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The Big Big World

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The Blitz (Part 2)

*Disclaimer*: rape and sexual harassment


“That wasn’t so bad,” I say as swayed, walking out of the building.

“I wish I could say the same thing,” Arlo says as she follows behind me.

“What, what happened?”. I asked as I turned around to face her.

“Nothing bad, I guess,” she said as she scratched her head. “Just things I didn’t want to hear.”

I smile at her. She looked up and smiled at me. I then glanced at her dimples as they disappeared when she returned to her straight face.

She turned in the opposite direction and began walking toward the direction of the dorm. Curse my misdirection- self. I ran up to her, walking by her side.

“Your dimples are so cute,” I say trying to cheer her up, as I poke her cheek.

She gave a tight lip smile revealing them again and I couldn’t help but place my finger in her dimple hole. I laughed as she continued to make her dimples appear and disappear.

“Stop it. You’re greasy hand is gonna make my face break out,” she said jokingly.

“Ugh,” I said as if I was offended.

“Maybe it’s your face that’s already greasy and my hand becoming a victim to it.”, I say as I wrapped my hand around my finger as if it were hurting and pouted my eyes.

She tilted her head towards me and gave me a ‘are you serious face’ and I laughed at her expression.

“Get you slimy ha ….”, Arlo was then interrupted by a chilling scream coming from a bush around the corner of the sidewalk.

Without hesitation, Arlo ran towards the scream. It took me a little bit longer to follow but eventually, I was able to run toward her.

“Wait up,” I say whispering, yelling.

Sometimes I forget how fast Arlo was. We played many intermural sports together and always forgot how quickly she was on her feet.

When I caught up to her I noticed she was standing still, she didn’t move or budge. It was as if she was stuck to the ground. She stared straight, still as time, ahead as if she moved or made any type of sound she would be in trouble.

“What’s..” I asked before Arlos grabbed me and directs me towards the bush to hide.

We squatted down using the bush to hide us. She continued looking straight never breaking eye contact from what she was seeing.

When I first saw it I didn’t want to believe it, nor did I want to believe the noise I was hearing. Moaning, harsh breathing, pleading.

“Stop.” the girl moaned out.

“Please stop.”

When I peeked through the bush I notice the girl on the ground. Suddenly, I remember she was in my English class. I didn’t remember her name but I remembered being stunning.

She was a beauty, with long blonde curls, and beautiful blue eyes, strong model-like cheekbones, and I knew she worked out since I spotted her at the gym whenever I would work out with Arlo. Which was once, because I am very unathletic.

Her blonde hair was knotted and her backpack was just beside her, blocking the view of her butt.

Never in my life would I think I would see her being raped.

The man stood aggressively over her having her back face towards him and her breast slammed into the ground.


she cried out again and she lifted her face from the ground. Her blonde curls were keeping her from showing her face but I knew she was in distress.

At that moment I couldn’t move or even think. I knew it was disgusting, gross, horrifying. Never had I ever felt so weak and useless.

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