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Retrospection is a collection of 3 part stories that will challenge the reader to think retrospectively. My hope, is that it would spur the reader to not only think but to act. So often we leave words unsaid, actions undone, and we live our lives full of regrets. You, the reader, will travel to a world not much different from our own and meet people not unlike ourselves to ponder and decide what you will do in the future.

Scifi / Mystery
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Returning Home (Part 1 of 3)

Returning home for a visit can be a wave of emotion. You get to see loved ones and the city you grew up in but those faces and places have changed. The faces begin to wrinkle and the places you remember are worn down or gone altogether. The people in your memory are still there but the crashing reality of time passed can swallow you up in a tide of emotion.

Your grandfather now needs a cane and doesn’t get around as easily anymore. He was the man you played cards with, who took you on drives, took you fishing, for ice cream, to the apple orchard, and to so many other places... and he has grown old. He has been in and out of the hospital and has grown thinner. Your grandmother was taken so early from him. You see your once strong and seemly invincible father, limp. His body and his ability to hide his pain, are simply not as strong as they once were some time ago. He’s the one who took you fishing at some crazy ponds and the river. He showed you some of the best places in nature. He taught you how to do so many things. But you didn’t always go with him and skipped out on so many more adventures. Your mother who had darker hair now is going grey and wrinkles have started to line her face. She taught you so much as well. She was truly patient even when you were not. She showed you love and always cheered you on.

We all have people like this in our lives. They may not be parents or grandparents but friends, lovers, teachers, or mentors.

Time has gone by whether you think it has or not. Time hasn’t stopped in your absence. Those you love, have grown older with every passing moment. Time truly is a cruel beast. Time is said to be the great healer but in many ways it deals more pain. Time does not allow even the kindest of men to escape... it catches up to all of us. It fills our minds with regret... of how we should have spent our time differently. How we should have spent more time with the ones we loved, showed more love to them, hugged them more, showed them more patience, talked to them more, went on more trips with them, and so many different things. Instead of being selfish with our time.

You, the reader, are traveling to a new world. One not quite different from our own to meet a man named Duke. Duke is a pilot in the Terrestrial Air Armament or TAA for short. He is flying his final pass in the stratosphere with his co-pilot, Razor.

“So what are you going to do after your shift, Hazard?” Razor called over the radio

“I’m to go sit at home and relax.” Duke responded.

“Sounds like another boring weekend to me. When are you gonna come out to the bar with the squad?” Razor scoffed

“Hey, do you see that blip on your radar?” Duke said

“Don’t change the subject... you are just..” He trailed off as he noticed, “Pacer Branch, are you seeing this?” He asked as he saw multiple blips.

“Yes, we see them Razor. We aren’t sure what they are but they are showing up all across the world.” A female voice responded.

Within seconds, the craft was surrounded by black orbs. There were hundreds, if not thousands. They were all descending quickly to the surface.

“Evasive actions, Duke.” Razor called out

The two of them shredded the sky to stay out of the way of the onslaught of orbs falling from the sky. Their craft was struck by two of the orbs and it shuttered violently. The warning systems blared.

“Punch out, Razor!” Duke yelled

Duke saw Razor eject but Duke’s seat wouldn’t fire. As the craft fell from the sky, Duke tried looking for Razor. He was falling too fast and was too disoriented to find where he was but was relieved that he was able to get out.

“What’s going on out there?” The feminine voice called out.

“Razor ejected and I’m still trying to get mine to release.” Duke yelled.

He kept trying to make his ejection seat fire but nothing was happening. He kicked at the floor and in the distance above him, he thought he could see Razor’s shoot. He wasn’t too sure though with all of the orbs flying past. He gave one final pull of the ejection seat and he rocketed out of the craft a few moments before impact. He hit the ground hard and everything went black.

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