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My little sweetie

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This is a story of a young miss of one of the astrotoctic families at country z but she was rumored to be silly, stupid and very ugly. Even her classmates plotted against her back and they always bullied her but since she was stupid she never reported them to her teachers or her parents. Her cousin Nancy was always praised for her beauty and talent but she was a venomous poison that treated Annabelle well. But that was all pretend as she then caused the death of the original Annabelle as was dead another soul reincarnated into her body. Watch out for the intriguing Annabelle that would shock the entire world.

Romance / Drama
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Silly and stupid

Annabelle was seated when a pretty girl approached her saying, my dear classmate what are you doing here why don't you follow me the canteen to have some breakfast. She wanted to refuse but after looking at that beautiful face with a smile she agreed. Only God knew that it's was the most stupid decision she had ever made but it could be said that God knew everything and it always happens for a purpose.

They walked through the corridon as they reached the canteen hall, there were her cousin and her friends there hence she approached and greeted then nicely with her head lowed. Matter sneered as she said, look at this silly girl how dare she come to eat with us does she think she looks pretty or what as Vivian also laughed out loud with everyone else. Then they heard Nancy sweet and calm voice as she said softly, enough girls that's my sister but the word she said would be sweet and kind to others but underlying meaning was clear .

Nancy was always seen as a calm and kind girl who always supported her sister no matter what but she was just a snake under cover. When Annabelle heard her cousin's voice it was try that of an Angel that had saved her. When they began to eat , everyone was just praising Nancy with sweet as she held her head up with arrogance but acted modest. Annabelle was just like a chicken in water compared to Nancy but some people who knew Nancy well felt pity for Annabelle but she was just as foolish as any other person.

Whenever class 20 which was Annabelle's class wanted to inform her about the pretentious cousin of hers , she would flame up and defend her even the class people liked her by because of their stupidity they began to dislike her. Her class was always last in exams so only the ones which are bad in studies stayed there. Class one was Nancy's class as they always had good grades so the teachers liked that class very and even she was the school beauty so she was the school pride .

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