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War of the Galaxy 2 Retribution

By JamesYoung All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


The sequal to War of the Galaxy The Beginning and the 1.5 story Claud's Uprising. A year after the Beginning and one month after Claud's Uprising; the Cyclone Empire is back with a bigger army and more allies. The Resistance is wounded from the numerous attacks from Claud and the return of Exterminator - but they must do whatever it takes to try and stop the Cyclones from taking over Snako. With more enemies, and not as many friends, this is the Cyclone Empire's Retribution.

End of an Era

A year.... a year has passed but nothing was achieved... the events which took place may have occurred, but they were for nothing. The deaths of those who fell in the year, had fallen for no reason... the universe was in turmoil and due to one beings goal...

Zen – Exterminator, Elder of the Sun, bringer of light, betrayed his brothers and sisters in a plot to use the Keystone to elevate the Elders to power. But he was founded by the Elder of Time, Vortex, and a war began...
A war which would soon become bigger than the Elders and travel through the universe... but they didn’t know that. Vortex and the Elder of History, Gator, plotted incase of their failure – and imprisoned the power mad Exterminator and the Keystone in the centre of a planet, far from their knowledge...
They thought they had won... but Reptilian, Exterminator’s fanatic ally, didn’t give up – he plotted for years and eventually created the Cyclone Empire, the very faction which would itself become the biggest threat to the universe...
The Resistance, led by Gator, would counter the newly fledged Cyclones at every corner till they attacked the planet of Yiro – which itself kept the Elder and the Keystone – but they were too late, as soon as the death of Reptilian occurred the Elder was free, and if not stopped would bend the universe to its will... and he was.
Resistance Knights led by their leaders arrived to the planet of Zeanos and took direct control of the universes fate, defeating the Cyclone Empire’s leaders and destroying the Keystone. Leaving Exterminator for death... and for months they believed that, but they were wrong.
Exterminator survived his encounter with the Resistance and entered the shadows, allowing a new threat to face the universe under his secret guidance; the Pirate Overlord Claud, the last of his kind and seeking to enslave the human race...
As Claud laid waste to the universe; destroying lives, planets and so much more – the Elder of the Sun went across the universe, recruiting allies, finding old ones who survived the Battle of Zeanos... heading to the depths of space and finding the Scanners, warriors who seek the death of the Resistance and their leader. After long talks, the greedy Elder convinced their leader, the Scannor, to join his cause... and help bring the Resistance to their knees, and the universe under Exterminator’s rule.
When Claud’s group fell – and the alien himself was taken captive, Exterminator, after a month, attacked with his improved Empire – attacking the planet of Snako and taking it over... having it’s life and people deeply within his hands...
The Resistance – is left wounded with no one to help them, and only themselves – their days are numbered... this, isn’t how they imagined the aftermath of Zeanos to be... but it’s what they got, and if they don’t do something... then it will be the end of them – and the universe.

The year is 2018 and the month is January....
This.... is the end of an era...
And the beginning of something the Elders never dreamt of...

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