a pounding headache from when James knocked her out. She could hear running water and somebody else’s breathing other than her own. She looked around, drapes hung around the big fluffy bed she was on. A sandy yellow blanket covered the bed with the pillows to match behind her. A bright light that seemed like a stage light, bright and painful to the eye, blinded her. Oh, great they’re probably gonna video tape me being slaughtered. She stepped off the bed, silk moved against her torso. She looked down and saw herself in dark skin tight lingerie with matching pantyhose that connected to it. She snatched the pillow next to her and covered herself with it.

“Looky here, fellas. We have a shy one.” James’ voice rang through the room. She looked around but saw nothing, she pulled the blanket off the bed and wrapped herself in it, walking forward until she ran into a glass wall. “Seems she isn’t too bright either.” He spoke again.

She could hear chuckles from behind the glass. She balled up her fist and punched the wall with all her strength, dropping the blanket off her and onto the floor. A large crack shot up the glass wall, to her estimation it was probably a good ten feet high. She snapped out her wings and shot up until she crashed into another glass wall.

“Oh, a feisty one at it.” He chimed.

She landed on the floor with a groan. She got up and out of the haze from crashing into the wall, she could see the leg of her jeans dangling out of the dresser drawer. Last time she knew she had one of her guns in her jeans, she staggered over to the dresser and pulled out her jeans. Sure, enough, her 1869 brass revolver was in her pant leg. She pulled it out with no problems, turned and shot without aiming and perfectly hit the crack. As soon as she shot, she ran. Because when the bullet hit the crack, the whole glass shattered and fell. When that wall was gone, the top was sure to shatter the sides with all the weight of the top and for it to come crashing down.

As she ran, she could see that she couldn’t make it by running. She snapped out her wings once more, lunged and flew until she knew she was passed the glass wall. When she lunged, she lunged straight for James doppelgänger.

He had a horrific look on his face as he raised his arms towards his face. Roxi flying like a bullet straight for his torso. James tried to turn out of her reach but with how fast she flew, she reached him before he could. When she reached him, her hand barreled through his chest with a sickening crunch of ribs breaking. Roxi watched the life fade from his eyes while they were wide open with shock and horror, his mouth open wide like he was suffocating from no air.

“You are not my James.” She stated ripping her hand from his chest, pulling out his most vital organ in his whole body. She watched as his black heart slowly beat, till it thudded its last beat.

She stood there and watched his limp body crumbled to the metal floor he was on. Black blood oozed from the hole in his chest, his mouth was a waterfall of black blood, and black tears fell from his lifeless eyes that stared at the shattered glass.

When she knew that the heart had stopped, she turned her hand over letting the black heart fall to the floor next to its still host. She turned around to see all the participants of the cruel auction, cowering in fear as her icy glare fell upon every single one. “If you know what’s good for you, never go to one of these again.” She growled, then stepped through the glass to go through the only exit out of the room, feeling no regret or pain.

I returned Pheobie’s horrific look, “He’s what?!” I took the letter from Pheobie. Sure, enough, it was in my father’s handwriting saying that he had Roxi and telling me exactly where she was. “It’s a trap, obviously if he’s telling us exactly where she’s at. He thinks that we’ll be dumb and desperate enough to go straight there. He probably moved her as soon as he sent this.” I waved the letter in the air as a tree stump grew behind me to sit.

“Or he’s just being generous enough to give her back to us.” James stated looking like I was overthinking the letter.

“Probably in exchange for Ashley.” The expression on Leo’s face when he said that was the look of pain as if it hurt him to say it, which hurt me.

“But he’s not going to get her.” Pheobie still glared at James when she turned toward the house. “Come on, I’ve got a plan.”

We followed her back into the house. As soon as we were all in the Living Room, Pheobie launched into her plan. It only took her an hour to explain. But while she was going through the steps of her plan, I was making a backup plan if hers started to fail. Everybody agreed to the plan, even Antonio who used to find every little kink in Pheobie or anybody’s plans.

“Okay, we will leave in a few days, just so some of us have a few days to get warmed up or practice a little.” She looked between me and Leo, “I’m working with both of you on aiming and fighting okay?”

Leo leaned forward on the couch, “How are you going to work with both of us on two separate things?”

A shimmer started to appear next to Pheobie until a figure formed next to Pheobie revealing another Pheobie.

“Oh no, there’s two of her. Twice the vulture eyes.” Dante stated crossing his arms behind the couch.

Both Pheobie’s glared at him, “Shut up, Dante.” They both commanded. The second Pheobie dissolved, which left the real one to continue glaring at Dante.

Alex slapped his legs while getting up off the other couch, “Well, I can’t lie. That was kinda hot.” He walked over to Pheobie and kissed her on her forehead.

I gagged pointing my finger into my mouth and Pheobie laughed as she wrapped her arms around Alex’s torso.


Roxi had the look of determination painted across her face as she found a room with pants, shirts and boots all in her size. Just my luck. She slid on a pair of Amethyst jeans, a plain black tank top and then put on the boots, finally pulling her hair back. She took a step out of the room and could hear her steps in the empty hallway on the tiled floor.

I have no idea where to go. So, might as well go with my gut. There were multiple doors on both sides down the endless hallway. Maybe it’s living quarters or something. Everything in the hallway was a plain white that began to hurt her eyes while she stared down the hallway as she tried to find her way out.

She finally picked a door to go into, luckily it was a room for two and one woman sat on the bed, legs stretched out reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard with an arm behind her head propping it up. Her side of the room was full of color and life. Her stereo was on, playing Lose My Mind by Brett Eldredge. When she looked up at the door, she quickly moved to shut off her music, “Sorry, Evelyn. I didn’t know when you’d be back.”

What is this girl talking about? Why did she call me Evelyn?

The woman must have noticed the confused look on her face because she continued, “You know from the assignment you were on?”

Assignment? Roxi stepped farther into the room, “What assignment?”

The woman looked at her funny, “The one with the gate Key that Lucifer stole, I think it’s his daughter.” She got up off her bed and walked over to the vanity to look at herself a little then turned to Roxi and started walking towards her, “Did you hit your head pretty well or something? This isn’t like you to forget an assignment.” She looked Roxi’s face over, checking for any signs of bruises or bandaged gashes.

“Yea, that’s what happened. I got knocked out during a fight. When I came to, I couldn’t remember anything.” She played along, “So, to help, what’s your name?”

“Lindsey. I’ve been your roommate for a good few months, longer than the last one.” Lindsey stated walking back to the vanity to bush her long curly mud brown hair.

“Last one?” Roxi inquired sitting on Evelyn’s bed.

“Yea, the last one was ate by a dragon.” She stated while sliding on lip gloss. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have a date with that really cute guy down the hall.” She slid on her brown leather jacket that matched her hair, and brought out her beautiful blue eyes.

As she walked to the door, Roxi spoke, “Wait a minute, how do I get out and where am I?”

Lindsey directed Roxi to the main door then stated, “Evelyn, we’re under the Buckingham Palace.”

I woke up with the feeling of adventure and the adrenaline for fighting and speed running through my veins. I was ready for what today brought me. Pheobie had trained both Leo and I, we were ready for what would be thrown at us. I looked at the clock, 6:30 a.m. Of course, leave it to me to wake up that early. I threw on a pair of jeans and one of my t-shirts I bought through the High School when I lived in Fort Scott. Funny how I had longed for a car, for a full tank of gas and a place to go for the longest time. But now that I have been out and seen part of the world, I wanted to go back to that small town that made all the High Schooler’s think you’d get nowhere by staying there.

I laughed to myself for missing that old town. If I hadn’t had left, I never would have meet Leo. If I hadn’t had left, I never would have seen the beauty in other places. If I hadn’t had left, I would have the painful memory of Andre. If I hadn’t had left, Andre would still be here.

I shook the last thoughts out of my head, it’s in the past, what’s done is done. There is no changing it. I pulled my hair back and grabbed the boots Leon had gotten me when I was in his care under Lucifer’s watch, and quietly walked, sock-footed, to the Kitchen to grab me something to eat and some coffee.

When I got down to the Kitchen, I placed my boots next to the door and went straight for the fridge before the smell of pancakes filled my nose. I stopped what I was doing and slowly raised my head over the fridge door. I met the gaze of Eddie, Leo, Pheobie, and Antonio. Pheobie was chewing on a pancake, Antonio and Leo were stuffing their faces, and Eddie was making more.

Eddie handed me a plate, “I take it you want something to eat.”

I nodded, taking a bite of the banana I had opened before I looked over the fridge door. I took the plate and grabbed silverware then stood on the side of the island that Eddie was cooking on. Pheobie passed me the butter, peanut butter, and syrup all without me saying anything or her looking at me.

Antonio and Leo observed us, then Antonio nudged Leo a little, “That is true Guardianship and the best friendship you will find in a Guardian angel and their assignment.”

Pheobie and I looked at them with a look that asked if they were observing us like we were some science experiment or something. I shook my head and placed the butter and peanut butter on my stack of pancakes then drenched them in syrup like I’ve always done. “You’re gonna make yourself sick.” Is what Pheobie would always tell me and she did again this time. I smiled at the familiarity of it all, missing old times before I knew she was my Guardian angel. But the fact that I know didn’t change old habits which comforted me.

Jade walked into the Kitchen, “Are we gonna go save my guardian angel, or what?” She was wearing tight skinny jeans that strangely looked better on her than me, even though we shared the same body shape. She also had on a black leather jacket, unzipped to show her Halestorm t-shirt. When she walked over to Eddie for a kiss and a pancake, I could hear her black high heels clicking on the floor.

I gave her a funny look, “You are not seriously going to wear those heels while running away from people trying to kill us?”

“Are you seriously going to wear cowboy boots while running away from your father?”

“Mine are easier to run in.” I come back at her, realizing that I basically said that I will be a coward and run.

When she got her pancake, she walked out and I shot daggers at her back. Pheobie laughed, “She’s your sister, she’s supposed to get on your nerves.”

“Thank god I’m not riding with her. She’d never make it to Roxi.” I stabbed the pancake. “It seems like after we moved to Italy, she turned into mega bitch.” I took another stab at my pancake.

“Hey, don’t take it out on the poor pancake.” Eddie demanded flipping another pancake.

After everyone was finished eating, we geared up. Leo had hand guns up his chest. The shirt he was wearing showed every muscle movement as he threw on his leather jacket, I obviously watched. The feeling of me drooling and Pheobie brought me back to reality, “Hun, don’t dehydrate yourself by lookin’ at hot-stuff over there.” She handed me a quiver.

I grabbed it and slung it over my head and onto my other shoulder. When I did, I noticed different tailed arrows in the quiver. I pulled one out and examined it.

“Like last time, I had Leon upgrade your stuff. But instead of your helmet, he did your arrows.”

And just like that, Leon snagged a couple of my arrows out of the quiver, “The arrow with the pink Mossy Oak tail is explosive. The green Mossy Oak tail is silent kill. And then black is a black out, this one all depends on what you hit with it. Hit something electrical, it loses power. Hit a person, they either turn to ash or their skin starts to turn black until it reaches their heart.”

I took the arrow from his hand, my eyes grew the size of quarters, “Whoa.”

He nodded with a smirk, “Yea, whoa.”

I placed the arrow back when he put them back in. I grabbed my jacket off the rack and slide it on and then slung my quiver back on. I noticed that Leo was nowhere inside. The second I stepped outside, my hand went straight for my white Oakley sunglasses. When I put them on, I could see Leo’s bike right in front of me. He chuckled, “I’m surprised you missed the bike.”

I smiled back, “Why’s that?”

“’Because you drooled over ‘hot-stuff’,” He waved his hands at himself, “One would think you would notice him next to a bike.”

I laughed and shoved his shoulder, swinging onto his bike.

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