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Stormlock: The Stealth Test

By Benjamin J. Sonnek All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


In the hopefully distant future, elementals have returned. Now science must test them to see how these powers work. Zam Corsello is one of the test subjects chosen by the Stormlock facility, and this is just one of the tests that he must undergo. (Author's note: This story is based off of my novel "Stormlock: Activation" which was also available on Inkitt. This is sort of a stand-alone preview.)

Subject File #1

Test Subject Profile #1

Name: Zamrenom (“Zam”) Anthony Corsello

Age: 16

Sex: Male

[[Further physical appearance details classified]]

Preferred Nanocloth Attire: Light boots (black), Long pants (black), T-shirt (blue), Longcoat (atomic storage, black), Fedora (large, black)

Preferred Weapon: Retractable katana (origin not wholly known)

Acquired Elemental Powers: Ice, Sound, Lightning/Electricity

Acquired Secondary Powers: Transparency (Ice), Speed (Lightning/Electricity)

1-20 Subject Usefulness Level: 17

1-20 Subject Participation Level: 13

1-20 Subject Obedience Level: Unknown

Notes: Difficult to tell what Subject #1 is up to at any given moment. Quite adept with his powers. Really likes his hat.

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