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Swimming in the depths of myself

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The world is full of lies and deceit. What am I suppose to do? The truth would be as silent as death itself but I need to discover the truth. My clan's future cannot be covered in ash and smoke. My clan deserves better and no hardships. How can I find the truth? The truth has been hidden away for many centuries and by finding it imI might become a target for something else entirely. But I must try. My clan relies and did rely upon me. I cannot fail them now when I am so close to the truth.

Scifi / Adventure
Chocolate Cookie
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Chapter 1 -

Oh no I have left my diary behind. My beloved and most trusted diary is composed of my clan’s secrets which foretells and beholds the past, present and future of my time of my existence upon this planet.

Warm and moist, my delicate diary contains secretive secrets to my own mission impossible as well of which I wish not to share with you yet...

I will try again.

I will not succumb to the darkness to my own internal thoughts in my own confused and perplexed mind.

Grey is her name and I dare not speak her name aloud, for she would be able to hear me. Grey has strange elvish ears that can hear a faint sound from a mile away. I am not sure where she is but, I shall endeavour to regain what is mine and I will gain her mind palace. Her mind palace contains secrets of the dark, elvish past that no one dares to tell nor replicate to another living soul.

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