Black Tears

By Stephanie Eastwood All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter Six

"Pheobie?" I called through my bedroom door.

"Yes, sweetheart?" She called back.

"Can you come help me find my dress?" I had torn through my whole room looking for my ballgown all day. And nothing, I found nothing. Clothes scattered everywhere, shoes and boxes moved, opened, thrown across the room just in case the dress was hidden behind them.

Pheobie opened the door, her mouth dropped open, "What happened to your room?"

"Dress, where is it?" I looked up, hair crazy, looking like a mad woman.

"Right here." She stated, holding out a zipped up bag.

"Give me!" I shouted running over.

"Ah!" She yelled back, "We are going to get you ready first." She held the bag away from me. "Angie!"

A fiery red-head bounded through my door. Her face was covered in determination, beauty, barely any aging, and a little touch of make-up. She stood just a head taller than me. She had a little splash of freckles that went amazing with her dimples when she smiled as she saw my awe-stricken face.

"Angie, Miss Ashley, at your beautying service." She held out her hand.

I shook it, "Where did you find her, Pheobie?"

"I'm a guardian angel, what can I say?"

Angie laughed, "Actually, I am one of Clay's friends, but Pheobie did call me here to help."

I laughed with her, "Okay. So, what are you going to do with me first?"

Pheobie had an impish grin spread onto her face, "Oh, honey. You really need to watch how you word things." She sat me on my bed.

"That is not at all what I meant." My face started to turn red.

"Oh, I know. But you'll hate me for this." She started leaning forward.

Before I could ask, she waved her hand over my face. Then everything went black. "God damn you, Pheobie."

Angie giggled, "Sorry, boo. But I want to surprise you." Pheobie sighed.

I sighed with her, preparing myself for the next few hours.

In those hours, I was poked, prodded, moved seated, lifted, and not silent. With everything Angie did, I either yelled, groaned, or gasped. "Only just a little longer, honey."

Finally, about half an hour later, she was finished and pulling the dress over my head. Being very careful not to ruin how she had made my hair.

"Okay, sweetheart. Close your eyes, that is the only way this is going to work." Pheobie sounded like she was next to me.

I paused, "Are they closed?"

I could hear Pheobie and Angie laugh, "No, sweetheart."

Another pause, "Now?"

"Half-way there." Pheobie stated.

"How about now?" I inquired for hopefully the last time.

"Yes." I heard her step forward and then felt the motion of her moving her hand across my face. Light came back to my eyes, then they slowly focused on the dress in the mirror in front of me.

My hair was up in the most elegant bun, crystal flowers intertwined right between the scalp and the bun. Make-up on point as some preppy girls would say. My eye-shadow was a shimmering gold, my eye-liner had the winged effect. Phoebie's last touch to my face was the pinch my cheeks to add color, but not matching the color of my sinful red lips.

Looking down onto my dress, the dress had a cape! The part of the cape that went around my neck was like a choker. Gold around my neck is what it seemed like. The piece went from my neck to my shoulders, white with a gold outline. Then a gold-colored almost see-through fabric was the cape. Then a sapphire blue-gemmed necklace, with gold wings cocooned around it, laid underneath the neck part of the cape.

The bodice was a corset, holding itself against my ribcage. The front had an elegant design from the top to the waistline. From there, the same material that was on the cape was flowing from the waistline. The material under that layer was a soft, satin texture. The color was beautiful and taking my breath away.

My shoes were another story. They were my Corral Wing Cowboy Boots. I looked up at Pheobie, "What?" She asked.

"Boots? Really?" I chuckled.

"Well, you ave to be comfortable some time tonight, don't you?" She laughed back, "Sorry that I thought about ya, I guess."

"How do you like it?" Angie asked. "It isn't too tight? Too loose? Itchy?"

"I love it! It's perfect." I stated, turning left, then right. I looked over at Pheobie, "What about you?"

She smiled back at me, "Don't stress that dolled up head of yours, I am already taken care of."

"I wanna see it." I turned around to her.

"Nope, not yet." She turned to Angie, "Would you come help me now, please?"

They turned to leave, I went back to admiring my dress. I felt like a princess just like at my winter dance Andre took me to. Come to think about it, I haven't really thought about Andre.

Then a familiar voice sounded in awe behind me, "You are astonishing, my dear Ashley."

I whirled around ready to fight, but only found Andre, of all figures. "Jesus Christ, Andre." I sighed picking up my dress to move. "You can't do that to me. Plus, I don't really need any distractions tonight." I started to take a step.

"No! Please don't move." He held up his hands, "Please. I just need to admire you a little longer."

I stopped and gave him a side long glance, "Okay?"

"My goodness, I haven't seen you this beautiful since the night of our Winter dance." He took steps toward me. My breath caught, his clothes transformed into his midnight blue tux from the winter dance. My jaw dropped, my hand quickly covering my mouth. He reached out to me, "May I have this dance?"

I didn't answer, but gave him my hand. Music filled my ears. Harmonious music, composed with harps, violins, all the stringed instruments. Andre kept up the pace and didn't miss a step. What felt like hours, was just meer minutes.

The only thing that stopped us was a knock on my door. We both looked over at the door. When I looked back, he was gone. And my heart torn in two again. I pulled up the front of my dress and walked toward my door. I opened it to find Leo standing there in a solid black suit with a gold button up shirt underneath, the top two buttons unbuttoned just for me.

He looked at me for several moments, "Uh, hello, babe." He stammered a little.

I giggled, "Hi, is everything okay?"

He seemed a little nervous, "Yea, yea, everything is fine. We were just waiting on you."

I nodded, he gracefully held out his arm for me. I took it and he escorted me downstairs. As we descended the stairs, everyone's outfits came into view. James was in the same suit as Leo, but with a red shirt. He already had his mask on, and was tying the back of Roxi's mask while she held it to her face. She was in a simply long, flowing dress that had a tiny belt in the middle. It was an off the shoulder dress and the material around her shoulders looked to be made out of jewelry. When she turned to look at me, James noticed and looked back at me. Their masks matched, Roxi's looked like red lace but without the cloth. The ribbon that James tied back was a pure white.

James's mask was the same red, but the red was only the jewels under his eyes and the ones placed randomly around the face of the mask. The ribbon on the back of his was a solid black. Alex looked up from buttoning his cuff-links, his mask was already on his face as well. His was a deep, satisfying blue that had delicate swirls on them. Little gauges aligned the right side of the bottom of the mask, along with a key. His fit just perfectly on his face that it did not fall off when he smiled as Pheobie walked in.

Her dress was a strapless navy blue on top and then cascaded into sparkles to the bottom. The dress skimmed the floor as she walked and she walked with such grace that I stopped on the last step just to watch her walk in. Her mask was only a shade lighter than her dress but it was still as lovely. Her ribbon, like James, was a solid black. The mask had diamond shapes on the forehead of the mask. She had it in her hands, she looked up from it. She could see that we were all staring at her, "What?"

It was like we all snapped back to reality, they all mumbled something different while I walked up to her. "You look beautiful, that's what."

She blushed a little, "Whatever you say, Ash." We walked over to the Kitchen table, "Do you mind tying my mask for me?"

"Yea, of course." I reached for the strings and laughed a little when they slipped through my fingers. "Okay, now I got it." I put my arms down.

"Ashley!" Clay yelled from the front room. We could hear his footsteps coming closer to the Kitchen. "Ah, there you are. And you have Pheobie, that is perfect." He looked both of us up and down, "Both of you look stunning. But, Pheobie, I did what you asked. I modified Ashley's arrows and made sure they were still accurate." He could see that I was questioning everything he was saying. "Your arrows can read your mind." He now witnessed my hesitation when I looked at Pheobie. "You don't have to actually think though. Your arrows do the thinking for you."

"Hopefully, you don't have to use them tonight. But just as a safety precaution, I had him check on them for you." She started to lead me toward the front room, "In the car, there will be a pair of white skinny jeans. I want you to slide them on under your dress just in case, as well."

I shrugged as we started to walk towards the door.

We all locked arms with our dates, Leo and I were between Roxi and James; and Pheobie and Alex. "Alright, let's go crash a ball."

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