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What’s the purpose of this handbook, you ask? To help mend the sole casualty of time travel: you.

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“But it technically didn’t even happen” is the first thing my patients usually tell me– “why is it still bothering me?” The most important thing to remember with time travel is that regardless of the ultimate resolution of the timeline, the things that occurred along the way still happened to you. Your experiences, no matter how undone with adventure, time loops, and planet-eating fragments of light– still happened, because they happened to you.

One of the great ironies of becoming a time traveler is that you find yourself much less malleable and correctable than the entire history of mankind.

You can undo the course of history but you’d still have been bullied in middle school, you’d still have been cut off in traffic or beaten or treated unfairly. Because these things live in your memory and (since the Zero Treaty of 2099) can never be erased or corrected.

So what’s the purpose of this handbook, you ask? To help mend the sole casualty of time travel: you.

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