Secret Yuuki & the Guilty Heart Chronicles: Episode 1 - The Dimension War

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A dimensional traveller from the Starlight Alliance visits a new world, and while there, she falls in love with a Silverian prince. But what are the consequences when a great evil seeks to use this...

Scifi / Fantasy
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There are many worlds that can sustain life, and near infinite dimensions of these worlds known to us, separated through time and space, and divided thinly by the void where the forgotten Dark Gods slumbered eternally, the space between universes.

Via the correct technology, or particularly strong magic, it was possible to travel to these other worlds, mortals and gods alike, undergoing the journey through space, time, and dimensions. Some created, some taught, some destroyed, others merely explored, among primitive worlds they were seen as deities and monsters, in other advanced worlds they were often welcomed as fellow travellers in this infinite multiverse we call home.

Many eons past and most of these travellers, the good, bad, and adventurous, came to know of one and another, and they, along with those they visited amongst the cosmos, began to write of each other’s journeys.

The Silver Kingdom

Princess Secret_Yuuki, occasionally referred to as the Lolita Witch in reference to her fashion habits, passed through the void, to visit a certain world, or rather a specific nation, known locally as the Silver kingdom, a unique land, that had been an important part of the rebellion against the evil traveller, the Dark Wizard ‘Sodrakexen’, who had conquered and destroyed thousands of worlds, thanks to a carefully timed rebellion, the wizard’s power had been sealed and hurled into prison meant to contain even Gods. But her reason for coming here was unrelated to that, she had merely heard this world was beautiful, and that was reason enough to travel there.

Stepping through to the other side, the gap in time and space closed behind her, snapping shut like a frugal old woman’s purse. The portal had deposited her on a hill, giving her a good look at the surroundings, in the distance, she could see their kingdom’s palace, floating construct that signalled this land’s rulers. At least she was close.

The royal palace seemed to be floating in the air, below it was the magnificent city itself, it’s buildings were silver in colour, with colourful plants and trees to break up the colour along the roads and squares. Unlike most cities, it seemed to be designed with beauty in mind rather than what was common in most worlds. But this was a rather advanced world, in tune with both magic and technology, though they still retained a firm monarchy, though given that she was royalty herself, she could hardly fault them for the archaic system. Her gaze flickered to the sea in the distance, that glimmered like silver, a reflection of the light? If not, it certainly wasn’t water, she would include on her list of things to see.

Sadly, due to the subpar piloting skills of a fast approaching aircraft, her tourist intentions, would sadly be dismissed. Hearing a loud whining sound, she looked up in surprise as the small craft hurtling towards her, it was dainty and fancy in appearance, for short journeys and display, certainly not combat, though that hadn’t stopped something riddling it’s wings with holes.

Not wishing to be crushed by it, she manipulated the flow of wind around it, subtly nudging it so it landed at the base of the hill and not on top of it, and her. It smashed into ground, exploding, propelling shards of metal and debris in all directions, but Yuuki was out of its range. Black smoke and flames framed the remains. But no more exploding, somewhat curious, she ran down to the crash site, somewhat taken aback by the strong heat radiating from it, despite the distance.

When she got as close as she felt was safe, she was surprised to see a faint, man shaped silhouette emerge from the flames, stumbling in her direction, apparently not bothered by the flames searing their flesh. How was answered, when the pilot left the flames behind. A magical suit to reflect the heat, it resembled armour made from small overlapping mirrors. But the wearer’s magical reserves were weak, it would break apart soon, it’s battery reserves had probably been used up in the crash’s impact.

The Man walked another four steps towards her, then collapsed into the seared earth, with an un-coordinated tumble. Cracks appeared all over the mirror-like protection, “Defensive reserves depleted...disengaging.” spoke a synthesized voice, vaguely feminine, but too distorted to be certain.

The mirrors completely disappeared. But the armour hadn’t fully absorbed the impact and explosion, the pilot was covered in lacerations, and bleeding heavily. “Not how I wanted to spend today,” she sighed, levitating him with a casual gesture. She needed a place to stabilize and treat him, teleporting or using the void, wouldn’t be safe. The skies showed faint signs of coming rain, she glanced to already smouldering base of the hell.

“Why not?” she mused, shooting a burst of concentrated magic into the hill, creating a wide yet shallow hole. In essence, a cave for shelter while she dealt with the man’s injuries, healing wasn’t her specialty, but she knew enough to get by, hopefully it would be enough. She moved him inside the impromptu cave, keeping him hovering just above the ground, she pulled out her magic sceptre from beneath her clothing, she would need a focus.

The pilot’s breathing was growing more erratic, she needed to hurry, using the same spell that moved him, she applied pressure to the wounds, to prevent further blood loss, though if he was internally bleeding that wouldn’t help. Scanning his body for injuries, she began applying magic to the damaged areas, speeding up the healing process, using her own power so that it did not drain whatever stamina he had remaining. This would likely take a full day.

As time passed, she took note of little details of her patient, She wondered who he could be, his clothing was military, but it was white, signifying nobility, on his breast was a royal signet, though bloodied, she recognised it, he was from the family that had stopped the Dark Wizard.

As the wounds faded, dried blood washed away by water gathered from the air, she noticed he was rather handsome, more than that, a bishonen, the bizarre type of pretty some men had, that could make most women feel insecure about their looks. ‘He’s better looking than me,’ Yuuki thought sourly.

Handsome, isn’t he? Why not give him a quick kiss? A voice whispered to her subconscious. Yuuki immediately felt her face flush. ‘What the hell am I thinking?’ she thought, shaking her head, as though trying to remove the thought. Great, now she was conscious of having to spend however many hours staring at this pretty boy while she healed him.

Night came and went, and dawn slowly eked it’s way over the horizon. Bleary eyed and exhausted, Yuuki napped near her patient, she had finally finished healing him, but he still needed to rest, his eyes had flickered open a few times, but had yet to regain consciousness. So she had taken the opening to get a few hours of sleep herself.

It’s because you keep trying to defy your father that you end up in these situations... whispered a voice to Burien, as hovered in the dark place between conscious and unconscious. ’Your skills at piloting were always subpar, how could you be otherwise, when royal crafts require magic to use them, and you have so little, nor would your father allow you to learn in a common man’s transport, do you even think about the consequences?

‘Shut up...’ Burien thought angrily at his traitorous thoughts.

If that witch hadn’t been passing by, you would be dead, or at least horribly disfigured from the crash, and that’s all you have my boy. The voice now sounding more and more like his hated father’s stern, mocking tones. A pretty face and royal blood, that’s all you have to offer, be obedient and make yourself useful.

The surge of anger and adrenaline he felt, briefly forced him into consciousness, eye lids heavy, he briefly saw a young girl, perhaps close to his own age, with bright hair and golden eyes. He could feel the warmth of healing magic, a gentle light hovering around her. ‘She’s beautiful...’ he thought sleepily, as his eyes began to close again. So tired.

Indeed, a far prettier picture than all those unpleasant nobles your father wishes you to pick from and mate with for his gain, not your happiness, his, hardly fair is it?. The voice no longer his father’s, but he didn’t recognise it, but it was warm and comforting, how he wished his father would sound. Sleep little Prince, you’ll need your strength to pursue your Princess.

Burien’s eyes flickered open again, these were not his thoughts, or mocking memories from his father, who was this?

Sleep little Prince... The voice now carrying a honeyed weight of command. Burien sunk back into the dark depths of unconsciousness, compelled to obey.

Pay me no mind, my boy. Just follow your heart, and make yourself me.

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